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    After a long 2 years of planning, the dream came true and we landed at Perth airport on 7th September, tired and excited. We were fortunate enough to stay with friends for the first 4 days before moving into a holiday let for 10 days. The last 10 days have been manic (and expensive) but I finally feel we are getting there and settling in already. So here's what we have done in the last 10 days: Bought a car, enrolled children into school, medicare and Centrelink visit complete, GP sorted, kids started althletics and enrolled at hockey club, found a rental for the next 12 months (slightly above budget but its lovely and has a pool so kids happy!), bought furniture for new rental, sorted broadband and insurance, DH had successful job interview....and on top of this have managed trips to the beach, an afternoon in Kings Park, and a visit to Perth city. So far, so good..... I still have an issue with my nursing registration but that seems an ongoing saga! Overall, we are all feeling settled. I cannot stress how helpful and friendly people are here. Nothing seems a problem and everyone we have met has offered advice or contact numbers. Onwards and upwards.....
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    So, we have our first house guests, in laws arrived this afternoon after almost no food as in flight meals were very disappointing and virtually no sleep! They loved seeing the girls after school and are looking forward to seeing all the sights and places we have come to love. A fun filled 2 weeks is planned and hopefully the weather for the next week wont be too bad! Looking forward to being a tourist again as we're also going to places weve never been to. Very happy 😊
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    We live a few mins from Joondalup. It's perfrct for us. Close enough to the city, close to beaches, better affordable houses (than closer to the city, but more expensive than up north) and pretty much all the stores we need with Lakeside and whitfords shopping center. And easy to drive to the hills/swan valley.
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    Update, having nearly died last christmas due to stomach issues after spending 4 months in hospital i came out to find that I had been forced out of my business by my partner and his wife and was basically made to sell my shares to them. However after 6 months of recuperating we (me n the wife) have now changed my hobby into a business and we now have a small canvas stretching and picture framing shop in Rockingham.
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    Hi, I can't see the bedding being a problem. I've just realised we brought feather filled cushions and didn't give it a second thought! BBQ and tools should be OK if sqeaky clean and stinking of cleaning fluid! No charcoal or fuel though. We brought all our kitchen equipment, just declared the rolling pin on the wooden items declaration list from the shipping company, no restrictions. All treated wood is fine, we brought cane furniture, wicker table and picnic basket, just gave them a thick coat of varnish so it was obvious it was treated. All other wooden furniture, ornaments and photo frames were fine. The only thing we couldn't bring was my framed pressed wedding bouquet as the dried flowers inside wouldn't have been treated. The shipping company we used seemed fairly knowledgeable re what we could \ couldn't bring. Our tumbler hose was a strange thing we had to leave behind because of the fluff inside which we hadn't realised so didn't clean it. We then had to get a replacement shipped from the UK! Also, if your hoover comes apart, give it a rinse as that will have dust and dirt in it. We put ours through the dishwasher! Our container came through customs no problem, just make sure everything is clean and treated. HTH Jen x
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    I want to send my household goods from UK to Perth. Any recommendations?
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    Woodvale is quite a good (and expensive) neighbourhood. If that becomes your standard, other suburbs might not appeal so much The schools over there are considered very good as well.
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    No advice. Last few days suck, no matter what you do. We predered not to have a big airport goodbye drama. We said bye to friends 2 days before, some family 1 day bedore and close family on the last day. Then my mom and sister dropped us off and the train station. We couls then use the time in the train to deal with the last negative feelings and as soon as we arrived at the airport we started thinking about the fun that was ahead of us.
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    We will be in Amberton, Eglinton, which is near to the beach and not too far from Joondalup! probably about a 15 min drive! So best of both worlds...we hope!!
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    HI SpecialK I honestly don't want to bring doubts into your decision but just be aware when they say they will lower their quote because some time back I read a review..and it was for White and Company, so different to who you are using, but in order to make their money up they used a share container instead of the quoted sole container and didn't tell the customer!!! So just make sure that you get the service they have quoted you for!! Like you say, i'm sure there will be hiccups, after all, a company is only as good as their workers!! Wow Woodvale!! that's a coincidence! our daughter lived there for a few years!! I think her address was The Crest?? it was a few years ago now so I can't remember exactly. That's weird isn't it. I do remember it being really nice there, the only thing was you definitely needed a car as there was only a few shops in a mall within walking distance, oh! and a library but it was definitely a lovey area to live. She moved to Burns Beach which is nearer the coast as she has 3 kids and she thought they'd love it there, which they do!! except every now and then the eldest one (11yrs) says " oh do we have to go to the beach again"!!! haha. Kids eh, they don't know when they've got it good! I can understand that you don't want to commute too far! who needs the hassle! Very best of luck for your future in Oz, hope it all goes well for you and your family. Exciting times eh!!!
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    I visited friends in Carramar yesterday and they needed to food shop so we ended up at Drovers on Waneroo Road. OH MY! The fruit and veg there was good value, as was the bakers, but then we went into the butcher section...... I was blown away at the quality, choice and price of meat....!!! I will be back with an eski next time I visit this end of town... so amazing. I bought a few odd things that I could use but the prices were amazing and I wish I lived closer to this place.
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    Sorry I have no personal experience of the school and have no contacts whose children have attended the school.
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    How frustrating for you @JobyJo I really hope it works out for you -maybe see you in WA soon x
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    We used John Masons (albeit 10 years ago), they continue to have a good reputation. They did use Wridgeways here in Perth for delivery and they were also faultless.
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    I have no first hand experience of the school but a couple of friends had kids through Carine SHS and were very happy.
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    Hi Specialk. We also had a few shipping companies here to give us quotes. We are going with Pickfords mainly because they were the only ones we found that actually bring the container to the house and load it, where's the others load a lorry and take that to the container and transfer the contents. We feel the Pickfords way is the best because then it is only packed once, so cuts the chances of damage down to a minimum. Our friends had Anglo Pacific and although they were fairly happy with them, A.P didn't tell them about some hidden costs i:e insurance extra's, and also there was some damage to a couple of pieces of furniture. But it's down to the team you get!! whatever one you choose isn't it!! Very good luck with your move. It's all so exciting isn't it! Where are you going? We are off to Amberton, Eglinton. which is north of Perth
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    Most of the major players will be of a similar standard - Crown, PSS, John Mason, Britannia etc. Across, the 5 forums we operate, I'd say John Mason probably has the best reputation - hardly ever see any complaints about them. Whoever you go with, check who they're members of such as FIDI, BAR, AIM etc as these should provide some safeguards. Remember you don't have to choose the removals companies insurance, you can choose your own from companies such as Letton Percival. They will invariably be cheaper than the shipping companies insurance - as the margins are so small for shipping companies, insurance is one area where they can increase their profit margin.
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    Hi, we are also moving to Perth in January....hopefully somewhere close to Joondalup. We're using a company called Relocately who are based in Berlin. We've opted with them, they seem to be very switched on and competitive on price as well as the insurance costs. They also have excellent reviews. Fingers crossed they deliver our stuff without a hitch.
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    Yes Ali, Willow Pond used to be so good a few years ago, but it seems to have lost its edge recently. Try Twig and Sparrow... they are in Woodpecker Ave in Willetton, off Apsley. I haven't heard of 6 Willows before.... must check that out..... thanks @Jen78 for mentioning it.
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    Sorry, I'm lazy and get it all from Coles, unless we have kebabs, I use the butcher at Southlands, for them.
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    We find the tap water here fine, as with the milk, and hubby loves the yoghurt here. No difference really, not as much choice yoghurt wise though.
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    Tap water: get a water filter. Just been visiting my home country and after 2 years away, the water tastes funny overe there not in Australia. Dairy: tastes the same over here imho. I even like the yoghurt better.
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    My local IGA is great for meat and veg ... I also use Gilberts (he sponsors and is involved in our football club) and the butchers and fishmongers at Southlands are excellent.
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    Probably wise not to bring the car seats as the regs here differ to UK. http://www.kidsafewa.com.au/child-car-restraints-road This is the link the kidsafe website that gives you all the details. It would be interesting to others on the forum to know how you get on, so please keep up posted.
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    I am also in Connolly, if you need to know anything local just message me. Been here 12 years so I am quite familiar with the area.
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    Arrange for mail to be redirected. I would have it sent to a relatives and then sent in bulk to you. Once in Oz apply for Medicare and tax file numbers.
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    Unless you have a complicated medical history - don't bother. if you have any medical issues and have seen a specialist - just ask for a copy of the letters.
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    Heat 1tbs oil and cook 1 coarsely chopped onion Add 1 clove crushed garlic and 1tsp fennel seeds - cook for 1 min Add 1/2 cup dry white wine - cook for 5 mins or until reduced by half Add Cauliflower florets, 2 chopped pears, 1 coarsely chopped (and peeled) potato, 1L veg or chicken stock and 2 cups water. Bring to the boil, reduce heat to medium and cook until veg is very tender. Cool slightly when cooked. Add 1/2 cup sour cream and 80g blue cheese and blend until smooth. Serve with chopped roasted hazelnuts, fried sage leaves, thin slices of pear and a drizzle of oil *I did add some extra stock and also some milk to think it a little.
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    So glad they arrived safe and sound... not so good about the hungry and no sleep bit though. Thankfully the weather has improved the last few days, so I hope you are all enjoying being out and about. Have fun being tourists, and don't forget the Mandurah canal cruise and Penguin Island trip.
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    So far it's been a bit damp here too! Managed Fremantle, Hillary's, Shelley, Bibra Lake and Kent street. Sunnier next week so we're hoping for Cottesloe Beach, Kings Park, Perth on Mon and maybe Caversham Wildlife Park. BBQ hotdogs tonight, yum!
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    Slightly off topic as not really for dinner .... but I tested a new soup for Christmas ... Cauliflower, pear and blue cheese .. delicious !! I split the soup before adding cheese to one half (kids don't like blue cheese), they were equally impressed with the soup and that's one part of the Christmas dinner menu sorted.
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    Hi everyone, I currently have two job vacancies which I am actually finding hard to fill. One for a Mobile Developer (iOS and Android with .NET backend) and the other is for a .NET Web Developer. We are based in Perth and looking to start people immediately so if anyone is already in Perth or likely to be arriving in the near future feel free to message me or apply. There is the possibility of sponsorship if you are on a temporary visa already. The job descriptions can be found at…… .NET Web Developer: http://schrolegroup.com/1008-2/ And Mobile Dev: http://schrolegroup.com/1013-2/ Thanks -Daniel
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    Had Sunday lunch. Roast free range herb fed chicken from a Cumbria small holding. Braised rainbow chard, fresh broad beans, roast potatoes in duck fat and home made sage and onion stuffing. Had a snooze while watching the Dam Busters and now looking forward to apple and bramble crumble. A pretty perfect Sunday
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    We are in Connolly @Jen78. Where are you? All seems good so far. Container arrived in port yesterday so once that arrives with us it will feel a bit more like home. Haven't had any negative experiences yet - apart from nursing registration but as you say, pressure off a bit with DH working. Jx
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    Wonderful that they've arrived. I know it made a difference to our respective parents seeing us happy and the life we were carving out for ourselves as a family. It helped too, after they'd gone home to talk about things, knowing they could relate to things having seen them for themselves. Have a great visit .. expect some tears at the end xxx
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    What a whirlwind, glad you're starting to settle and hope the registration comes through soon. Congrats to your hubby on his interview.
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    Hi, you need to prove that you live in the catchment area, so tenancy agreement and 2 proofs, eg utilities. Passports and visas for parents and children stamped with date of entry to Australia, immunisation records. You can enrol at any time during the school term.
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    It won't matter arriving mid term if you wanted your child to commence the last few weeks of school. It's awhile since we had to enrol, but we needed proof of address and also immunisation records.
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    Hi, I'm just about ready for a job now, been 8 months and am looking and applying and enquiring about training courses so fingers crossed! With my girls not being sporty, and hubby being a bit of a loner we don't have much of a social life, but we go out together most weekends and I tend to meet my friends every couple of weeks or so. This seems to suit us though so were perfectly happy. Got a couple of holidays planned so plenty to look forward to In laws arrive next Thurs so super excited to show them around. So glad its spring now, makes such a difference. Primary school sports carnival today so off to make a sign to wave around! Jen xx
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    What a lovely read @jen78 it is a very similar experience to my move which has been a fantastic experience so far. i agree that having the jobs makes it easier but throwing yourself into the social life and getting invoked is so important and really makes a difference. We have such a great social life through our sons soccer and other sporting activities and we do so much more as a family. Keep us updated on the next 6 months Maybe catch you at the next meet up 😊
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    It was it was just going into wanneroo central, yes I was with the gang, its tricky when people have their sunnies on to recognise them. Will definitely say hi next time 😊
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    How are things goinf @spangley? In regards to suburbs. We live in Beldon and lived in Craigie before. Craigie has a bit of a reputation and I am not too fond of it. Beldon is definitely the better suburb. Woodvale even better, but more expensive. Hillarys definitely fine, but the west side of Marmion is not cheap either.
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    Awesome, enjoy the ride! Where in WA you heading? (If you know already)
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    Hope it works out for you Bean.... keep us posted on what is happening with you.
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    Hi, we just had visas and passports, birth certificates and bank account for ID as we didn't do medicare or driving licence until after we had the address. We had to give one months rent as a bond. We got the estate agent for our sale in UK to write a reference re how well we kept our house, we also kept our sale brochure so they could see the photos. My friend also gave us a reference via email. We could prove funds via bank statement and we had Hubby's contract of employment stating he would start in the April but I can't remember if we had to show them or not. You could find an agent online local to where you are thinking of renting and email them with your situation and ask them what they would need to see. For the schools, as both were local intake schools, proof of residency is very important. We needed 12 month tenancy agreement and a further 2 proof of res. One had to be utilities, e.g electricity, gas. The other had to be driving licence, landline account, bank statement at address or contents insurance. As we sorted gas, elec, insurance and internet online, we had emails to prove connection at the address and the contents insurance certificate straight away which the school accepted. Also, passports for both the children and parents stamped with the date of entry into Australia and visas and immunisation records, which I got from the GP before we left. You could email the school and ask what you need. As I said before, we did all this in 2 weeks, really easy and straightforward. Jen x
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    listening to the radio on the way home from work yesterday - sounds like there's an upturn with a fall in unemployment figures and sounding hopeful for a recovery.
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    Oberthur primary school in Bull Creek is also excellent. Most children from there go to either Rossmoyne or Willetton. You can look for the rankings for all schools on the links below. http://bettereducation.com.au/SchoolRanking.aspx http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/in-depth/schools/interactive#browse
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    Hi, I'm sorry you're so frustrated, it must be an awful situation. Hubby is a degree qualified engineer also. He managed to get a job out here with BHP in the city while still in the UK, without any experience in the industry or any personal contacts. Maybe he was lucky? There are still some jobs out there, hope everything works out for you.
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    Thanks very much for all replies and information. Looks like a long wait ! More time to get the fees together I suppose.
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