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    Had a drink at one of the clubs (during the day mind you). It was okay. The beach is the best part though. We have a pool at home, so no need for a public one.
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    Can't complain @pegg That said, it's just material. I am not too attached to that
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    Headwinds facing WA constrction. 1. WA has spent ahead on resource infrastructure and has more than enough capacity to satisfy resources demand for many years ahead. 2. Perth has an apartment, Hotel and office space glut which currently sits at record levels. 3. The State Government has massively overspent on bling projects in the last decade (Stadium, Elizabeth Quay, Forest Highway etc.). 4. The State Government currently has a near record budget deficit. 5. Perth has a near record number of available properties for sale and rent and the lowest population growth rate in recorded history.
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    Construction has picked up over the last year but Perth is still very very far from booming. Both posters were right. Perth is in the doldrums compared to just 4 or 5 years ago. Maybe things are improving, but it is very slow progress at best. It would be remiss of anyone on here to paint a false picture of reality just to suit the grass is always greener outlook of a prospective migrant to WA. Even back when Perth was boomtown central, local people with local work experience always got first dibs at the best jobs. But as there were so many jobs around, migrants could walk into positions with relative ease. Of course, if you are the best person for the job today, you will get it. But, if you are equal best along with a local person, you won't. Truth is though, there are a lot of very experienced local people in WA doing filler in jobs (handyman, shop work, Uber driving etc.) whilst they wait for things to pick up again. It is very stressful (making the big move). But please view this forum for what it is. Free advice which you can choose to take or not. Don't shout at those with experience who offer you free advice just because they say something you'd rather not hear.
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    So far from me and always been too yuppy an area for me to even want to visit, but I have heard that it is good. Dont plan on checking it out though.
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    Not actually been up there yet - but heard some positive things about the development.
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    Hello MaxV Yes it is. I have recommended them as the Australian QROPS for previous clients to transfer their UK pensions into. Not that I am aware of. There is as I am aware at least two other companies looking to establish Super Funds and have them added to the ROPS list at the moment. However when this will occur is unknown as one of those two companies have been waiting for HMRC to accept their QROPS registration for many months now. Hope this helps. Regards Andy
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    Wattle Grove primary school is up and running on a new site in a new housing development. It has won awards recently. You can see the hills in the distance. I had an interview there a few weeks ago and was quite impressed. Young leadership team and the principle was very nice.
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    My advice would be to wait till you arrive and have a chance to look at different areas as what they seem like in person can be very different. When we were moving we were almost certain of the area we wanted. It was an area that is very popular. We arrived, went to see it and hated it. Also, I wouldn't recommend you immediately buy. Look at renting while you get to know it.
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    There are quite a lot - are you looking for an older suburb, new houses? I think it's really difficult to recommend as everyone is a little different in what they're looking for.
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