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  3. Hey Katie, my wife (29) and I (32) arrive on the 25th of aug..... its getting a bit crazy and real now.. but sooo glad to be leaving rainy Scotland for the sunshine! we would be interested in meeting sometime for a nice cold one in the sun pm me on here or get me on FB scott leslee (profile pic is sitting on a beach with sunset) cheers
  4. hey, my wife (29) and I (32) arrive in from sunny Aberdeen on the 25th aug! would be interesting in getting together and hearing your story and how the first weeks months were for you? over a few cold ones obviously...
  5. hey everyone, my wife and i are due to land on the 25th of aug, staying in Innaloo. would be interested in meeting new people and socializing, out for food drinks etc if anyone is in the area. get me on Facebook as scott leslee (profile pic is a sunset)
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  7. Hi, I'm am wondering if anyone has done the aims exam within the last year or so and if they could remember any questions they got asked? I'm sitting it in September and have only the one past paper. Any help would be appreciated. Starting to panick! Thanks Joanne
  8. The current value of the AUD/GBP is the sum of all of the currency markets participants’ beliefs in what the AUD/GBP will do in the future. Put simply, if currency traders think the Pound will rise next week, they will buy the Pound today. They won’t wait until it has risen. What they think will happen next week, will make it happen today. A good example is interest rate policy. If the Bank of England hints at a possible rate rise in a months time, the Pound will strengthen within seconds of the hint. For someone without very detailed knowledge of global economics, central bank policy, geo political tensions, commodities prices and a myriad of other factors, trying to predict the future of a currency pair is nothing more than a lucky dip. Brexit is already pretty much priced into the value of the Pound. The Pound nosedived after the leave vote and movement since then has been dictated by the likely hood (or not) of whether the transition will be smooth or rough. The strength of the Aussie Dollar is closely related to its commodities export market. Unless you can get to grips with the intricacies of both of these, you won’t have a chance of predicting future movements. In short, you wouldn’t put all of your money on a horse you know nothing about, so don’t bet all of your money on a currency market movement. You could move some money now (say 25%) and do the same each year until you move. This would even out any big swings in the currency pair (you won’t win big if the Pound strengthens by 50% but you won’t lose as much if it drops 50% either). How you go about this is best left to a currency dealer (how you transfer the money, how you store it in Australia, any tax implications).
  9. Hi guys, I'm due to sit the AIMS exam in London in Sept. Great to find a thread finally discussing it. I'm a medical scientist working in blood transfusion atm. Has anyone sat it in the past year or 2 and have any tips? Or is anyone due to sit this one in Sept? It's so hard studying for this alone and I'm finding it so hard to focus these final few weeks. The subjects are just so vast. Any info or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. C
  10. I think you may need to speak to a migration agent - i'm not sure if you've breeched your visa conditions. If you were made redundant and re-employed i'm sure the company would have had to do another nomination - but i'm not 100% up on that.
  11. what visa were you on when they made you redundant then? How can you have a casual contract on a sponsored visa?
  12. Not at all - I was referring to making a currency post in here instead of the GBP/Australian dollar thread - feel free to private message or email me - Thanks
  13. Hi all, I have been employed on a 457 since march 2015. I was looking for answers with how eligible I would be to apply for PR, my contract is a casual contract but states guaranteed 38hr minimum week, I have 27 weeks in total where I did not hit 35 hours since being employed, and all together including my holidays and the days off due to no work count up to 140 days, I was also made redundant by said company early this year then re-employed by same company, I hit the guaranteed minimum $60,000 dollars for this years payment summary, but unfortunately not for 15/16 year. Can anyone tell me if I have to many wrongs against the contract to be eligible for the ENS transition to PR? Thanks
  14. There's also Peter Carnley (Wellard), John Calvin (Baldivis - Primary only) and Mother Teresa (Baldivis); Mother Teresa are K-Year 6 at the moment but adding a year until they're K12. Can't comment on any of them as my daughter goes to Baldivis SC, they're not on any performance tables at the moment as the current Y12 is the first but they seem to have a better rep than any of the other Public schools (BSC is an Independent Public School)
  15. Warnbro - This is the kind of knowledge I want to learn more about, exactly the kind of knowledge. Can you point me in any direction? are there any sources you know of where I can learn what you know. What do you think will happen? Think I could just ride it out and wait for the exchange rate to rise? I am a single man so will not need to take all my money with me initially.
  16. Who You do not want me to contact you?
  17. Hi - thanks for the responses - I have been looking at this and have found on the website that if you are sponsored by a relative then you can work in any designated area - when you click on the links for designated area it says WA - all states/everywhere You must be prepared to live, work and study in only certain areas of Australia. If you are: nominated by a state or territory government agency, this is a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area sponsored by a relative, this is a designated area of Australia. it also says - Sponsored applicants You can work in any designated area in any state or territory. the link to the page is here - so now I am confused - it seems to me that it would be a good idea to submit a 189 as I would have 70 points and more chance of receiving an invite - looking at the recent invitation round results no one with 60/65 points was invited for a 189 in July any advice greatly appreciated Thanks
  18. Would thoroughly recommend Acura Electrical. On time, clean and tidy, good workmanship, polite and reasonably priced. Best tradie I have used in 12 years of living here.
  19. The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia board meeting revealed nothing new and were guardedly upbeat about the economy. A bizarre political development dampened appetite for the Aussie though. Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce was revealed to be a citizen of New Zealand, thereby making him ineligible to sit in parliament. Mr Joyce was born in Australia but, even though he was not aware of it, he is automatically an NZ citizen because his father was a Kiwi. Dual citizens are barred from the Australian parliament and Mr Joyce is the fifth politician in recent weeks to have come under pressure as a result of the rule. His situation is important because prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's coalition government has a majority of just one. The Australian dollar was unchanged on the day against the Loonie, the krone, the euro and the pound.
  20. Hi, I am looking for an Electritician in the Joondalup area to undertake a few basic jobs, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  21. Post in wrong thread.
  22. Hey everyone! I'm a 29 year old doctor, just moved here from London... am living in a houseshare with some lovely ozzies, but would also like to meet some like minded expats too as I'm starting to miss my pals back home! It looks like there's been some family meet ups but I'm here alone and I don't have any kids, so just wondering if there's any other childless nomads out there who'd be keen for getting together for a drink or something? I'm living in Menora which is just on the edge of Mount Lawley (I think) but happy to meet any southerners in the city. Hit me up if you're interested!
  23. Yes! Compare the market dot com! I'm using Woolworths at the moment for all our insurances, house & cars! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. What you are looking at doing is hedging against a fall in value of GBP against the AUD. Buying AUD now is one option, but there are many other things you could consider. You could buy Australian Shares or Bonds. You could hedge in another currency such as the USD. If it were me, I would spread the risk by using a mix of strategies rather than placing all of my eggs in the same basket. It is not a given that the Pound will fall further due to Brexit. It is just as likely to rise in value. The current value of the Pound is reflective of the currency markets belief in what will happen in the future. Seek a couple of professional opinions though. Good luck.
  25. Thanks very much.. good to have inside info from someone working in a garage!
  26. Hi, you dont say how old your kids are so assuming that they are in secondary school, because the state schools for primary seem to be good it only seems to tail off for secondary I'll tell you what i know. In Baldivis you have Tranby College, I have a friend whose two kids went there and are very happy with it, then a little further South, Mandurah way you have Fredrick Irwin, Mandurah Baptist and Mandurah Catholic College, at Warnbro (i think it Warnbro) you have the Lutheran Living Water School. All of these are private. In secret Harbour you have Comet Bay which is a state school but supposed to be pretty good.
  27. Don't bother, sell it there and buy something not European here. Firstly, if you go and ask on the other forum etc and look at the red book price etc what it doesnt tell you is that as soon as you mention its an personal import its already down valued, the insurance company's also load as its an import. You'll then have problems with the onboard Sat nav, im presuming it has one, as they'll want silly money to convert it to Aus. The Australians dont have this fascination and lust for all things Europeans like, say, the Americans do. I work in a garage and everything European that come in the Aussies are convinced its trouble or badly made, it makes me laugh, they don't wanna know how good it is from my point of view as far as their concerned its going to cost a fortune to repair and sadly they are right, parts for Euro stuff is astronomical compared to Aus, Jap or Korean. As for the import process, I imported my car, an old classic, and a boat and trailer, the actual importing process was fairly simple and I could not have bought a boat similar here for what I paid for it in the UK plus shipping costs, the car probably broke even although I still havent got round to getting it registered as yet as I can't bring myself to take it to those arsewipes at the DOT at Welshpool, but thats another story, I was warned and they wern't wrong!
  28. Hi Newbie, Ive read this thread and everyone makes valid and realistic points. Perth isn't great economically, times is hard. But I haven't had trouble getting jobs and neither has my wife. We took pay cuts and change of occupations to come here( I had PR for a previous trade), we too aren't particularly sociable but mainly because we've got small kids and the wife won't leave them with people they don't know and as we don't have anyone that we know well enough we don't go out with out them! lol! You've sold your house so you may as well use the money from it and treat it as an adventure, whether you have to go back after a 2 or 4 years is neither here nor there if you didn't come both of you would be wondering "what if". Its better to have tried something and not liked it than to have not tried it at all. I disgree with the statement about not buying a house because you are on temporary visa( unless you have trouble getting a mortgage t being on a 457), we have PR but having only been here 17 months we arent 100% sure we are going to stay, we miss friends and family and some aspects of the UK but we, like you, sold our house to come here and have spanked most of the money so what better way to recover it than buying a house here incase you need to go back in two or four years time? This was our thought, our savings were fast running out so we used what was left for a deposit. The housing market is rock bottom here at the moment so there are some bargains to be had. We bought renovator south of the river so we could add value and if the market hadnt pickjed up and we decided to go back we'd have a go at renting it out. If you want to save yourself money look slightly further out for rents, we currently Rent a 4 x 2 in a great area 40 mins from city for $330 a week. We are currently paying mortgage and rent!! Couldn't have don't that in the UK!! My post may sound a little like we are planning to go back, not at all, I love it here, I miss people, some of the Aussie ways annoy me but on the whole as a family we are better off here because we have more time to spend with each other. Don't come thinking its paradise and youll be alright! Jase
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