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  2. First Time Buyers in Oz

    How exciting! Best wishes for your move and making your new house a home. We've just signed our lease agreement for another year but hopefully will be able to buy in 2019/20. Jen
  3. First Time Buyers in Oz

    Well with the amount of replies I got, lucky I found an excellent home loan broker. Absolute 5 star service, and new home purchased, with minimum fuss
  4. GPs on 457 apply for PR ASAP The RACGP are pushing for GP to be removed. If you are here on a Subclass 457 apply for PR as soon as you can. Perhaps when the TSS is introduced in March this occupation will not be avaialble for Subclass 189 visas anymore
  5. Customs clearance for container

    Hi, it was less than a week, a few days if I remember rightly. Quicker than we expected, 7 weeks door to door.
  6. Customs clearance for container

    How long did it take people to receive their belongings once the container had reached Fremantle? How long did the customs clearance itself take?
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  8. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    The Australian dollar is stronger after the unemployment rate remained steady for a third consecutive month in November.
  9. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Australian dollar stronger over the past day or so - positive consumer confidence data coming out of Australia has helped.
  10. Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    I'll give you ours, you can take out what you wouldn't have. We are 2 adults a toddler and 1 on the way - renting whilst we build a house. Weekly: Rent - $350 Broadband - $18.50 Foxtel - $14.70 Home Insurance - $16.35 Utilities - $35 Private Health - $43.33 Mobile Phones (2) - $8.65 Parking/Train - $75 Rego - $16.35 Car Insurance - $9.62 Car Servicing - $9.23 Fuel - $35 Food - $160 Childcare - $172.50 (3 days per week) Swimming Lessons - $15.30 We also have a mortgage, rates on the land and utilities on the land but didn't think they'd be relevant.
  11. Schools near Guildford

    We will be moving to South Guildford next year and I'm trying to do a bit of research on schools. We have a 2 year old and one on the way currently. We will be in the catchment for Guildford Primary and Woodbridge Primary as public schools, but I know there are a few private options dotted around. Just wondered if anyone had experiences of the public offerings? We wouldn't be looking into sending them to a religious school, which I know counts out many private ones given they are mostly catholic!
  12. Poynter Primary school

    We also live in Duncraig, it is a lovely suburb! Our daughter goes to Davallia which is a fantastic school but I have also heard really good reports on Poynter (unfortunately I don't know anything about their sporting provisions!) there will always be the option to do after school soccer etc.. Good luck with the move!
  13. Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    Hi Steve, I also the think electric and gas estimate should probably be monthly. Rent is expensive so will be higher, but this obviously depends on where you want to live/size etc.. We pay $25 a week health insurance for a family of four, it is pretty basic but have found the public system to be good when needed. With regards to schooling our daughter goes to a fantastic part government funded primary school and we only have to provide her book/stationary list (which works out around $200 at the start of each year) and pay a yearly voluntary contribution of $80, a few various things throughout the year such as excursions, swimming etc are extra. You will definitely find you spend a lot when you first come over, but it will settle! Good luck with the planning!
  14. Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    Electric and gas looks high, I think the weekly costs should be monthly ie $150 + $100 month. I disagree with VS about health that's more than what I'm paying for 4 adults but not by much. School is probably about $1,500 per child per year (assuming not private and you get it 'free' from a government school)
  15. Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    first, rent. Is at least $100 too low per week You have missed buying cars. Factor in that second hand hold there value a lot more. For example, I sold a Hyundai Getz with a few issues for 3k last year. Mobile phones. temp accommodation You will leach cash in the first few months. internet. health insurance for a family may be a fair bit higher in order to qualify for tax purposes I would allow a LOT more for school - you have allowed maybe per child per term.
  16. Citizenship questions

    We are ready to submit our application but having difficulty getting our photos and Form 1195 Identity Declaration endorsed as don't seem to know anyone who is a citizen, has known us for a year and is on the profession list. oh well, will keep on trying.
  17. Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    Hi All, I've been awarded a 188 visa and myself, and family (wife and two boys) are planning the big move in the new year. I'm just putting some figures together as we will be initially renting our property in the UK and using this money to survive whilst I start a business. Below is what I've put together from various sites on the web. Are they realistic, to high / to low? (the monthly figure is the 52 weeks / 4) Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Steve
  18. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    The big news was on Friday last week as Britain and the EU came to an agreement. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed that sufficient progress had been made to move on to trade talks between the UK and the EU. The latest talks provided some resolution on the matter of the Irish border and reassurance of EU citizens’ rights. Following the announcement, there has been a lot of scrutiny on the Irish border issue and how, in fact, this will be resolved.
  19. Poynter Primary school

    Hi everyone We are due to move over on 23 rd January and have just signed a lease for a house in Duncaraig. The catchment school is Poynter which looks nice but was wondering about their sporting provision there, My boys are v sporty so would love a school which has a lot of sport going on especially soccer!! And I think this would help them settle in quickly. I’d love any info on the school that anyone could provide thank! X
  20. Hello, I am curious to know if the job situation is improving for Engineers in WA right now?It seems from the news that it's quite improving.Any pointers about actual field situation will be quite helpful.
  21. Looking for some mates!

    I’ve just dropped you a message! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hi we are based in Baldivis,feel free to get in touch if anyone fancies getting together. People do seem to come and go so would be good to widen the social circle.😃
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  24. Hello! Myself and my girlfriend are in our early 20's and just got to Perth. Due to the hours we have been working we've found it hard to bump into people and make friends. Would love to meet other couples to go out with for dinners and do things at the weekend and stuff Cheers!
  25. Registering to teach in WA

    You apply for the card at the post office - they take your photo - your receipt is proof that you have applied for your card which is then posted out to you.
  26. Registering to teach in WA

    Working with children card. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  27. Registering to teach in WA

    Hi what is WWCC? thanks in advance!
  28. Anyone in to dance music?

    * Bump Whats new in the town? Any more recommendations? What have you guys been up to recently?
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