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  3. welljock

    802/101/102 Visa - Adopted Sons

    You would be more likely to get a response on the parent site >> https://www.pomsinoz.com/ I suggest to also post there
  4. ShaznRog

    adopted children

    Hi Tab, Sorry for jumping on your post, I was just wondering how you got on as we find ourselves in the same predicament? Shaz
  5. Hi all, Hubby and I are dual citizens with Australia and UK and are in the process of moving back to Australia as soon as the adoption is approved for our 2 foster sons. We are looking for advise around the visa needed I am led to believe there area couple which will give them permanence but can take months to be approved, or the 802 visa which they would need to be in the country prior to applying. I have contacted a couple of migration agents and awaiting their guidance and help, just wondered if anyone had previously had to deal with this discriminatory red tape. It seems because they are not our sons by blood then it seems a lot harder and different routes to go to and because the UK is not part of the 13 country's listed as accepted then they do not qualify for citizenship? We are very wary of the time frames and want our boys to have the best chance in life and give them a brighter future. They are 12 and nearly 16. Can we move back as soon as the adoption is approved whilst waiting for the sub visa or whatever it is be approved? Or would we need to remain in the UK until it is all granted? Many thanks
  6. Alan Collett

    When are you officially a non resident of the UK

    For what purpose, Stuart? Best regards.
  7. bdh Tax is looking for a couple of people to join our tax team, based at our Perth office. Experience of working in a UK tax practice will be desirable, but isn't essential. If you're interested and would like an initial chat please send your CV/resume to me, at acollett@bdhtax.com Best regards.
  8. Elexa Plumbing and gas

    Plumber required

    Im a heating engineer/plumber from the UK. I have been in Perth 8 years and have my own company. I’m looking for a decent maintenance plumber to train up and help get certified as the pool of tradesmen in Perth at the moment is poor. Will be working directly with me until certified and had got a handle on the differences here in Oz. If Any one has plans to come over soon then please feel free to contact me at alex@elexa.com.au for further information. Hope this post is allowed
  9. Hi Stuart, My husband and I arrived in March and have applied for an Aged parent visa and have been issued with a bridging visa whilst the AP visa is processed. We would be interested to learn any tips you have re bank accounts, buying property, cars etc. thanks Linda
  10. verystormy

    When are you officially a non resident of the UK

    There isn't a single criteria as it changes for the purpose for you are looking such as tax purpose, access to NHS and others.
  11. verystormy

    Medicare or Uk reciprocal agreement

    The reciprocal agreement is there to keep someone alive until they can go home to get treatment. So, it would not cover something like a hip replacement
  12. Hi, we are making an application for a parental visa, we will go on to a bridging visa which can take many many years, my question is when do you officially become a non resident of the UK ? Thanks …S
  13. Does anyone know if there is a difference between Medicare and UK reciprocal agreement? thanks … S
  14. ali

    Class sizes

    You may get smaller classes in private schools
  15. Uturn

    Covid 19 Impact

    Thank you. I have sent you a message with their details. So is my understanding of the current guidance correct - that WA is not sponsoring offshore applicants for 190 visas? Thanks.
  16. verystormy

    Halls Head Pros and Cons

    Halls Head is lovely. A really nice beach and a good selection of shops and things. We lived a couple of suburbs down at Dawesville, both of which are part of mandurha. Which is a lovely small city and very pretty with everything you need. My advice is to get a short term rental for arrival and visit each area looking at properties as each area has a different feel. Before we moved, we had looked at a number of suburbs that we thought would be perfect for us, but when we went to look, the ones we thought were perfect were the ones we liked least and ended up in one we hadn't heard of. Do you have visas yet. What sort of jobs are you going to be doing as mandurha is a commute to Perth.
  17. verystormy

    Covid 19 Impact

    That sounds a bit suspect. Are they MARA registered agents? If you message me their details I will have a look for you and if not, send details of agents that can be trusted.
  18. Butcher74

    Class sizes

    We are relocating south of Perth and considering school, and notice classes are 32. what are your experiences? Any secondary schools with small classes? Be great to hear of your children‘s experiences.
  19. Butcher74

    Anyone in Halls Head Advice re Schooling

    Where did you move schools to? Any update?
  20. Butcher74

    Halls Head Pros and Cons

    We are a family of four relocating with two children. One in last year of primary. What should we consider when choosing a location? Making friends is important to us and want a good quality of life with nature, walks, fun and laughter while kids still young. Any advise much appreciated
  21. Uturn

    Covid 19 Impact

    Hi. I was hoping to get some advice on this point. I’ve been speaking to a registered migration agent about migration specifically to Perth. According to them we qualify for a 190 with 90 points for WA and have advised us to proceed with signing up to their service. However, my concern is on reading the WA website it still seems to state that they are only sponsoring 190 visas for people already residing in Australia and that a job offer is required (we aren’t in Australia and don’t have a job offer.) I’ve asked them for clarity on how we can apply given this guidance but they keep dodging the question. Is there additional information that migration agents know about offshore sponsorship for 190 visas that just isn’t published, or are they just working on the basis that they expect 190’s will be open for offshore applicants soon and hedging their bets? I’m really uncertain on whether or not to proceed. Any insights you could provide@verystormy would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  22. ND1

    From Brisbane to Perth

    Try Whybirds Removals, they do a lot out of Queensland. https://whybirds.com.au/
  23. Alex F.

    Best secondary school for child with aspergers

    0 Hi Cathm! Tell us which school you have chosen, right now we are also looking for a school for our child with autism. What school did you go to?
  24. verystormy

    Covid 19 Impact

    All visas are now open, however state sponsored can be hit and miss according to state and occupation. My advice would be to have a chat with a good registered migration agent.
  25. Aaron

    Covid 19 Impact

    Thanks again for your feedback @verystormy Its been a while since I posted on here. In the UK I can see most of the covid restrictions are reduced now and I presume the rest of the world is opening up for business again. I have a friend in Perth who says due to the lockdowns in the last few years "now is a good time" to move to Australia and her company are actively sponsoring candidates. Do you reckon it would be a smaller, larger or about the same waiting list for skilled visas as it was before the pandemic in your opinion?
  26. Hello, we are visiting family in Perth Xmas 2022 and looking to house swap. We have a lovely 4 bed terrace house in SE London. Our family in Perth are in Edgewater. It would be great to hear if someone is looking to swap for a few weeks.
  27. Mike Bennett


    About Driver Hire Driver Hire is an expanding business, and our name is recognised as a provider of quality staffing solutions for the Transport and Logistics industry. Since opening our doors in Perth, we have grown to have a national presence across Australia. Our client is looking for an Administrator / Payroll person. • Payroll and Invoicing responsibilities • Invoicing • Chasing up aged debt • Admin functions such as uploading information and scanning documents. • Compliance checks and reports Why work for our client? • Competitive base salary plus super • 20 days holiday rising to 25 days after five years of service • Free parking • Paid day off on your birthday • Exceptional career development plans Contact Mike Bennett on 0466 471 117. Please apply by emailing mike.bennett@dhappointmentsaustralia.com.au
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