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    Visiting Perth for the first time in many years due to all the covid stuff that went down.
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    I think a partner visa will certainly be the right visa, but for help, I would speak to a good registered migration agent. Camila is a member of the forum and is highly regarded and her email address is camilla@newlifedownunder.com.au
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    Children are included on your application
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    I have only seen the first episode and tend to agree, but I will watch it all. I actually think that Aaron Pederson was so good as the lead in Mystery Road, that it would be hard to have a follow on series. However this is the story leading up to the real Mystery Road, so I am hoping that some of the history will be explained.
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    Hi For the difference in fees I would suggest using a specialist Immigration Lawyer rather than an immigration agent, some law firms have specialists experts in various specific areas that are better placed to give you the best advice in parental visas, working visas etc.
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