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  2. AQF

    Hi has anyone obtained an AQF lll in painting and decorating in the past year? If so which company did you use? Thanks
  3. Private High Schools Northern Suburbs

    My child attends St Mark's and would thoroughly recommend.
  4. Duncraig Senior high school

    Duncraig better than ORSHS in terms of academics from the experience of friends and the ATAR results. You get the same teenage issues but from what I am led to believe they are dealt with better at Duncraig.
  5. Seven Seas Worldwide Shipping

    Seven Seas Worldwide are world leaders in both nationwide and global moves, helping thousands of customers each year move or store their personal belongings, excess baggage and household items. We've been in the shipping business for over twenty years and we've worked hard to ensure our shipping process is uncomplicated, affordable and supportive. We are proud members of FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, and BIFA, the trade association for UK companies moving freight internationally. Whether you need help moving an extra piece of holiday luggage or you're moving the contents of an entire house overseas, Seven Seas Worldwide will be there to collect, store and deliver your personal belongings whenever and wherever you need them. Our global network covers both the UK and Australia, serving all major cities in both countries so there’s no need for a third party: We’ll be with your belongings from A to B. A range of services are provided by Seven Seas Worldwide to suit the various needs of its customers including: · Baggage Worldwide - helping holidaymakers shift excess baggage and other specific items such as surfboards and golf clubs around the world · MoveCube® - a mini shipping container inside a trailer that is brought directly to your home for any type of house-move · Pack and Store – similar to the MoveCube but designed for transporting items to our privately-owned secure storage facilities We provide a 24/7 multilingual call centre, an international shipping network and expert advice at every stage of the journey. Plus we provide a comprehensive door-to-door service in both the UK and Australia so there will be no need to visit any depots. We are also fully aware of the strict Customs and Quarantine laws in Australia and will ensure that your items are cleared successfully. Check out the full range of our services - together with our Terms and Conditions - across the Seven Seas Worldwide website, talk to a member of our team on +44 333 733 7337 or contact us via our contacts page. Alternatively take a look at our free online quote engine now and get yourself a quote in just 30 seconds!
  6. Construction industry

    Just a friendly heads up David as you are a new member to this forum, but that isn't the way to speak to another member We are a friendly polite bunch who try to be helpful to those who ask questions, and rudeness is not acceptable.
  7. Early 50s couple looking to make City friends

    Sorry, never meant this photo to appear so large. Does anyone know hoe to delete it?
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  9. Ielts

    I think we found alot of good info on how to read/ understand questions on ielts via youtube . Enjoy
  10. Construction industry

    The subject is the construction industry, not unemployment in general. If you are not in the construction industry, you should keep quiet.
  11. Construction industry

    I did hear on the radio that there was cautious optimism that things were starting to pick up - I'm sure people looking to migrate understand that there isn't as many jobs available at the moment.
  12. Muddled

    Do you have any more children?
  13. Muddled

    Hi everyone, like a previous entry we are considering the big move to Perth to be near family and enjoy a new life style in our latter years. But it’s so confusing reading the web pages about visas, agents, expenses etc etc....any pointers re the aforementioned would be greatly appreciated. We are in our late 60’s, and our daughter is a citizen down there in The Vines with her family... Best wishes to all.
  14. Ielts

    Hi can anyone recommend books or study tools to help with the IELTS test Thanks
  15. Construction industry

    Sorry, but I just try to be realistic rather than positive. For example, only last week, unemployment in WA hit its highest level in 16 years. But, hey, I can sit there telling everyone to move to WA as it is booming and there are 10 jobs for everyone and the streets are paved with gold.
  16. Construction industry

    Don't let verystormy hear you being so positive
  17. Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    Just had to do return flight for a family funeral. Outbound trip on Monday was 17hrs 20min and return was 15hrs 45mins. Seats were not bad with plenty of legroom, had an extra seat for return so even more room. Food was alright with 3 main courses and plenty of snacks and drinks. Only one hot option for breakfast so if you like omelettes, great. Cabin crew were great on both legs of the journey. We had a short three day trip so found two long journeys without a break to be very tiring. Would consider using it again if we had a longer turn around time.
  18. Duncraig Senior high school

    Hey guys , just looking if any of you have kids at Duncraig senior high school ...... Our first stint in Oz , left us less than impressed with the last high school our child attended . Sooo Just looking for feedback on Duncraig. My wifes old managers Son attended and she spoke very highly ..... but just after anymore feedback . cheers guys
  19. am forklift technician with over 12 years hands on experience looking for a sponsored forklift technician job in Australia
  20. Parent visa query

    You can look at onshore 804 visa possibly
  21. Sources of Income in Retirement

    Switching from earning an income through employment to generating an income in retirement can require some careful planning. Often income will come from many different sources and the combination that works for you will depend on your individual circumstances. It pays to seek financial advice to help determine which sources of income will best meet your needs and living costs and support you through your retirement.
  22. Private High Schools Northern Suburbs

    It's a late reply. Did you choose yet?
  23. autism school -WA-Perth

    John Butler primary College has a learning support hub. Loads of experience on staff. Close to Quinn's. Depending on the assessment how much support you will get. This can also take time. So better to go to schools with the capacity in place to support your child before funding is secured such as this.
  24. Schools near Guildford

    Swan Christian College in midland... not too far is a k-12 option. A lot cheaper than Guildford Grammar. Guildford Grammar now takes girls k-12 too.

    Your school would have collected previous papers for the purpose of preparation. Ask the Home Group Teacher. There are plenty of prep books in book stores/online
  26. Job demand in Perth

    Go for it! You never know 😀
  27. Two years in and the Unthinkable happened!!

    So sorry to read you’ve gone through this at the start of your new life here, must have been devaststing especially with being so far from home. Glad you’ve got great neighbours, wishing your wife a speedy and full recovery. Glad you’re still positive about the lifestyle and everything that life has to offer here. We wouldn’t be without the private healthcare, I’ve had 4 wisdom teeth out and hubby has had an op. All seen extremely quickly and most of the fees paid for, and 3 of us have had new glasses. I know we pay monthly for the cover but it is giving us peace of mind that we’re covered and can be seen quickly if required. Best wishes to you and your family.
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