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  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum and we are moving to Perth in July. I am looking for somebody who knows well the education market to discuss the potential job prospects and any possible subjects that I may need to study to improve my chances for future employment within the local public school system. Many thanks
  4. Hello everyone I'm a qualified electrician from Scotland and in the early stages of my visa process ( currently gathering evidence of work history etc ) Has anyone done the skills test in London recently or remember much from it? Is it all multiple choice? Are the examiners pretty fair? Also has anyone got a diagram they used for the dol starter motor? Not done this since college so a little rusty Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Tony
  5. Electrical Skills Assessment

    Hi Lou Lou do you still have that diagram of the dol starter motor
  6. Canning vale or Harrisdale areas

    Hi, we're in Willetton just next door! Actually researching canning vale, Harrisdale and Southern river to move to in a couple of years time. Early 40s and turning 40 for us with 2 girls 15 and 11. Both working full time but happy to meet up one weekend or in the easter hols as I get the hols off. Been here just over a year and loving it. Pm me if you fancy meeting and we'll go from there. Jen
  7. Hi there, anyone around sor fancy meeting up and making friends, mid 30s two kids and would love to meet some people and make some good uk friends! if you fancy it let us know! 👍
  8. Last week
  9. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    We often nip to Porthtowan ..... nice spot , absolutely love Cornwall , but yes there was snow in Cornwall again ! We are heading to mawganporth for a week ...... lush
  10. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Yesterday, sterling surged with news that Michel Barnier and David Davis, EU and UK Brexit negotiators respectively, are moving closer to an agreement on transitional deal ahead of the EU summit at the end of the week.
  11. Hello!

    How exciting! Hope you don't have to wait too long. Jen
  12. Hello!

    Good Luck - hopefully we'll be welcoming you back to Perth soon
  13. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    Tell me about it!! Especially when you suffer from SAD! So over the snow now.... It's lovely when you don't have to get anywhere!! Cornwall had it bad again I think.... Where are you going in Cornwall? I'm from Porthtowan originally [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    Just like to say .... when is this winter going to end in the UK !!!! snow again !!!! in march !!!! Suposed to be going surfing next week in Cornwal BRRRRRR
  15. Hello!

    Right boys and girls, the Visa application has gone in, I have uploaded a mountain of documents... fingers crossed!
  16. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Big move in the Pound/Australian dollar exchange rate - worth getting in touch if you need to send money overseas soon -
  17. Hairdressing Position

    Hartley's Hairdressing (situated in Cottesloe) is looking for another team member! If you are determined and can contribute to our positive, enthusiastic work environment please call us now on 93852266! We look forward to hearing from you!
  18. Resident return visa

    If you are living in Australia when the travel portion expires and you wish to leave and return to Australia such as a holiday, you would need an RRV. In such circumstances it would normally be granted easily and quickly and you would get a 5 year RRV. Once you have activated your visa by visiting Australia within the 12 months of police or medical check you then have 5 years to make the move before the travel portion of the visa expires. If you haven't made the move to Australia by then, there is a risk they wont grant an RRV, though generally they are lenient.
  19. Hi All Could any body help me regarding the situation with the resident return visa,as I understand it when having been granted a 143 parent visa after 5 years since the visa was granted if I leave Australia,on holiday for example,would I need a resident return visa and are these generally granted? Also is there a time limit to return to Australia from when the 143 visa was first activated ,,i.e. after entering AU to activate the visa then returning to the UK. Thank you for taking the time to read this Question (I hope it makes sense!!!!)
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  21. Running the retirement planning race

    A pleasure Ross.
  22. Thanks @Jen78 yep things are so much better , so much clearer now for us all as a family . Our biggest problem is that if we where millionares and could live 6 months in Perth then the other 6 months in the UK we would ..... We have so much love for both countries - we really do . We all miss the ocean though , it seems like a dream that only a year ago we where swimming in the sea, just a short walk from our house on mullaloo drive every day after school !!!! ARGHHHH ! But hey lifes for living - nothing is forever , so im sure this time next year well be back in that lush ocean
  23. It would have been lovely to meet you Pegg 🙂 Sorry about your winter, have some sun ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ Hope things are going a bit better for you now. Jen x
  24. It was just ourselves and the other family from this site this time. The other family had invited another couple who came along, and it was nice to meet them. It was lovely to have a picnic and a chat as the sun went down. Would have been good to meet more people though 🙂. Thanks for asking 😀 Jen x
  25. Young single mums

    Sad that you have had no replies alana rose. Where are you living? What ages are your children? sorry for the inquisition but trying to help with suggestions etc.
  26. I hope people turned up Jen. So many people on this forum wanting to meet up and make friends, but there are so few replies to report back, so we don't know if anything eventuated. With so many people really wanting to make friends, I hope that you all do meet up and relationships are formed. As Mods/Admin, we rarely hear if this has happened, so it would be good to have some feedback. We have all been in your position of being the newbies on the block and just want to help everyone settle into their new lives.
  27. Homesick

    How sad that you think Perth is superficial and uncultured. Perhaps this is your view because you came from a close family and lived in a major city in the UK with so much on your doorstep. The pleasures of Perth are myriad. It is remote from any other big city in the world, so it has developed a character all of it's own that is a bit laid back, very spread out geographically, a bit country town grown big, some incredible scenery (both inland and on the coast), and a good melting pot of different nationalities all coming together. Whilst WA doesn't have international stars visiting every day, we have some amazing venues for concerts and attract all the big names. We have a world class Ballet Company (WA Ballet), a world class Symphony Orchestra (WASO), just to name a few. But apart from that, there are so many amateur dramatic groups, music groups, art clubs etc, scattered all over our spread out metro area. Is this the sort of "culture" that you are missing? No way is Perth superficial. It is a country town grown big too quick, but it is no way superficial. I actually think you might be living in a suburb that you don't feel comfortable in. If so, have you considered moving elsewhere? It is very hard to make a new life when you first emigrate, and it took me a couple of years to feel that I was comfortable in my new "place", so I totally understand how you must be feeling. Are you working or are you stuck at home all day after your children go to school? Homesickness is terrible - it is a physical hurting as much as a mental one. We have all been there and I hope you can find a way through this.
  28. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    The pound a little bit stronger - upbeat Spring Statement from the UK's Chancellor helped yesterday.
  29. Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405)

    Just bear in mind that visas and their conditions are reviewed annually and can change in an instant. July is the time the new changes usually take place, but not always! It is a minefield, so be vigilant!
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