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    I'm thinking of studying electrical installation. Eventually could lead to installing solar panels, electric car chargers etc.. the future is heading in that direction and I'm sure global demand will increase. My partner is a stay at home Mum at the moment but maybe she would be better at something like hairdressing/barboring.. saying that she'd probably make a better electrician than me as well
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    Ayup/how's it going?' Im looking for info on visa requirements. I'm 28, wife's 25, 2 young kids (18months and 3months). We are desperate to get out of the UK. My preferred destination is Perth or just WA in general. 5 years ago I spent a year in WA living with family and travelling/working on the WHV. I was based south of the river 10 mins from Freo. My uncle and auntie are Australian citizens. We aren't sure if there's a way they can sponsor me to come out and live there - if anyone could clear that up for me I would appreciate it as I can't find much info online without sieving through a load of dead end shxte. Im exploring all options and currently trying to decide what career path to take here in the U.K. One that will come under the skilled jobs list and hopefully pretty high up on the wanted down under list. At the moment I'm swaying towards electrical installation/engineering. We have a 5 year goal to get out there. Any advice on what you think may be sort after jobs in the next few years. Also if anyone knows any professions with a short training time/quickest qualifications or has any tips in general on a quick way in starting from scratch? Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello everyone, could anyone advice me if now is a good time to move to Perth from the Uk? Me,my wife and 2 daughters (age 9 and 10) are looking to move there but i have some concerns about the economy and work availability, i am willing to do any type of work from construction to graphic design or in the oil and gas industry as i have experiences in all of the above. Many thanks Regards Raj
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    Which visa are you looking at? I didn't see Graphic designer on the skills list for a 190 or the 491 but I may have missed it. If you can get a visa then I certainly think it's worth considering but there are a few buts ... not everyone finds the migration journey a successful one and both you and your partner need to both be really up for it, following the other partners dream has sometimes not been enough for people to want to stay. The process is a long one if you add on doing the skills assessment etc. Application grants seem to have been taken much longer due to covid. Whilst the WA economy is doing better than most the unemployment rate is still 6.2% and many businesses were and still are effected by Covid. That said, if you're both up for it then it's a great place to live.
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    @pegg thank you again, I really appreciate you taking the time to help advise me. Yes we have considered moving away from our home town in Cheshire. And it's something we may well do during the next couple of years. @ali unfortunately not. I'm currently a window cleaner. I was a photographer for a car dealer pre covid but they made cuts. I've got an amazing resume.. but not one thing on there would help with a visa application. im looking into electrical installation although I've had the worst start ever as I looked at a training course and almost ran into a scam. I gave them some personal details but I don't think I gave enough to lose any money. Bank and authorities have been informed so I need to try and move on from it now.
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    Hey, thanks for getting in touch. I've already been over on the working visa I'm afraid... and so has the wife! Shame as I feel like I wasted my opportunity. lol I remember how bad Aussie telly was - think I even seen an advert for eggs!? Just telling people to eat eggs Im also open to the 'new zealand' way in if anyone has any useful info on the details of that it would be something I'd consider
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    Hey, Thank you for your response. As it stands neither mine or my wife's are on the skilled occupation list. I'm intrigued to know where to look for information regarding skilled jobs that are currently in demand. I often find a league table/ladder of sorts but I don't know if what I'm looking at is official. I agree that I need to take a career path that I will enjoy and that will benefit me and my family regardless of whether it gets us into Aus or not. Also, what kind of costs are we looking at for the application process if we go down the skilled visa route? With agency? Without agency? I hear it's an expensive process and I should probably start saving for it now. i wish I could shake the 24 year old me and say start getting your qualifications now you dope and you'll be back there before you're 30! - but I might not have met my wife and had my kids so I guess everything happens for a reason. I was so depressed about coming back to the UK that I blocked AUS out of my mind until now. I want this so badly. I look at my kids every day and I want it for them. My family moved out in 2003 and I've seen first hand what kind of a life my cousins have as a result.
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    Very strange feel to Australia Day this year as no Skyworks in Perth and so much dissension on whether it should be called "Invasion Day". However in our family we celebrate Australia Day proudly and loudly, and the pool will get a good workout this afternoon after a BBQ lunch. Happy Australia Day to you all!
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    I understand the 21st or may has a meaning. Pub holiday wise it would be a bummer. The weather is much nicer in Jan
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    I thought the RRV approval was instant. Or do you request an extension due to Covid19? The searching for Aussie uni's is a promising sign I reckon @pegg
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    Hope you had a good day. We're all for moving the day - my suggestion is 21st May as this is when Aboriginals were able to vote.
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    Ah bugger to hear your son is still dead against it @pegg. I hoped he would be swayed by now. how old is he now? i reckon you'll be alright with business class. I have done it twice and no issues. But you'l have to see what the world looks like by then.
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