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  3. Hello! We are a family of five from Perth. We are respectful and clean and would love to offer you our 4 x 2 home in Carine (NOrth of the river) in exchange for some London accomodation. Our home has a pool, is conveniently located close to public transport and the Carine open space, and is very spacious. We would ideally like to find a swap for up to three months. Hope to hear from you soon!
  4. Ashly

    House swap in London Xmas 22

    Hello! We are a family of four from Perth looking for a house swap in London. We are clean, tidy and respectful and would treat your home as we would our own. Our house is in Carine- about 10 minutes drives or train from Edgewater. We have a 4 x 2 with a pool and large back yard. My husband has long service leave in 2023 and we would also be looking to find a house swap in about May, but I think I could work on my husband to have a Christmas trip also! My email address is ashclaire@yahoo.com if you’d like to get in touch :)
  5. ali

    Hi all!

    Welcome - ask away-
  6. pegg

    Sending AUD to UK

    Have you an Australian bank account ? If so we use barclays bank to transfer
  7. welljock

    Sending AUD to UK

    Don't think Moneycorp are acting in Australia anymore, they closed all accounts a few months ago
  8. verystormy

    Sending AUD to UK

    Money Corp
  9. Hi, can anyone recommend a good company for transferring AUD to the UK please? We're hoping to go back in a few months and spend it all on petrol Cheers Nick
  10. Rossmoyne

    Shipping a few boxes from Perth to Wales UK

    I second Movecube too.
  11. nicka4

    Shipping a few boxes from Perth to Wales UK

    Excellent tip, thanks so much, a lot cheaper by miles to some I've tried. Cheers
  12. verystormy

    Shipping a few boxes from Perth to Wales UK

    Have a look for MoveCube We have used them and they are excellent.
  13. Hi, has anyone tried to send just a few boxes back home through a shipping company, maybe share a container? We have several boxes of toys to send to our son who decided to stay in the UK. I've looked at small companies and their prices are astronomic. Thanks
  14. The very fact that there were vaccinated people in the hospital wards makes me dislike medical professionals very much. I didn't want to get vaccinated, so I didn't. Now I'm just glad!
  15. Vivek

    Completing Form 40CH (child visa) help!

    Filling in the 40CH form for our daughter's visa application. Me and My spouse both hold valid Resident Return Visa. We were in Australia from Feb 2015 till June 2018. Our daughter is born in 2020 July. Currently we are in India. Can someone please help suggesting what should be appropriate reply for following questions. 54 Type of dwelling 55 How many bedrooms does the dwelling have? 56 How many people live in the dwelling? 62 What accommodation do you propose for the child you are sponsoring? Planning to write following. "I will be arriving Australia to arrange 2 or 3 bedroom rented house and other required things for child. Later wife and child will travel to Australia. So, yes it will be the same house where I shall move." Also, I have a friend with 4 Bedroom (own apartment). What is better to write ? He has offered to stay. Is it good to mention staying with Family Friend or better to mention arranging own accommodation. Our preference is to rent an apartment as soon as possible. Thanks, Vivek
  16. verystormy

    Visa 186

    It is vital for 186 applications that a good migration agent is used, is your company not doing so?
  17. Willem

    Visa 186

    Good Morning. I got a work sponsorship for a Visa 186 and just did the skill assessment, but in the interview I got asked nothing about the work I do. I know it is a wide range in one category. But not a single question related to my field of work in that category. I am in security/CCTV industry under the general electronic worker assessment but got asked question for parts in amps, how to test and repair parts for electricians for example, it is very frustrating as I do not have the qualifications nor worked on things like that, Some questions I told the assessor that I do not know the answer as it has nothing to do with the work I do and never worked on that. I am not feeling very confident in the outcome of the assessment . Will I still be able to obtain the Visa if I do get a negative result even though the sponsor has already confirmed the contract and did all the requirements on his side.
  18. Pokitren

    802/101/102 Visa - Adopted Sons

    Thank you very much for this site, it is very useful to me.
  19. Pokitren

    UK - restrictions cancelled !

    You were right. We have seen changes, no one remembers covid anymore. The only pity is that the reasons for this are even worse than covid.
  20. Pokitren

    Hi all!

    Hi all, I'm Tom. I am interested in the topic of migration to Australia, so I would like to check out your forum. I will have silly questions, so excuse me
  21. stu4668

    Bored due to C19?

    ill go for a walk with you Chan
  22. welljock

    802/101/102 Visa - Adopted Sons

    You would be more likely to get a response on the parent site >> https://www.pomsinoz.com/ I suggest to also post there
  23. ShaznRog

    adopted children

    Hi Tab, Sorry for jumping on your post, I was just wondering how you got on as we find ourselves in the same predicament? Shaz
  24. Hi all, Hubby and I are dual citizens with Australia and UK and are in the process of moving back to Australia as soon as the adoption is approved for our 2 foster sons. We are looking for advise around the visa needed I am led to believe there area couple which will give them permanence but can take months to be approved, or the 802 visa which they would need to be in the country prior to applying. I have contacted a couple of migration agents and awaiting their guidance and help, just wondered if anyone had previously had to deal with this discriminatory red tape. It seems because they are not our sons by blood then it seems a lot harder and different routes to go to and because the UK is not part of the 13 country's listed as accepted then they do not qualify for citizenship? We are very wary of the time frames and want our boys to have the best chance in life and give them a brighter future. They are 12 and nearly 16. Can we move back as soon as the adoption is approved whilst waiting for the sub visa or whatever it is be approved? Or would we need to remain in the UK until it is all granted? Many thanks
  25. Alan Collett

    When are you officially a non resident of the UK

    For what purpose, Stuart? Best regards.
  26. bdh Tax is looking for a couple of people to join our tax team, based at our Perth office. Experience of working in a UK tax practice will be desirable, but isn't essential. If you're interested and would like an initial chat please send your CV/resume to me, at acollett@bdhtax.com Best regards.
  27. Elexa Plumbing and gas

    Plumber required

    Im a heating engineer/plumber from the UK. I have been in Perth 8 years and have my own company. I’m looking for a decent maintenance plumber to train up and help get certified as the pool of tradesmen in Perth at the moment is poor. Will be working directly with me until certified and had got a handle on the differences here in Oz. If Any one has plans to come over soon then please feel free to contact me at alex@elexa.com.au for further information. Hope this post is allowed
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