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  2. We have finally arrived!

    We did ours at a centrelink and got our numbers there and then on a temporary print out and had to wait for our cards in the post. Maybe you could find out from a centrelink what your numbers are quicker if you need them?
  3. Teaching in Perth

    Hi Are you still available to assist teachers gaining roles in Perth?
  4. We have finally arrived!

    Thank you Jen, that's really helpful. We are in the Mandurah area. When we registered for Medicare they sent an email saying that it can take 6 weeks for our number to come through, so hopefully it will not be that long as we will need a GP for medication. Jane.
  5. We have finally arrived!

    Hi, and welcome. If you go to you can search for a gp in your area, some have reviews. Once you've found one, just go in and ask to register and they'll give you a form to fill in. You'll need your medicare number. You don't have to do it in advance, you can register when you go in for your first appointment, and you can see different GPS at different practices. You'd just need to fill out a new form. There may be a Facebook community group for your suburb, you could ask for recommendations on there. Hope this helps Jen x
  6. What's for dinner tonight?

    Roast Chicken for us on Sunday too. Will use the left over carcass today to make thai soup with chicken meatballs and rice noodles. My 15 year old daughter's favourite meal I make.
  7. We have finally arrived!

    Hi we arrived 2/9 like you guys very busy. Have car sorted and long term rental, registered for medi care. one do you register with GP? Jane.
  8. What's for dinner tonight?

    Sounds yum, especially the snooze part! I've just made pizza dough for home made multi topping pizza with home made garlic bread, salad and new potatoes cooked in olive oil, herbs, garlic, salt and pepper.
  9. Yesterday
  10. What's for dinner tonight?

    Had Sunday lunch. Roast free range herb fed chicken from a Cumbria small holding. Braised rainbow chard, fresh broad beans, roast potatoes in duck fat and home made sage and onion stuffing. Had a snooze while watching the Dam Busters and now looking forward to apple and bramble crumble. A pretty perfect Sunday
  11. House for rent in Tapping

    I assume this house has long since gone, but are you are aware of anything similar coming up in the near future? This is the area we are looking at when we move. We are making a validation trip in a couple of weeks and then hoping to move permanently in the New Year and would like to try and sort a house out in advance if possible. Many thanks!
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  13. We have finally arrived!

    We're in Willetton, so quite a way from you. If you ever fancy a meet up for a coffee and natter, wander round the shops, perhaps Perth would be an idea? Pm me if interested x Having all your belongings around will make it feel like home, its a great feeling unpacking everything. A bit surreal to begin with though! Have fun exploring your new home Jen x
  14. We have finally arrived!

    We are in Connolly @Jen78. Where are you? All seems good so far. Container arrived in port yesterday so once that arrives with us it will feel a bit more like home. Haven't had any negative experiences yet - apart from nursing registration but as you say, pressure off a bit with DH working. Jx
  15. Scammed

    Sorry to hear that. Did you ever have a company offering to sponsor? Your stratergy though was very risky Moderators 45 4,669 posts Report post (IP: Posted January 27 Sorry if you feel I am being negative, but I am trying to help you understand that you have chosen a very high risk strategy and that you are using a company who would be illegal in Australia. But, I will not comment further.
  16. Dog transportation

    Hi peeches, We have just been looking into all the pet transfer requirements and getting prices. We were advised by Pet Air it's 1800 AUD for quarantine and have just been quoted just over £600 to fly our dog to Perth. All the info we have had from Pet air has been good and best prices compared with Airpets and Jet Pets. Hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Big movement in the GBP/AUD exchange rate this week. Reasons why? Reserve Bank of Australia suggested they would not raise rates for some time in Australia. North Korea/USA situation – tensions further raised creating risk off reaction which is negative for the Australian dollar. UK – positive borrowing figures, lowest since the financial crisis – helped the pound.
  18. Hi Kelly, I'm in Leeming which is a neighbouring suburb to those you're interested in. We stumbled on Leeming by chance - the kids settled in Leeming Primary School very quickly and we didn't want to uproot them again. We love the area we're in, a great community feel. My children both went to Leeming Primary and then onto Leeming HS. My children are very chalk and cheese - one academic and one sporty. LSH met both their needs - my daughter was in the academic extension programme and my son has been able to study, physical education, outdoor education and sports coaching.
  19. Scammed

    Our rules don't allow naming and shaming - although I totally sympathise with your experience and the behaviour of the agents. People can contact you to find out the name of the company. If they are MARA registered you can report them i'm sure.
  20. Scammed

    Hi Dave I am so sorry to hear of your terrible experience. Is this agent based in Australia and MARA registered? If not can your awful encounter be a word of warning to others, please use a MARA agent and yes there are certainly a few in the UK At least you can be assured that the agent concerned is qualified, trained and has upto date knowledge of migration law. I am a Registered Migration Agent MARN 1173200 based in Perth. Have you still got a 457 sponsor prepared to wait for you? Are they are WA based company? Let me know if you need any assistance. You can always email me
  21. Scammed

    Hi all been a while But sad to say I have bad news. Everything was going to plan but I received a email from the migration company stating they have tried to get me and my partner a visa for 6 months with no joy and the case is closed ??? So it begins In January I contacted global migrate regarding visa' partner is on the skills list under 457 she is a insurance broker. A guy called Ish took our call and was very helpful and advised us we would need to make 4 x payments of £600 over the next 3 months with a full refund being issued if no visa was granted . Great we thought. So I contacted global migrate Wednesday this week . It took 9 phone calls and 6 emails In the end I got through to the manager Raj Who informed me I won't be getting my money back and he no longer wished to talk to me only my partner . So I get my partner to call , and using my phone we record the call His attitude ,language and abuse was awful. Shouting and getting angry saying if we contacted our credit card company he will cut all contact and if we leave bad reviews he will also cut contact .he called my partner a c+++ and hung up . So with this it seems there are many reviews on Global migrate saying the same thing Just some advise please avoid them like a great white. They are asian scammers who have just cost me £2400 Bubble popped
  22. Thanks everyone i do understand what you are saying about getting a feel for the area. I am actually from Perth so have a little bit of an idea of where we want to be - largely based on good schools! It's been almost 18 years since I lived here there mind you so things may have changed a bit. I also have my sister and parents on hand to view any properties for me which helps. Do you mind me asking which areas you settled on in the end and why? thanks kelly
  23. There is no panic. Perth is still struggling and there are plenty of rentals available. I see notices about break leases every week on facebook. Have a look at to get a feel for the market. i echo the points above, book an airbnb or stays for 3 weeks to give yourselves time to properly look around.
  24. I really would not get too certain on suburbs yet. I also recommend - strongly - that you book holiday accommodation for arrival and look around. Each area can give a different feel to what you think. For example we thought we had a very particular area, but on visiting, it was the one we liked least. In fact, I think had we moved there we would have been on a plane home in a month.
  25. Just be mindful that whilst they may be feeder schools - you will have to reside in the catchment area of the HS
  26. The Moving Partnership

    Never heard of them either.
  27. Personally, I would look at a short term rental/holiday let for the first few weeks then look around for a longer term rental. Most agents/landlords require you to view the property or at least drive by. There are tales of things being wrong with rentals and people not getting their bond back. I wouldn't (personally) enter into a 12 month rental without seeing it.
  28. In laws have arrived!

    Wonderful that they've arrived. I know it made a difference to our respective parents seeing us happy and the life we were carving out for ourselves as a family. It helped too, after they'd gone home to talk about things, knowing they could relate to things having seen them for themselves. Have a great visit .. expect some tears at the end xxx
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