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  2. I'm not sure about the closely related employment, but I think you do need an (available) job offer for the 190 and if you're not looking to move for a few years then the rules may change.
  3. Hi I’m looking to move over in the next few years. With unknown waiting times we are looking to apply as soon as possible. I am a registered nurse qualified for nearly 2 years. I noticed today that for a 190 sponsorship from WA it states that 3 years of full time employment as a RN is needed before a state sponsor ship is required is this right? Also it mentions that closely related employment can be considered, I worked as a support worked for 5 years previous duties were similar (care plans and medication). Can anyone help. Thanks. Or would a different visa be more suitable
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  5. elfie

    VOTING - anyone a Citizen and voting?

    long time since ive been on here yes i voted for the first time what a carry on it was
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  7. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    OH got her approval after 10 months and my daughter and I are still waiting after 13 months!
  8. flatpack

    Better to go on UK or Irish passport?

    I am interested to know why you think the Aussies would favour an Irish passport holder over a British passport holder
  9. vikas

    APHRA CV help !!

    hello, need some help in the CV for my APHRA registration, if possible anyone can send me your cv sample plz? Thanks..
  10. Rossmoyne

    Cafes for Brunch and Lunch South of the River

    I like Grill'd too - tried it for the first time recently at Carousel.
  11. My boy took me to Grill'd for the first time - I have to say I really enjoyed their burger and they offered low carb and gluten free options
  12. Pick one, stick with it. It's not good practice to do anything that could confuse immigration officials, or lead them to suspect there is anything suspicious in your application.
  13. verystormy

    Primary Teaching question

    Welcome to the forum It is an awkward one. My gut reaction would say no, as they are looking at time spent at degree level or above. But, I would run it past a good migration agent. Camilla at http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au would be a good option. You would also need to look carefully at the points as you wouldn't have any on graduating for experience and while 65 is the minimum, the reality is you may need significantly more.
  14. Hello all We are currently at the discussion stage regarding potential moves but I have a query regarding teaching vacancies. I am about to finish by BA Education with QTS which is a 3 year programme. To commence this course I also completed a foundation year degree at university which was a 1 year programme. Does this four years give me the adequate amount of tertiary level education should our plans progress? Would appreciate any guidance anyone can give me. Many thanks Claire
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  16. Jack Bauer

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Yeah but cant see it being 16 months, I have friends that waited 12-15 months for the interview and test only recently
  17. That might be good. But the wait time between test and ceremony can be very long.
  18. Jack Bauer

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    I applied 4 weeks ago and we already have our interview and test email through for next month, thats quick right?
  19. Rossmoyne

    LCHF Cafes

    Thanks FOL. Will check out some of these.
  20. FOL

    LCHF Cafes

    There was one in the hills, but forgot about that... Found this list, but not sure how "clean" they are (ie, the right oils to bake everything in, etc): https://www.theurbanlist.com/perth/a-list/where-to-eat-in-perth-when-youre-on-a-keto-diet p.s. you can also get donuts & muffins from the brand "Noshu". They are pretty good (not the cheapest of course). Frozen they stay good for pretty long: https://noshu.com.au/donuts/
  21. Rossmoyne

    LCHF Cafes

    Does anyone follow a Low Carb / Healthy Fat (LCHF) lifestyle and know of cafes in Perth apart from "Health Freak Cafe" who cater for this?
  22. I have been out of the social "Brunch and Lunch" circle for over a year now and really need to try some new venues. So can anyone suggest anywhere they have enjoyed recently?
  23. Rossmoyne

    Sending boxes from UK to WA

    Well boxes have arrived in Brisbane. They are in Customs etc and once cleared will be delivered to the Gold Coast to my son. Seemed easier to send them direct London to Brisbane instead of London to Perth and then me getting it over to the Goldie. So far we are very impressed with PSS from the beginning up until now. Let you know when unpacked how it all travelled.
  24. Rossmoyne

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    I agree with Baggytrousers (gotta love that name!), most of West Perth is offices, private medical establishments, and very few residential properties, but just moving up the rail line one suburb to Subiaco gives you so many options. As the economy here is still very much on a downer, there seem to be a lot of rentals around, so hopefully you can pick up something easily. Subiaco PS also has a very good reputation. Let us know how you go.
  25. Rossmoyne

    Recommendations for a shipping company

    We have just shipped some inherited personal items from London to Queensland with PSS and cannot fault them.
  26. Alan Collett

    Accountant Recommendation for Tax Returns

    Thanks for your kind words! Best regards.
  27. DoctorMum

    Visa 407 and primary school - help!

    Thank you so much! Just seen this - had to go back home for family emergency and only just back in WA
  28. JaseandAnne

    Better to go on UK or Irish passport?

    Mate, they don't care where your from as long as you can pay. I actually think you'd be better off with a Chinese passport as they seem to favour them as they have the money at the moment!!
  29. Hi the following are still for sale : dining table and chairs : blue leather sofa : coffee table and side tables : dark chest of drawers : plus queen bed with two bedsides, (not shown)
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