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Site Downtime

This announcement is no longer active


At around 14:30 AEST on the 03/10, the server which perthpoms resides on suffered something of a catastrophic failure.

As a result of this, the hosting company had to rebuild the server using a backup from the 01/10. This completed at around 3am AEST last night.

There was a possibility of recovering data from the guardian backup taken on the 2nd - however,  the projected completion of such a recovery would have resulted in a further, prolonged period of downtime. For reasons I've yet to establish, the hosting company were quoting me 2 days and 10 hours of further downtime.

Therefore, we took the decision to leave the site up. Unfortunately, this means that posts made on the 02/10 have been lost.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

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