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  2. Purchase of House

    As new migrants we needed a letter from our employers stating we were employed and what our annual salary was. We also produced a bank statement to show our funds/savings. We opted to get our mortgage with our Bank Westpac who at the time were offering the best interest rates .
  3. Opening an account

    If I recall correctly, we just needed passport and a bill for NAB.
  4. Car Insurance

    As we bank with NAB, my wife and I elected to use them for our car insurance too. We found them super-efficient and cheap, fully comp on both cars was reasonable (which is helpful with no driving history in Aus!)
  5. Purchase of House

    Hi All, My wife and I have not long moved to WA (around 7 months ago), We have began the process of shopping for a house. We are both UK nationals with history investment properties in the UK, does anyone know what financial record we will have to show for a mortgage (e.g. in the UK it's three years of accounts or payslips)? Any recommendations of banks would be welcome too. Thanks. Kieran
  6. Recommendations - UK pension

    I have been in Australia for 3 years now, we are quite settled and I am looking at transferring my assets. The problem is that I have no idea how to transfer my pension, I have spoken to a couple of friends that transferred their pensions over into something called an Offshore QROPS but they seemed to have paid quite high charges (e.g. 3-5% of the total pension) are there any cheaper options out there and is this the best option?
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  8. Registering to teach in WA

    Good advice here... just be advised that to be registered to teach in Australia in any state, you must have a 4 year degree.
  9. Registering to teach in WA

    Hi, I went through this a few months ago when I moved over. You have to get non-practicing registration first, this will enable you to start teaching (provided you have applied for a WWCC). When you have completed your first day teaching (even relief work) you send the TRBWA a 'Notice of Teaching' form. One you have taught for a minimum of 100 days you can then apply for Full-registration. If you need any more info. about registration, or teaching here in general, just let me know. Happy to help!
  10. CD Player wanted

    Thanks for checking Druid. Cheers Dave
  11. Last week
  12. Registering to teach in WA

    Hi you can register with the TRBWA on a non practising registration until you move and work in Australia then you transfer over to a practising one after a few weeks of working over there I believe. Without having a registration it will be difficult to get a job. Hope that helps? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  13. CD Player wanted

    Sorry, its a DVD player with a scart connection
  14. Hi all, I have my 189 visa granted (yay!) and I am a qualified teacher with a degree from a UK Uni and over 6 years teaching experience. I am trying to get myself registered with the Teacher Registration Board (TRB) of WA but there is so much conflicting information about which registration I can actually go for! It seems that I cannot get a full registration as I have not taught in Aus yet, but I also cannot go for a limited registration either. Does anyone have any experience with registering themselves? I don't want to ask the TRB themselves as they charge over $300 for advice!!! Any help will be greatly appreciated
  15. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Still good levels today for those transferring money from the UK to Australia. If anyone would like a chat with me or one of the team then please get in touch. Thanks John
  16. Comet Bay College vs Baldives Secondary College

    Excellent. We flew over last week and my son got into SCBC too. He starts in the new year. Was very impressed with the school. Thanks for telling me to check it out
  17. Suburbs

    Does anyone live in Bunbury or it's surrounds as far down as Busselton but not much further up than Mandurah? Family of 5 with 3 children aged 11, 8 and 6 in private school. Thanks
  18. Advice needed

    You could look at the skilled occupation lists to see if your occupation is on there, but I don't recall anything similar to what you do. Even if it were, it wouldn't save a huge amount. Visa fees are less - just under $4k, but add on skills assessment and ILETS and it soon adds up. You should note that the visa fees are the drop in the ocean in the overall costs.
  19. CD Player wanted

    Hi Druid, home unit required to go in a hi fi rack, thanks, Dave
  20. Advice needed

    Is there any other way of applying to move other than the spouse visa costing 7000dollars!! 😦
  21. Newbie looking for some pom pals!

    Hey there! - I moved to Perth about 6weeks ago and am living in the CBD - happy to meet up over the next couple of weeks! Keen to meet some people! Rich Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hi guys, just wanted to know if beauty qualifications that are recognised and insurabe in the U.K are transferable to Australia?
  23. Hi there, wow you sound really busy!!!! We would love to meet up. I will message you closer the time to see how you guys are getting on, and see whether you can spare a few hours, that'll be really nice. Thanks for your kind gesture:) Em x Good luck with the big moving day, you must be thrilled!
  24. CD Player wanted

    Car or home?
  25. Body boards, board bag and fins.

    The boards etc, which I was advertising back in April, are still available at $75. Might make a good Christmas present.
  26. CD Player wanted

    I'm hoping someone might have a CD player which they have brought over from the UK which they don't need. Ideally black and preferably not a multi changer as it will likely be too large for my rack. It needs to be in good condition and working. I'll pay up to $100 but ideally around $50. Anything considered. Thanks Dave
  27. Hi Everyone, My partner and i have been in Perth for a while now and are wanting to make some new friends. I am 29 and he is 32, originally from Yorkshire. We enjoy going out for food and drinks, walking the dog and rugby/foot ball. We love spending time with the friends we have made so far, but it would be nice to make some more as people tend to move away after a while here or go back to the UK. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested :-)
  28. autism school -WA-Perth

    Until your child is enrolled in a school, you cannot apply for funds to support your child at the school, as the school has to be involved in the application. It can be a long drawn out process for some reason, so be prepared for a wait. This is the link to the Dept of Education information. Info here about an organisation that supports children with Autism. I am not aware of any specific schools that cater just for children on the Autism Spectrum. Most students seem to be assimilated into mainstream schools, except in severe cases where they attend a special education school that caters for all disabilities.
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