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  2. We dont watch any of that stuff....fortunately. Dont worry, we lived in NZ for 8 years, there is no way it can be that bad!!
  3. Ohh, you'd be surprised! OK if you like house renovation shows from America, food shows, reruns of friends and sitcoms from 70s / 80s. Bring lots of books and jigsaws lol! We get shows from UK like BGT weeks behind. We've got the 2nd live show this week when the show has finished over there!!
  4. we have been without Sky for a month now, surely cant be as bad as and 5???
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the TVs working. Telly's rubbish over here ha, ha, ha!
  6. we are going to be in the same boat with T.V's, they are all fairly new so should be fine.
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  8. Thank you so much for the info, its a process for real. Even the 457 visa with a temporary stay of 4 years will be good for me. I need a test of the technology overseas. Will check on the website to see if my occupation is still on.
  9. It isn't that simple. The visa that would apply is a 457 visa which has no age limit. However, this needs to be sponsored by a company and they need to do the first half of the application called the nomination and if they haven't previously sponsored also become approved for sponsoring. They also need to pay their half of the fees. Then, if a nomination is successful, you do your part of the application. The process from a high risk country, which is think SA is, can take many months, particularly if they haven't sponsored before. However, even before that starts, not everyone can get a sponsored visa. You still need to check that your occupation is on one of the two skilled occupation lists. These have in the recent weeks undergone massive changes with hundreds of occupations removed. Then, even if you find a job, with a company willing and able to sponsor and you obtain a visa, the 457 visa is only temporary and lasts a maximum of 4 years. You would n0t be eligible for a permanent visa, as on July 1st the age limit for company sponsored permanent visas is being reduced to 45. Never take advice from people such as recruitment agents as generally, they haven't a clue. If you want advice on if you have any options for independent or state sponsored visas then speak to a registered migration agent. It is true that most people can not get an independent visa after the age of 45 due to points, but not everyone.
  10. As I said earlier, the rules for business sponsorship has recently changed drastically. Unless you can offer something that an employer cannot find in Australia, the chances of getting sponsorship are very slim, especially in Western Australia.
  11. Agree with Verystormy that Camilla is very helpful and professional. She lives in Perth too and knows the area well.
  12. According to the assessments that i had before with some recruitment agencies, all i need is an offer letter to begin the process of applying for a work visa. Because of my age(46 now) i failed to make enough points to apply without one. I have done my eglish test with an average score of 7.5.
  13. Hard to call this one really as the rules around visas are changing daily. Not sure if they will still accept applications that are in the pipeline or whether the changes apply immediately and it affects only new applications.
  14. Without a valid visa to live and work in Australia, you will find it next to impossible to get any employer to show any interest in you, especially if you are coming to Western Australia as there is currently an economic downturn in process and unemployment is high. The visa rules for business sponsorship have changed drastically of late, so if you are hoping for employment through that route, you would be best advised to read through the latest information on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.
  15. Have you checked to see if you qualify for a visa to work in Australia?
  16. Hie all, i am a forklift technician/motor mechanic wishing to connect up with the australian industry for employment purposes. I will be travelling to australia from south africa in July-august on a visitors visa. I wish to use that opportunity to connect up. Your help will be highly appreciated.
  17. Some excellant and accurate posts on here. In short - Perth is doing it tough economically at the moment but your partner has a gig to come to which is great. Silver lining is that it is very much a renters market so lots of places available to rent. I rent a 3 bed house with a super garden (got a 3 year old kid) in Mount Hawthorn (nice area about 4km north of CBD) for $450pw. check out to get an idea of properties. A general rule of thumb is the closer to the coast the nicer the area. Perth is expensive for leisure items (Drinks, meals out etc) and you are pretty much jumping on a plane for 4-5 hours to visit the other main cities in Aus. Great lifestyle, super beaches and climate, It's been 22/23 and sunny most days of June so far but drops down at night, this is winter. I think you need to treat this as a 2 year adventure. Don't burn your bridges completely in the UK. Can you rent out your place in the UK? (although it may be a good time to sell as IMO there is a recession en route). Come with the attitude that you are going to embrace it as an experience but will be going back in 2 years. If you love it and can find a way to stay in 2 years cross that bridge then.
  18. I would say if someone has already been granted sponsorship, then it will be ok. If not granted, then they could be refused, but it isn't clear yet
  19. That's a big chop
  20. so, I'm working on site and some of the tradies have site radio's... but they do listen to some rubbish.....the last couple of day's its been triple j perth! what a load of s**T....all I cant say is that some of the " music " sounded like 2 dog's fighting over a machine gun! I like 94.5, but even that get a bit samey
  21. We brought everything with us....even crap we didn't want... we have more TV's than radio rentals... I have not been able to get them to pick up OZ tv, so I went and got some of those cheap digi boxes from Harvey norms for $38 each. We got the usual big tv for the lounge new here and Foxtel for that room... the UK TV's are in bedrooms and out on the patio. I'm now a dab hand at fitting new plugs... everything works fine and has probably saved a heap of time and cash over replacing electrical items. for some reason the DAB radios don't seen to want to find any signal here... so its FM for now. As for banking, we just waltzed into the NAB while on holiday 5 years ago...flashed out passport as id and bobs ya uncle we had accounts.... simples.
  22. How would that effect applications already in the system do you think? 😩
  23. WA has just slashed its skilled occupation list to just 18 occupations with a lot of them, including all nursing, being only eligible for 489 visas
  24. Camilla is wonderful and a regular member of the forum. You will find her contact details here:
  25. Dear all, We (my husband, 20 month old son and almost 30 year old me!) are visiting Perth from 26th July until 9th August and I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up as it would be great to talk to people that have actually made the move. We are also hoping to arrange some visits to a couple of high schools if possible so we can get a feel for what the education system is like in WA. Are there any teachers out there that would be willing to let us observe? My husband is a math teacher and I used to teach science before becoming a stay at home mum. We are staying in Mosman Park but will be hiring a car and will be doing quite a bit of exploring so we are happy to travel. Thanks for reading and thanks also to people that have shared their experiences of moving on here as it has been really helpful. Sarah
  26. Hi, can anyone recommend a migration agent to help with our application. any help is really appreciated cheers Paul
  27. I think she said the child was 7 verystormy so they would only be 11 years old. Still a very good point though as they will be settled with friends/clubs etc and will have to up sticks. That said, whilst I'd never move a child during important exams I do in general think if the parents want to move then the children go too and that's how it goes.
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