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    Pick one, stick with it. It's not good practice to do anything that could confuse immigration officials, or lead them to suspect there is anything suspicious in your application.
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    Hi, Welcome to Perth. If you want to be within striking distance of West Perth by public transport then anywhere along the Fremantle train line would be fine. They're all good suburbs and it would depend on how close you want to be to work versus how close to the river and the beach. Personally, I would look between West Leederville and Victoria Street stations as they're all nice suburbs with decent to good primary schools (as far as I'm aware). West Perth is OK but it's a bit of a spillover suburb from the city so has a number of offices and apartments but probably not quite as family friendly as if you go out one more suburb. The train anywhere along that line is nice and reliable and takes 30 - 40 mins to get from Fremantle to West Perth so any of the stops in between are doable. I've done that journey in from Mosman Park for years and it's an easy commute. There seem to be a few rentals on the market at the mo so you should be able to find somewhere decent. An alternative would also be Leederville which is a good suburb with cafes and restaurants at the end of Oxford Street. Hope it all works out for you and you have a fun 6 months in Perth. Cheers Baggy
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