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    The first thing I would say is do not speak to anyone that is not themselves a registered migration agent. The firm you are using have one director that is and that is all. Personally, I would avoid The process is complex but as a rough guide: Check is occupation is on one of the lists and if so which list. That determines if it is even possible and if so, which visa. An occupation on the long term list is eligible for a 189 visa. Occupations only on the short term are not but may be eligible for 190 or 491 visas. Calculate points. You need a minimum of 65. However, a 189 is a competition and nobody has received an invite for a 189 with less than 90 for a long time If going for a 190 or 491, check if any states are sponsoring that occupation and any special conditions the state is requiring If you are satisfied you have the points and a means to apply, then obtain a skills assessment Most people find that to help points they need to sit an English language exam such as ILETS. This does need revision and preparation before sitting Once you have the above, lodge an expression of interest. Wait to be invited and when invited apply. In the mean time, save money like mad. This is an expensive process.
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