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    Pick one, stick with it. It's not good practice to do anything that could confuse immigration officials, or lead them to suspect there is anything suspicious in your application.
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    Hello all - need advice please. We have relocated to Perth temporarily for 6 months for husband's job. We have a 5 year old boy. Husband's workplace is in West Perth and ideally would like to be close to work. I won't be working so will be at home with our son. We are not planning to get a car so need to be close to transport and shops etc. 2 questions: 1. we have viewed a few apartments but not sure where we should live - West Perth or Subiaco? 2. Thoughts on Primary schools - West Leederville or Subiaco? Thanks you!
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    have you joined our sister site Poms in oz? That gets a bit more activity than this forum.
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    Have you done the ceremony yet? If not then you're not a citizen yet and unable to apply for a passport.
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    Thank you for the message of positivity mate. I think you have the right idea. When I eventually get to Oz I will buy you a beer!
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    Yes. It’s quite now because it’s winter now (Southern Hemisphere) but in November there will be more people looking as it’s coming into summer. That’s been my experience anyhow
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    The $4000 fee is for 457 visa holders. That table comes from a document you can download from the following URL : http://det.wa.edu.au/policies/detcms/policy-planning-and-accountability/policies-framework/guidelines/enrolment-of-students-from-overseas.en Have a good read of it but from what I can see the 407 visa doesn't appear in the "you can enrol and it's free" section so you may well fall into the costly category (section 5) that's shown in the table above, which is a bummer as the state schools in the area you're looking at are largely pretty good. If it is the case that you fall into that very costly category then it may well be worth contacting private schools in the area as it looks like that fee only applies to public schools. Obviously you'll have to pay for a private school but Perth has a whole range of different private schools at different price points and it may be that your best option might be to go for a term at a local private school. You'll need to get in contact and confirm exactly what you will be up for paying in total, considering the visa your on (don't think the gov fee applies to private schools but could be wrong). There will be quite a few private schools within striking distance of West Perth. Christchurch and Methodist Ladies College will be at the top pricey end. Usually the catholic schools tend to be at the cheaper end. Here's a site that can give you contact details for local private schools : https://privateschoolsguide.com/perth-private-schools Another alternative is treat the whole 6 months as a real learning adventure and do some home schooling coupled with educational trips around Perth. Get your kid to plan the trip, sort the money out, etc. Works well with younger kids, bit harder as they get older. Good luck with it all. Cheers Baggy
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    Hi, Welcome to Perth. If you want to be within striking distance of West Perth by public transport then anywhere along the Fremantle train line would be fine. They're all good suburbs and it would depend on how close you want to be to work versus how close to the river and the beach. Personally, I would look between West Leederville and Victoria Street stations as they're all nice suburbs with decent to good primary schools (as far as I'm aware). West Perth is OK but it's a bit of a spillover suburb from the city so has a number of offices and apartments but probably not quite as family friendly as if you go out one more suburb. The train anywhere along that line is nice and reliable and takes 30 - 40 mins to get from Fremantle to West Perth so any of the stops in between are doable. I've done that journey in from Mosman Park for years and it's an easy commute. There seem to be a few rentals on the market at the mo so you should be able to find somewhere decent. An alternative would also be Leederville which is a good suburb with cafes and restaurants at the end of Oxford Street. Hope it all works out for you and you have a fun 6 months in Perth. Cheers Baggy
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    Congrats on the apartment. For now, just enjoy living the apartment and when time comes, review what you want to do with it. I know that even with lettings agents, living far away is not ideal and homes can get wrecked. But don't worry about that now, just enjoy it while you are living in it .
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    Oo it could have been tortoise crossing ... nr park??? , But yes to be nr hospital - fab areas
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    oh havent noticed that but will look out for it yes the houses are very nice
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    No specific advice, but both areas are pretty good. So I reckon primary schools in both areas are ok as well. In regards to public transport, check the website of Transperth: https://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/ and use Google maps to see where train lines are. I know Subiaco has a train station. I would try to stay within walking distance of either the bus (with a short desitance to either train or CBD)
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    Doctors in Oxford hospital completed all test and diagnostic!! My little Girl is ok Happy me, now can concentrate on the move Crazy time
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