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  2. NorthumbrianDavid

    Swan Valley Wineries

    Hi guys - I'm looking for recommendations for nice wineries to visit in the Swan Valley. I'm not a massive wine drinker so looking more for a relaxed tasting experience with good surroundings and welcoming staff. I've been to Sandalford and Windy Creek Estate and although they're very different, I enjoyed them both!
  3. Mike Bennett

    Recruitment Consultant

    Driver Hire Australia is looking to appoint a Recruitment Consultant to join our business in Perth, specialising in the Transport and Logistics Industry. Please forward your resume to mike.bennett@driverhire.com.au if this could be of interest to you.
  4. ali

    Mental Health - Application

    Hi Paul, Mental health is treated just like any physical condition when it comes to the medicals and they'll be looking at potential cost. As stormy said, it's worth speaking to a good migration agent and one who may specialise in medical conditions. Information that is useful is - how well controlled the condition is, hospitalisations, functionality e.g. working/studying (showing that the impact of the illness is small). I've known people get visa's who've been in hospital in the past under the act but their symptoms well contolled and working etc., Good luck
  5. verystormy

    Mental Health - Application

    IT shouldn't do as long as her condition is well controlled by medication. However, I would strongly recommend you speak with a good registered migration agent.
  6. Paul Campbell

    Mental Health - Application

    Hi, Im Paul and new to the board. We are looking at starting the process to move to Australia, but curious as to whether or not my wife's mental health will mean our application is rejected. She suffers from Bipolar. Has anybody had any previous experience? Paul
  7. verystormy

    Asbestos jobs in WA

    The first issue is you would need to check if the occupation is on one of the skilled lists. As even for even company sponsored visas it has to be. Then, you would need to look at the current requirement for experience. I think it is three years qualified. But be aware, company sponsored visas are usually just temporary for a maximum of 4 years. If it is on the skilled lists, then you may be eligible for a permanent visa via skilled migration
  8. Hello I’m wondering if anyone knows of any Asbestos recruitment agencies based in WA? I’m an asbestos Surveyor in the UK and I’m looking to enquire about a job over in Perth. To give you a bit of a background on my situation.. I have already used my Working holiday visa, so I’d have to go down the skilled visa route. I hold a P402 certificate in asbestos sampling and surveying and currently have 18 months experience working for a company in the UK. I have a family with 2 young children and we are hoping to secure a move by the end of 2025. If anyone has any contacts, advice or useful knowledge it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Joe
  9. verystormy

    Merry Christmas

    On behalf of the moderators and admin, I would like to wish all our members a merry Christmas.
  10. Jocky82

    Plumber required

    Hi I came across your post and wondered if you managed to find anyone? I’m a uk gas engineer thinking of making the move over to Perth. How is the industry over there? Plenty of work etc
  11. Obvious

    Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    Anyone got good experience with the nonstop? I'm looking to maybe do a London to Perth flight next year with Qantas with no layover.
  12. newjez


    Duncraig SHS always seems to rate well and is close to those areas.
  13. newjez

    what are you doing at this moment

    Visiting Perth for the first time in many years due to all the covid stuff that went down.
  14. Hi, has anyone experienced being ripped off by car rental companies when holidaying back in the UK? We had a particularly bad experience, we're 1409.97GBP out of pocket. I tried to reason with the company (Easirent in Manchester) to no avail. I've also tried EconomyBookings who we booked through and they won't help. It seems they prey on overseas visitors as it's harder to fight back once you're out of the country. Can anyone advise if they've successfully got their money back and by what method? Thanks Nick
  15. Nicola broadhead


    I have been in perth for over 9 years i am 39, and split from my partner few weeks ago back living with my family while my house is being built. It's hard to make friends here ones i have live down south so dont get to se them that often, and miss my UK girls! And now I'm single I'm finding it hard. Trying to put myself out there which is why I'm on here. Anybody in similar boat and want to catch up? I enjoy brunch, coffee occasional drink walking, beach and trying new things. I have no kids but love animals especially dogs, I had to leave my fur baby when I moved out which is tough! Mental health is not good without friendship, everyone needs their peeps! I want my person (greys anatomy reference) Hope to meet some of you
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