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    In October you can get the odd weather front still coming in. On the whole though, it is a pretty decent month. The only thing about late October though is the chance of early flies. Generally, flies peak in November and December but late October can also see a lot of flies (depends on the weather leading up to that point though). I always fly with the cheapest airline on the day as there's not much to choose between them. The downside of a middle eastern airline is the 12 hour last leg on the way out. Try to time your flight to get into Perth in the early afternoon. By the time you get to wherever it is you are staying, had some food and a bit of a catch up, you will be ready for bed at a normal bedtime. Arrive too early and you will be tempted to take a nap and that will see you totally out of whack for the rest of your stay,
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    I have flown a lot in and out of Perth. Best have generally been Singapore and Emirates. Though last flight was Qatar and they were by far the cheapest and perfectly reasonable.
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    No still in UK but things are picking up pace again and we should be heading to WA soon ! Very excited @Rossmoyne
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    Not been here for an Oct yet but the sun is back out now and warming up nicely. Low 20s this week. We flew Ethiad via Abu Dhabi too, was v impressed. We recommended them to both sets of parents who are both flying with them out here soon.
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    We did our validation trip in october 2014. The weather was changeable but warm. The first day was 35 deg which was a shock to our system (a welcome shock.) Our PP meet up in Kings Park was hampered by heavy rain but we did get to meet some lovely folks. All in all we had shorts, t-shirts and hoodies - at times- and were more than comfortable. We flew with Etihad via abu dhabi and could not fault the flight. Enjoy your trip !
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    I've not been here at that time of year either but its 20's at the moment and we came over on Etihad and seemed to be the easiest way when we researched as well as the most keenly priced if that helps, its not a great journey unless you go Business class, hope that's of some help.
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