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    You could look at the skilled occupation lists to see if your occupation is on there, but I don't recall anything similar to what you do. Even if it were, it wouldn't save a huge amount. Visa fees are less - just under $4k, but add on skills assessment and ILETS and it soon adds up. You should note that the visa fees are the drop in the ocean in the overall costs.
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    I'll give you ours, you can take out what you wouldn't have. We are 2 adults a toddler and 1 on the way - renting whilst we build a house. Weekly: Rent - $350 Broadband - $18.50 Foxtel - $14.70 Home Insurance - $16.35 Utilities - $35 Private Health - $43.33 Mobile Phones (2) - $8.65 Parking/Train - $75 Rego - $16.35 Car Insurance - $9.62 Car Servicing - $9.23 Fuel - $35 Food - $160 Childcare - $172.50 (3 days per week) Swimming Lessons - $15.30 We also have a mortgage, rates on the land and utilities on the land but didn't think they'd be relevant.
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    Hi everyone we moved here 13 days ago from the UK. It's been a rollercoaster. Holiday let in Quinns Rocks til end of November and just applied for a rental in Clarkson. People have been really friendly and helpful. We have two children aged 11 and 9. Just sorting schools. Looking for a decent used car if anyone is selling one. would like to meet anyone who's made the move and make some new friends. Liz
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    I second Arwen's comment above. I have tried a few insurance companies in the 26 years I have lived in WA, but about 15 years ago, I changed all my insurance to RACWA and am very impressed with both their fees and the service. I also like that they are not a company with shareholders to please, and that all money raised by them goes back into WA to further road safety and other issues.
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    Good advice here... just be advised that to be registered to teach in Australia in any state, you must have a 4 year degree.
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    Hi, I went through this a few months ago when I moved over. You have to get non-practicing registration first, this will enable you to start teaching (provided you have applied for a WWCC). When you have completed your first day teaching (even relief work) you send the TRBWA a 'Notice of Teaching' form. One you have taught for a minimum of 100 days you can then apply for Full-registration. If you need any more info. about registration, or teaching here in general, just let me know. Happy to help!
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    Hi you can register with the TRBWA on a non practising registration until you move and work in Australia then you transfer over to a practising one after a few weeks of working over there I believe. Without having a registration it will be difficult to get a job. Hope that helps? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Hi there, wow you sound really busy!!!! We would love to meet up. I will message you closer the time to see how you guys are getting on, and see whether you can spare a few hours, that'll be really nice. Thanks for your kind gesture:) Em x Good luck with the big moving day, you must be thrilled!
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    Yes, if she's an Australian Citizen she does
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    Hi and welcome. The first thing are visas. Your kids should be dual citizens, so just need to get their oz passports. You will need a spouse visa. Fairly simple application. Though expensive and will take 12 to 18 months from date of application to process. as for jobs it is hard to say as at the moment Perth is in an economic downturn. but shouldn't be by you move. However, you would not be eligible to work in the oz civil service until a citizen which you can not apply for until you have lived in oz for 4 years.
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    Yes. My job has everything such as an apartment and bank account sorted.
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    Thank you for the post. We arrived from the UK 13 days ago and have had some homesick days. Reading your post has helped immensely x
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    http://www.border.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Documents/reforms-australia-permanent-employer-sponsored-migration-programme.pdf So it appears as holders of 457 visa granted on or before 18th April 2017 will still be able to apply via TRT as long as under 50
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    We are looking for a hockey club too. Thought Joondalup Lakers look good.
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    Joondalup Lakers and Whitfords Hockey are the 2 main ones in this area.
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    Hi everyone, myself and my husband Simon have just moved to Perth from Sydney (we arrived last Thursday). We're moving into a long term rental in Sorrento in a couple of weeks and are also really keen to start making some friends! We moved from Bristol to Sydney in 2012 but decided to make the move to WA as wanted a quieter and less expensive lifestyle for our little family. We are currently in a short term rental in North Perth. My job transferred from Sydney and I start back at work after maternity leave full time in a weeks time. My husband is going to be looking after our 9 month old boy Ted until he starts his job in Jan. Happy to host a BBQ at ours once we are settled - can't wait to move in as we have a pool for the first time!!
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