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  2. Also check out local Facebook groups. You can either post there or look at posts of others as they sometimes tell you if there are available jobs.
  3. Hi, Most jobs will be advertised on seek.com but may be reluctant to take someone on for just 6 months, a lot of people on WHV look on gum tree for work.
  4. Depends what sort of contract your on - if you're a casual employer, the rate is usually a bit higher and includes holiday pay as you don't get holidays per se - you'd just be unavailable for work.
  5. Is this reply meant to be to the plumber a few posts down?
  6. verystormy

    Holiday pay for work for agency

    I would not concentrate on plumbing as it will require some college courses (expensive) and about a year to obtain a state license. If you are hoping to get a second year visa, then I would get your regional work done first. Look at Inge like bar work and restaurants, which can be more lucrative than you might expect as WA has a system of penalty rates which mean work can attract high rates on weekends and things.
  7. Stuart

    New to Perth

    Hi I am 24 and just arrived in Perth and looking for a few buddies to chat to and have a drink.
  8. Hi, I have just arrived in Perth and looking for work. I am a UK qualified plumber and have worked with kids (Camp America, Skate Parks, Outdoor Adventure). I need to find work quickly as I am self funded. I understand to use my plumbing skills I need to get a white card and registration. I just need someone to give me a chance to earn. In return I am loyal, trustworthy and reliable. I have a place to stay, bank account, tax code etc. Has anyone got work or know of someone willing to give me ago? Thanks Stuart
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  10. If you are a registered migration agent, please put your MARN into your signature all with your contact details.
  11. Hi Satha There are no guarantees when applying to migrate to Australia. The cost to do so depends on the number of applicants (adult and children) and the visa category, but the medical fees seem excessive. Check out our website at www.ascmigrationvisas.com.au We’ve been providing visa processing services since 2003 and there is a link to the applicable ‘Fees and Costs’ which may become due, however a fixed quotation is always provided. Our ‘Modus Operandi’ is to furnish basic, non-legislative advice free of charge, and we will never process an application or service we assess as ineligible to be granted.
  12. Without knowing whereabouts you live it’s just going to be the usual suspects -Northbridge /City /Leederville or Freo North of river they could try mullaloo hotel then if want to move on quick taxi to Hillary’s.
  13. BlackCountryPom

    Where mid 20's lads should head?

    Hi, As much as I love the scenary in Perth I found it was too quiet in midweek when I visited, It comes alive at the weekend I thought. . . May I recommend The Globe bar which was lively on the Saturday night The Avairy was worth a visit but ques to get in on Saturday nights and only serve schooners I enjoyed the Lucky Shag for beers by the river to start the weekend. A visit to Mister Walker restaurant South Perth always worth a visit overlooking the swan river (can catch a boat to it from elizabeth quay) I would also suggest a train journey down to Freo aswell if they are in a bit of a rut with it being quiet in Perth. Seems alot more going on with pubs/bars in walking distance of each other Ronnie Nights always lively Fridays/Saturdays, The Ball & Chain, Norfolk hotel and The Local plus its got great beaches Also depending what music they like tell him to follow TRST on instagram/facebook its my friends house music/jazz brand that he started. Normally plays at the FREO Social or si paradiso in Perth at the weekend.
  14. Hi, Just after a bit of advice. My two lads are coming over in a couple of weeks for what will be their first visit to Perth. I'm going to take them to the usual tourist places but I also want them to get a feel of what Perth nightlife is like. They aren't going to want dad cramping their style so just wondered where I should send a couple of single lads in their mid 20's. Ideally somewhere relatively safe as they won't know their way around . Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  15. verystormy

    Primary School Teacher

    I am afraid if you want to teach, you must have four years of university education. The only option would be to do an extra year by doing something such as a masters
  16. Good Morning I have 19 years experience of teaching internationally and in the UK. I am currently Assistant Head Teacher in a leading International School in SE Asia. I am from the UK and did a 3 year BA Primary Studies with QTS. My husband is from Perth and we are hoping to move back Aug 2021. Looking at the Teacher Registration website I am not sure my qualification will be recognised. Is there any way around this?
  17. NorthumbrianDavid

    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone had a good one.
  18. pegg

    Merry Christmas

    Yup , i do hope everyone is having a very very merry chrimbo too ! merry xmas @verystormy
  19. verystormy

    Merry Christmas

    To you, your family and all. Merry Christmas.
  20. Hi all, I have worked for agency (its full time job and I am still working), for over two months already. Do I have any holiday pay for that period of time? I am beginner in Australia, have moved in October. I used to work for agency in the UK and for every month of work (full time), I was getting extra 2,08 holiday pay for every month of work, is it any similar in Australia? Thanks
  21. pegg

    cashless welfare card ?

    like i say it just popped up about it on social media - i guess its for folk with ie a problem with drink / drugs ? .. anyhow cheers for response
  22. Martin7

    Shipping costs from WA to UK/EU (boxes 10-20kg)

    thanks for your post, I checked and it says 171 AUD for a 61x51x41cm box - 30 kg, a little bit more expansive than extra luggage for airline (anyway for both of choices I have different pros and cons). I think its not very expansive, my previous quotes were much higher, for over 400 AUD.
  23. pegg

    yanchep fires

    yes i was told fires may have been started deliberately - why on earth! just hope alls under control now
  24. ali

    cashless welfare card ?

    The card is currently only in a few regional areas - 20% of the welfare payment goes into the bank account of the recipient and 80% onto the card. Restrictions are buying alcohol with the card.
  25. There is no gauruntee that any one will get a particular job or type of work. It is impossible to gauruntee that.
  26. Rossmoyne

    cashless welfare card ?

    I don't know too much about it, except that it is being trialled in a few places and that a percentage is put on the card and can only be used with certain companies to buy food, utilities etc, and not for buying alcohol, drugs etc.
  27. Rossmoyne

    yanchep fires

    The fires have been awful. The winds have been so strong and the temperatures so high, that it is a miracle that no-one was killed and that only one house and one business was destroyed. Thankfully today the temperature plummeted and the max was a mere 24C and we had a few hours of heavy rain. Hopefully that will have helped in the fire fighting. There have been fires right around Perth and the south west, many of which were deliberately lit. There are some very sick people around it appears and I hope that when caught and charged, that the courts are not lenient at all with them. Not holding my breath on that though.
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