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    Sterling ended the week looking rather less fragile than it had begun it. A combination of lower UK government borrowing and a hawkishly-inclined Bank of England chief economist set the scene on Wednesday for an upward drift into the weekend. The pound was still looking perky in the Far East this morning. The CBI's Industrial Trends Survey contributed to the more positive tone when it came in stronger than expected, up by seven points at 16. There were no UK economic statistics on Friday but the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission reported a fall in the number of short-sterling positions. The implication is that speculators are a little less bearish about sterling. Overall the pound is on average unchanged on the week against the other dozen most actively-traded currencies. It is up by a quarter of a cent each against the euro and the US dollar. Considering the bind it was in on Wednesday morning that is no mean achievement.
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    Hi Linda, I'm 42 (but I like to think a young 42!) and I live in Yanchep. Quite North but always happy to travel. From Aberdeen, Scotland originally. Been here 5 years. I work shift work but have normally have 2-3 days off between shifts and often during the week. Be happy to arrange a meet up if interested?
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    Fantastic read and a big help - thanks for taking the time to do that.
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