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    After a long 2 years of planning, the dream came true and we landed at Perth airport on 7th September, tired and excited. We were fortunate enough to stay with friends for the first 4 days before moving into a holiday let for 10 days. The last 10 days have been manic (and expensive) but I finally feel we are getting there and settling in already. So here's what we have done in the last 10 days: Bought a car, enrolled children into school, medicare and Centrelink visit complete, GP sorted, kids started althletics and enrolled at hockey club, found a rental for the next 12 months (slightly above budget but its lovely and has a pool so kids happy!), bought furniture for new rental, sorted broadband and insurance, DH had successful job interview....and on top of this have managed trips to the beach, an afternoon in Kings Park, and a visit to Perth city. So far, so good..... I still have an issue with my nursing registration but that seems an ongoing saga! Overall, we are all feeling settled. I cannot stress how helpful and friendly people are here. Nothing seems a problem and everyone we have met has offered advice or contact numbers. Onwards and upwards.....
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    So, we have our first house guests, in laws arrived this afternoon after almost no food as in flight meals were very disappointing and virtually no sleep! They loved seeing the girls after school and are looking forward to seeing all the sights and places we have come to love. A fun filled 2 weeks is planned and hopefully the weather for the next week wont be too bad! Looking forward to being a tourist again as we're also going to places weve never been to. Very happy ?
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    How are things goinf @spangley? In regards to suburbs. We live in Beldon and lived in Craigie before. Craigie has a bit of a reputation and I am not too fond of it. Beldon is definitely the better suburb. Woodvale even better, but more expensive. Hillarys definitely fine, but the west side of Marmion is not cheap either.
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