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    We moved from WA back to the UK last year with our little dog. I would strongly recommend using a specialist pet shipping company as it is complex and lots can happen. For example two days before ours was supposed to fly the airline suddenly announced suspension of all pet flights. But luckily our shippers were able to sort it out and get him on another flight the same day. We used Dogtainers who were excellent. They sent emails with photos during the day and he arrived safe and well. The cost will depend on the size of the crate which depends on the size of the pet. Our little one is a chihuahua and cost just short of $3000 including the rabies jab. But we didn't book till last minute and you may be able to get cheaper by arranging with more time.
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    Don't know the answer to this one, but when we moved to Aus we used a company. Pet Air are suggested as a good company.
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