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    Hi all, married with two young kids. I’m 38 looking to meet local people for long term friendships! anyone around canning vale or Harrisdale that would like to meet please reach out! like a laugh and a drink, English style! hope to chat soon!
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    The first thing I would say is do not speak to anyone that is not themselves a registered migration agent. The firm you are using have one director that is and that is all. Personally, I would avoid The process is complex but as a rough guide: Check is occupation is on one of the lists and if so which list. That determines if it is even possible and if so, which visa. An occupation on the long term list is eligible for a 189 visa. Occupations only on the short term are not but may be eligible for 190 or 491 visas. Calculate points. You need a minimum of 65. However, a 189 is a competition and nobody has received an invite for a 189 with less than 90 for a long time If going for a 190 or 491, check if any states are sponsoring that occupation and any special conditions the state is requiring If you are satisfied you have the points and a means to apply, then obtain a skills assessment Most people find that to help points they need to sit an English language exam such as ILETS. This does need revision and preparation before sitting Once you have the above, lodge an expression of interest. Wait to be invited and when invited apply. In the mean time, save money like mad. This is an expensive process.
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    Hi all! Thanks for the advice on my previous post! We've now gathered all of the documents required for my skills assessment so will be booking in the technical interview asap. We've had another thought though... whilst i'm off work anyway and with the equity from our UK house released, we're toying with the idea of a roadtrip around Australia when we first get there. Our thinking is that we may not get 4 - 6 weeks off work again for a while and we won't be paying rent anywhere which will make it all more affordable. It'll also take up some of the time whilst we wait for our furniture to be shipped from the UK. Has anyone else done anything similar? It'd be the 4 of us, children would be 3.5 and 1.5.
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    Not sure if you will ever enjoy it any more. Going to be demolished. I always take the ocean drive home after a surf at Scarborough. Grab a coffee there, tuen up the volume in my car and just cruise along the coast up to Ocean reef road. Edit: If I can tind a parking spot that is... the neighbourhood around it must hate it.
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    Thanks guys for your replies. dont get me wrong I have made some Aussie friends but the group is very ‘clicky’ and that’s just not us. i love aussies but feel sometimes we are built form different cloth and I guess I’d love to find a Pom to be good friends with. hope this makes sense, it’s not that I’m choosy but would love to find someone with lots in common I guess. really appreciate your replies!
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    Our closest friends both in the UK and here in Aus were people we met through our children. You don't say how old your children are - getting talking in the playground, inviting children for a playdate and it progressing to mum and dad being invited. Joining clubs yourself or the kids being involved in them and you getting to meet other parents. My suburb has an i love Leeming page on FB - have a look if there's one for Canning Vale - may be worth putting a post out
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    Thanks Pegg, I’ve had real trouble so far, been trying for so long with little success. any ideas! lol
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    Yep, I think we are going to stop via Shark Bay and then maybe Kalbarri on way back! Even 8 hours is enough!
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    Hi Ali, yep my Gili Islands trip had to be cancelled. It is now costing me at least double to go to Exmouth and I have to put up with my daughters for 17 hour drive!!!!! And no daily bed making!!!! Now we are officially in a recession it is good to support state businesses and economy though!
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