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    No tax in Perth payable as far as I know. The UK bought in new Capital Gains tax assessments for sale of houses in U.K. 3 years ago so you would have paid any tax (if applicable) in the UK already. Hope you find a good place at the now affordable prices we are seeing in Perth.
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    My personal favourite is in Shoalwater on Arcadia Drive. Not much good after 10am as the sea breeze gets pretty strong. We go there for breakfast at around 7.00am every other Sunday. Shoalwater Bay is teeming with Dolphin and Seals and this is the best time to see them. They are always there, but the flat water early in the morning allows you to pick them out easily. Another good spot is Wireless Hill in Booragoon. Great views of the city from a distance and usually pretty quiet. Point Resolution in Dalkeith is also a must. Overlooks both directions up and down the river towards Fremantle and Perth (you can see both at the same time).
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    We like Churchmans Brook or Canning Dam but we live in Roleystone
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    I can't comment on living in the suburb but I do know lots of people who are very happy with the primary school.
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    They are very similar and your biggest problem will be which has a place. There is also St Hilda's, very similar to the other two. Other private girl school in Western Suburbs is Iona, also good, Catholic, cheaper. Plc has the same uniform all year which saves money! They do the international Bac. As an option which is good if you are here short term and moving to international schools. I B more likely to be transferable to overseas universities. All these schools in the top ten schools each year. Favour swings from one to the other depending on the latest scandal or change of head but really they are all similar and cost the same. if you have a boy then parents opt for MLC and Christ Church asvthey are next to each other and there is only one pick up. Other options John XxIII College, the top co ed private school, Catholic, starts from kindy but impossible to get a place, and Shenton College is one of the top Govt high schools and won't cost you anything.
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