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    I think the other issue is that it seems much harder now to get a visa - we read that a visa eligibility is e.g. 65 points when the reality is that as it's a competition, you don't get an invite if you've got lower than 80.
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    Probably a daft question, but is it worth shipping a tumble dryer over for use in the winter months? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 using Tapatalk
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    I love how during the summer you put out a load and it's dry by the time you're putting out the second. We use our dryer a lot in winter
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    Hi, Sorry it took so long to respond. I had some delay getting a transcript from my UK Uni, however all good now. My qualifications have been assessed by the Overseas Qualifications Unit, and have been identified as: • The Certificate in Education (Further and Adult) is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Graduate Diploma. • The Level 3 – Assessing candidates using a range of methods is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Certificate IV. I'm currently working as an Education Assistant at a high school, so am considering contacting the Teacher Registration Board to see if i can use this Diploma towards a teaching degree. It's fantastic to have had your advice and I'm so grateful. I had spoken to many Uni's who would only advise enrolling to a Teaching degree first then after I'd completed 2 units, they would consider previous qualifications. Have a fantastic weekend Sharon Goodchild
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    Only daft question is the one that doesn't get asked lol. We brought both our washing machine and tumble dryer. We did use it in the winter months
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    I think it's probably the whole of Aus but WA has been hit a little worse because of the mines.
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    Its a real shame as you have the climate and beaches. I guess you have to get out of holiday mode to realise the reality when considering moving. I have a friend who is Australian he returned to Fremantle and is struggling to get employment and when he does find a job it doesn't last long. I was suprised at how expensive things still are despite the recession. Is this Australia as a whole or just WA thats struggling?
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    Hi Pegg. WA is very much in a financial recession at the moment. The mining downturn has really hit hard now and many people who were FIFO on the mines and with good incomes, are either unemployed, working for average wage in a job elsewhere in WA, or people who moved to WA from the eastern states have returned to their home states. Utility prices, rates etc have gone through the roof in WA too, and the knock on effect is that people just don't have the disposable income they used to and so are scared to spend anything apart from living expenses and the occasional night out, and in some cases are only just getting through the month financially and living from pay to pay. This situation has of course seen many small shops, cafes, businesses close down, and there are empty commercial premises everywhere. 6 or 7 years ago if you applied for a rental property, there would have been another 20 people applying for the same property. These days rental properties are sitting empty for weeks before being leased out again. The job situation is pretty dire in many areas. Employers are hesitant to take on new staff and often do not replace people who leave, so everyone is just picking up the slack and are grateful to have a job. This whole situation has really hit my family. My son, who is an Engineer, was working FIFO for Rio Tinto in the Pilbara, but was made redundant at the very beginning of the downturn about 8 years ago when they closed down a mine with an hour's notice. He found work FIFO in Kalgoorlie, but after a year, that company folded totally and he was made redundant again. He worked briefly in Perth in temporary roles, but was eventually headhunted and moved to Queensland for a job. He now works on a coal mine in Central Queensland, FIFO from the Gold Coast. He has been there 6 years now, has put roots down with buying a house and finding a beautiful partner, and I doubt he will ever move back to WA, sadly. So to answer your question, people are not emigrating to WA in the numbers they once were, and many are leaving as they are unable to find work. What annoys me though is that the official unemployment stats are not reflecting what is really happening. In Oz you can't apply for the dole (Newstart as it is called here) if you have a partner who is working. You only have to be working 1 hour a week, and that is classed as "employed"! The WA government would have us believe that unemployment is lowering, but along with so many people, I think it is one of those smokes and mirrors tricks, as I know so many people who have been made redundant through businesses closing and being unable to gain employment anywhere. And yes the forum is quiet now. We do try to keep it ticking along, and hope that things will improve, but I guess that with less people wanting to emigrate and posting on the forum, those who are already here are losing interest in being helpful and posting. I just read my comment back before I posted it, and it sounds all doom and gloom! That certainly wasn't my intention... just trying to tell it as it is. Yes there are some people doing so well and coining it in, but there are so many more who are struggling.
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    Jobs WA is still the best place to look for jobs
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    Yeah - that's the plan Pegg, just hope it doesn't take too long once we're out there. I'm keeping an interested eye on the exchange rate!
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