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    Hi and welcome to the forum. The first thing is you mention a carpentry business. Are either of you a qualified carpenter? Or do either of you have another trade? I am afraid having a family member in Oz who is a citizen is of very limited help. It can in some circumstances add some extra points, but also has some negatives. Just a comment on the better life / relative moving back to the UK, it isn't a "better life" just a different one. Hence about half of those that move, return.
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    Yes, and we are assuming the OP is British, so I am assuming you make your clients FULLY aware that reciprocal is not full Medicare by any stretch? I hope you also inform them of the pitfalls of what can happen should they live long enough through the visa processing and in 30 years fail the medical? i hope you also supply the complex financial advice an older person needs prior to such a move?
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    The WHV would basically give you a taster, it's not easy (but not impossible) to go from WHV to a more permanent visa, but sponsorship seems to be less attractive to employers since they have to jump through more hoops to sponsor someone. If you qualify for a permanent visa then i'd certainly think about applying if that's your long term plan. The downside of the WHV of course is that you can only work for an employer for 6 months and to qualify for your 2nd WHV you have to do the 88 days regional/rural work in a recognised occupation
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    Agree with this and picking up a bit of a banger to get you from A - B. The OP could look on gumtree for tools or advertise they need them
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    You'd have to supply your own tools more than likely - the WHV really is designed not for tradies but for people who are on holiday for an extended period and may need to do some work for a few weeks in order to boost funds and set off travelling again.
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