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    Hi, I went through this a few months ago when I moved over. You have to get non-practicing registration first, this will enable you to start teaching (provided you have applied for a WWCC). When you have completed your first day teaching (even relief work) you send the TRBWA a 'Notice of Teaching' form. One you have taught for a minimum of 100 days you can then apply for Full-registration. If you need any more info. about registration, or teaching here in general, just let me know. Happy to help!
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    You could look at the skilled occupation lists to see if your occupation is on there, but I don't recall anything similar to what you do. Even if it were, it wouldn't save a huge amount. Visa fees are less - just under $4k, but add on skills assessment and ILETS and it soon adds up. You should note that the visa fees are the drop in the ocean in the overall costs.
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