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  2. Beachside accommodation in south west WA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Beachside accommodation in south west WA

    We stayed at the Sebel on Caves Road. It's an Aparthotel and backs onto the beach with tennis courts, bar/restaurant, outdoor and indoor pool. The apartments sleep up to 8. We stayed there when my parents were over and they loved it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Whats new in Perth?

    Adventure World has s few more rides [emoji1] and there's a new water park open. We've not been yet so I can't give you the details other than I think it's only open in the school holidays Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Private High Schools Northern Suburbs

    I can't help with school's nor but loads of kids move schools in Year 7 and lots from public to private so I think she'd be fine. It's more about choosing the right school for your daughter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Private schools close to Rockingham

    Lots of kids in Secret Harbour (my suburb) are at private schools. Are you looking at senior or primary? I'll give you a bit of info on the ones most of the kids go to. Feel free to ask for more! Frederick Irwin Anglican School (Meadow Springs) - kindy to Yr12, outstanding school - my 3 kids go there. Academic, musical, good drama Dept, fantastic academic results, awesome heads, strict but kids know the boundaries Kolbe Catholic (Rockingham) - Yr7-Yr12. kids feed in from surrounding catholic primaries like St Bernadette's in Port Kennedy, Star of the Sea on Rockingham etc - another outstanding school. I've heard nothing but good reports but priority given to Catholics, fantastic academic results Mandurah Catholic College MCC (Greenfields, Mandurah) Yr7-12, lots of kids go here from Yr7, big on sport and lots of ATAR options, Kids feed in from surrounding Catholic primaries, again priority given to Catholics Tranby College (Baldivis) - kindy to Yr12 - Excellent school, Apple school, fees are higher but includes all stationary etc. have friends kids here and are very happy Mandurah Baptist College (Lakelands) - good school, I've heard a few mixed reports of kids leaving but then heard not all happy where they moved to. Other friends have recently moved their kids there from Comet Bay Senior and they love MBC There's a new school opened in Baldivis, a catholic school which is going from kindy to eventually Yr12. Mother Teresa . Worth a look! Living Waters Lutheran College (Warnbro) kindy to Yr12 - smaller school, lots leave after primary, nephew goes there and is happy at the school, smaller, nurturing, Maybe good for some kids but limited when coming to take options in yr 10. Their primary in Halls Head has just been purchased by Frederick Irwin so they seem to be struggling South coast Baptist (Waikiki) - soccer Scholarships, friends kids there are Happy but that seems the main draw. There are direct Transperth school buses to Frederick Irwin from Secrets, and the kids can also get a bus to MCC, MBC and Kolbe. transperth buses are only $0.60 per journey for kids with a Smartrider. Tranby has a private bus from Secrets as does Peter Carnley. If it were my choice I'd be looking at Frederick Irwin, Kolbe and MCC first [emoji4] I hope that helps EDIT: just realised you may already be here so you'll have to let us know what you decided! Or give me a shout if you want to chat over coffee [emoji477]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. hi I have a client looking for a sous chef and a chef de cuisine. Accommodation provided. Must have international hotel experience or similar. This position offers accommodation for a single person. Fantastic location. if you are interested please email me your resume and covering letter
  8. Citizenship questions

    We've just become eligible for citizenship and I want to get my application in before the Turnbull government vote or the bill is thrown out as there's likely to be a influx of applications. I'm having trouble online and can't continue with my application past page 6. Anyone else had this problem? The system is saying I'm not eligible but it hasn't asked me pertinent questions like visa details and date of arrival etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    I agree, sometimes the fruit isn't great at times, generally though if you have a good look around its fine. you cant get everything there but what you can get is way cheaper, Heinz baked beans are 79c a can at the moment for instance and the bottled water is always the cheapest...

    It isn't far from you either..... let us know what you think of it.
  11. So you’re thinking of moving to Australia? A key question is therefore – “How long will it take for my visa to be granted?” A very good question and an understandable one. Naturally, you’re eager to start your new life down under. Such information is also crucial as there's lots to sort out before you can move. When do you put your house up for sale? – too early and you might have to move into temporary accommodation if your house sells and your visa hasn’t been granted. Too late and you may end up with your visa being granted and not being able to move as your house hasn’t sold and your equity is tied up in the property. A visa grant date is also important to know as without it, you can’t arrange removals/shipping, quarantine for your pets, flights and a multitude of other things. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get information to help you estimate when your application may be granted DIBP The Department of Immigration and Border Protection publish approximate processing times on there website. The information is not specific to your case however and goes along the lines of “75% of applications processed in x number of days” for example. It’s also possible to send a blank email to DIBP for some visas and this will trigger an automated email response which contains approximate processing times. Australia Migration Forums Another method is to visit groups and forums as many members post their visa timelines on the forums to compare with other members timelines. The sites allow you to chat with other members who are also going through the migration journey. Australia Visa Timelines Immigration Trackers A third way, and a method which is becoming more popular is to utilize an immigration tracker / Australia visa timelines website. This allow you to enter key dates about your visa application and compare them in tabular format with lots of other members. You can look at who’s applied for the same visa as you, the same dates as you, from the same country, occupation etc. This will allow you obtain greater insight into the likely time is will take for your visa to be granted. Recognizing the demand for such a service and following feedback from members, we've created a tracker site at
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  13. Need a good Removal company from UK to Perth

    I had really great service from PSS, friendly, efficient and competitive price. They did everything they said they would at the price they quoted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    I'm thinking of trying spud shed to see what its like.

    I have shopped in their Jandakot store at times and whilst I found their prices good, I wasn't too impressed overall with the quality of fresh produce. Some was good, some wasn't. I guess if you are a big family and buying large quantities, Spudshed would be the way to go. I only shop for one so Spudshed is a bit overkill for me, but totally get why families shop there.
  16. Private schools close to Rockingham

    My son is at South coast Baptist in Waikiki, pretty much in the middle of your area.

    Spudshed in Badivis, very cheap and pretty good quality
  18. Need a good Removal company from UK to Perth

    I would avoid PSS, I fell out with them as they decided that their original quote didn't make them quite enough money and threatened to hold our goods until we paid. I found them to be very rude and unprofessional after they had our money. I have made my feelings known to them, Kent removals did the bit this end and were fine.
  19. I am having a real dilemma as to what to do with my daughter for high school. All I know is I need my daughter to be around good kids (don't we all) and a good range of ATAR / VET Subjects. Private Schools, I am assuming are much more disciplined and more heavy workload, are they usually for the more academic kids? Looking at Irene McCormack, Quinns Baptist, Peter Moyes, Lake Joondalup, Prendeville - thoughts? Do kids settle from public to private in year 7
  20. 🥂🍴 🍽 Would you like to work as a casual chef for our award winning, friendly restaurant? Do you have experience, enthusiasm and are competent and versatile in the kitchen? The restaurant is in North Beach. We're after someone for a fortnight from October the 28th. We're open Tues thru' Saturday. Shift starts lunchtime on-wards. This two week period would be full-time casual, with the prospect of extra work afterwards. We were recently rated a 'must-visit' in a Sunday Times review. Even though we say it ourselves, we're a great team, so come and be part of it! You would probably need your own transport, as public transport isn't that reliable. Please text Sally with your phone number on 0401 566710 with brief details of past work We look forward to hearing from you 😀
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  22. Emigrating in January

    Woodvale is quite a good (and expensive) neighbourhood. If that becomes your standard, other suburbs might not appeal so much The schools over there are considered very good as well.
  23. 6 weeks to go!

    No advice. Last few days suck, no matter what you do. We predered not to have a big airport goodbye drama. We said bye to friends 2 days before, some family 1 day bedore and close family on the last day. Then my mom and sister dropped us off and the train station. We couls then use the time in the train to deal with the last negative feelings and as soon as we arrived at the airport we started thinking about the fun that was ahead of us.
  24. 6 weeks to go!

    Hi, conscious we only have about 6 left of life in the UK. Apart from family and friend things and all the other stresses of preparing for the big move is there anything else people wish they had done before they went? We need to move out our house a few days before we fly. So thinking we might get a hotel in the city and take in beautiful Edinburgh one last time although I’m sure we will still be frantically running about getting organised! It’s going to be awful saying our final goodbyes to family especially my parents and MIL and think I will need a large wine/vodka on the flight! I wish we could skip all that until my folks come out to see us. Any advice on leaving parents/grandparents behind? :-( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Parent visa timescale

    Still waiting for confirmation but already looking forward to our life Down under. a few afternoons in the Kite in secret harbour and many hours on the beach with our grandson ..,
  26. Emigrating in January

    We will be in Amberton, Eglinton, which is near to the beach and not too far from Joondalup! probably about a 15 min drive! So best of both worlds...we hope!!
  27. Emigrating in January

    HI SpecialK I honestly don't want to bring doubts into your decision but just be aware when they say they will lower their quote because some time back I read a review..and it was for White and Company, so different to who you are using, but in order to make their money up they used a share container instead of the quoted sole container and didn't tell the customer!!! So just make sure that you get the service they have quoted you for!! Like you say, i'm sure there will be hiccups, after all, a company is only as good as their workers!! Wow Woodvale!! that's a coincidence! our daughter lived there for a few years!! I think her address was The Crest?? it was a few years ago now so I can't remember exactly. That's weird isn't it. I do remember it being really nice there, the only thing was you definitely needed a car as there was only a few shops in a mall within walking distance, oh! and a library but it was definitely a lovey area to live. She moved to Burns Beach which is nearer the coast as she has 3 kids and she thought they'd love it there, which they do!! except every now and then the eldest one (11yrs) says " oh do we have to go to the beach again"!!! haha. Kids eh, they don't know when they've got it good! I can understand that you don't want to commute too far! who needs the hassle! Very best of luck for your future in Oz, hope it all goes well for you and your family. Exciting times eh!!!
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