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  2. Friends :)

    Send you a private message 😀
  3. Hi my names Nick I am a solid plasterer and Cork Coatings applicator in the uk with a nvq level 2 and 3 and over 12 years experience I am considering getting my AQF 3 I have already started my 189 visa application and I am ready for skills assessment. What is work like for a solid plasterer over in Perth? What can I expect to earn. I am also considering getting my Plasterer’s assessors qualification. I don’t mind starting at the bottom and working my way up the ladder. Any advice people and offer me will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, Ricardo. Please send me an email ( Thanks
  5. I still have some of them. Please send an email to
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  7. Moving Boxes Wanted

    where you moving to buddy ? nice youve settled in guys .
  8. We ask people use the PM system to contact in the first instance.
  9. Last week
  10. Did you guys as a pipefitter ever do the technical assessment as a metal fabricator and how did you get on? Did you pass and what was you asked,been in oz 4 and half years now and have finally given in to getting this qualification as im getting too many job knock backs. Im hoping such qualification opens more doors as it certainly is not with years of experience and current uk quals.
  11. Does anyone have some idea about what was approached in some of the last exams these last months? Hayla? I am brazilian too trying to do this examination!
  12. Hi jamie We i work for a marquee hire company and march is usually a busy month for us.we are always hiring casual staff so when you arrive and are ready to work contact me via pm P.s get your tax file number and bank account set up asap and your ready to start. Podge
  13. p85 form

    Hi, we were both working full time until we arrived last January. We filled in the forms and received our tax refund in to our uk bank account as we had overpaid for the financial year. Don't know if or how this would affect your pension. Is it tax free? You would have to declare it as an income on your tax return here. Maybe fill it in to be on the safe side? Jen
  14. Parent migration options

    Hi thanks for your advice, we are going to see someone on Monday to have a chat. Hopefully we can get this sorted. Many thanks. Scott.
  15. 2 Occupations Axed from Lists

    Yep, but watch this space, reckon there will be some more changes in March when TSS is released
  16. 2 Occupations Axed from Lists

    Only 2?
  17. 2 Occupations Axed from Lists

    Thanks for the update Camilla
  18. p85 form

    I don't recall filling any forms in, but I was working full time. Will it effect your pension payments if you don't? Might be worth just filling it in.
  19. p85 form

    Hi guys We are emigrating to Perth at the end of this month (Jan) One way ticket booked!!! I have informed HMRC here in the U.K of our intended move and they informed me I have to fill in a P85 form. Is this necessary?? I have not worked now for about 7-8 years, I am nearly 65, I already receive my state pension of about £500 a month. I worked part time for many years since I had my daughter and so have not paid tax for many years. I have no intention of working when we get to Oz. So my question is, will I need to fill in the P85 form?? I keep reading conflicting advise on this. Or maybe it's me just not understanding all the advise!!! Would be grateful for any advise!! (that I understand!!!) Sue
  20. 2 Occupations Axed from Lists Two occupations have been axed from the lists yesterday. Hair and Beauty Salon Manager and Building Associate. Some additional occupations have now got caveats attached
  21. Parent migration options

    Technically (although people do it), coming on a tourist visa with the intention of not going home again could be frowned upon could be frowned upon, but important to remember that the bridging visa, generally only gives you the same rights as your previous visa (unless they specifically apply for work rights). Will your parents have enough funds without being able to get any assistance/work? I don't know when granted work rights, if it's easy for people to find work on this type of visa. The problem also with the non contributory visa and the lengthy processing time, is that by the time that it's ready for granting, potentially, people could have developed serious medical conditions which will not pass the medicals. it might be worth running it by a registered migration agent is a regular contributor to the site and you can use the PM system to contact.
  22. Parent migration options

    There are only two real options. The none contributory visa and the expensive contributory. However, the none contributory has a time frame of 30 years, while the contributory has a time frame of two years. In theory, yes they could lodge either on shore and go on a bridging visa. However, there are issues with being on a bridging visa. First, they would not be entitled to full medicare - hence why the none contributory is generally considered a bad idea as they having very limited healthcare for older people is not a good idea. There are other issues as well such as they would never qualify for any state assistance and there UK pensions are frozen at that point.
  23. Hi Jen thanks for your interest.the job is manual lifting,it's not always heavy but a lot of not putting you off I just like people to know what they are in for and yes it is a majority of male environment.if you are still interested text me your details and I'll contact you when we have another Sunday job. Thanks darren
  24. Hi, I am looking for a reliable Bricklayer with own Transport and ABN. Ongoing work South of the River. Please message me
  25. Hi Darren Thanks for the info. I have a 15 yr old daughter looking for a job on Sundays. Your description however says you are looking for lads. Is that because it's heavy lifting? Or currently an all male environment? We are in Willetton so very local. Thanks Jen
  26. Friends :)

    Hi, Whereabouts are you? I'm Willetton SOR but willing to drive. I'm 39 hubby 42. I'm not working so free most days for a coffee / lunch. Got kids until Feb (2 well behaved teen and tween girls) then free every day. Looking to make new friends as its our second year here and need to do more socialising. Pm me if you fancy meeting up Jen x
  27. Hi everyone I work for a marquee hire company called pedersens hire and we are always on the lookout for new workers with the drive to get on.we are based in canning vale but can be working all over Perth also as far as Kalgoorlie Albany Karratha. our busiest periods are from July through to January . i believe it's a great start for young lads to work with us.theres no time wasters and you can learn and travel at the same time.casual weekend work is always available. ive now been at pedersens for 9 years .im managing the structure side of the company now . feel free to get in touch if you want anymore information.just thought I'd say hi I'm new to this forum .im from battle in East Sussex back in the U.K. . be good to hear from some of you. darren aka podge p.s I'm the guy on the far left.IMG_0073.MOV
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