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    Thanks verystormy for the kind words and yes you are correct Migration Law is extremely complex and regularly changes! As you are more than aware, for every person like Pegg who applies for their own visa successfully, there are many more applicants who lodge their own visas, resulting in a refusal which then makes it harder for a Migration Agent to try and resolve. Some interesting watching on SBS, a series called Who Gets to Stay in Australia https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/who-gets-to-stay-in-australia#:~:text=2.,Gets%20To%20Stay%20In%20Australia%3F&text=This%20episode%20follows%20the%20campaign,if%20the%20mother%20is%20deported. This clearly highlights how many people are refused each year. I am always amazed at how some people put little value on getting their application right the first time which is often a lifechanging move. The fees that a migration agent charges will pale into insignificance when you sell a house in Australia, yet the real estate agent is highly regarded!!!
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    I personally know many people who have used the company and are extremely happy. Hence, why I am prepared to recommend them. Yes, some people do visas themselves, which is contrary to the advice of the department. Personally, I think that is unwise. Australia makes (in a normal year) about 4000 changes to law and regulations regarding immigration. It publishes about 100 of those. The rest are only briefed to agents. At the current time it is far more complex. For example, the 190 and 491 are effectively closed as the states have not been given any allocation, this was only known to agents until a day ago.
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    Sorry you find some of the responses negative. I is important I think to highlight the barriers that might be encountered.
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    This is the website for Camilla who is well regarded and helps on the forum http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au You need to be aware though that while the contributory visa is the best option, it still is not quick. Likely timeframe is 8 years and for two parents is in the area of $120,000.
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