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    Since when did a 14 year old dictate the decisions that affect the whole family. Sorry but he might not like it but at 14 he would still be doing what he was told if he was my child. You have already given in to him once, when does it stop!
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    Thought I'd give an update seeing as we've been here nearly two months. We arrived on 4th December which was a day before we would have lost our travel facility on the visa, this was cutting it fine to say the least and not ideal but down to our own circumstances. Anyway we were very pleased that there was nothing to ground our flight like snow... We arrived and are staying in holiday accomodation which is lovely and much needed relaxation (in between doing admin) after our stressful and emotional departure. We are looking for a long term rental but due to the timing its a bit tricky, there are lots available from $290-$500 per week in the areas we want to be for work and the girl's school, we ideally want a pool too seeing as the weather will get hotter in jan and feb probably and its school holidays so it will keep the girls occupied! There are less properties with pools but fingers crossed something will come up after the news years break. We have had to fill in an application form to apply for one of the rentals and there were other applications, now the owners will select which person they want to go for. We had to put down previous rental information and the 100 point ID which was fine between us. As soon as we arrived, we tried to get things sorted to help with ID, i applied for a westpac bank acc online and this was so easy to open,.i just went into the branch with our visa and passport. We also got medicare sorted quickly as this can be a form of ID, i had to get my tax number and WWCC (working with children card) ready to start work in January. Both of these were time consuming but fairly simple to do. We have arranged a PO box address for admin stuff seeing as we're only in holiday accomodation and this just means we get notified if we receive anything, then we can choose to have it scanned, stored, collected or sent on. We also brought with us photocopies of our visa, passports and birth certificates. We dont have a lrinter at the moment so I've had to go to the local library and use their printer/photocopier which has been ok. The girls have managed to have a few days in their school which was great, this involved me enroling them, so had to take their red books, visa ID etc and pay for uniform which is really sweet! The children were friendly and both have made friends, I managed to swap numbers with a couple of the mums so we can hopefully get together over the summer holidays. Christmas felt very weird being hot and sunny, we kept forgetting and left it late to get pressies. It seems less in your face and lower key here, we went on the beach Christmas morning and it wasnt too busy, had a drink and the kids swam and then we went back home and i did turkey, massive Australian brussel sprouts and xmas pud (from a local Aldi!) It was a bit hot for a roast but I think important for the kids. So the main things weve noticed are: everyone is very friendly and welcoming, we are living in the northern suburbs so I can only comment on that, but people seem to be at a slower pace, they have more time to chat and the customer service had been great too! Up here everyone seems to have a 4x4 and especially a Mitsubishi Prado - usually with roof racks, bull bars, light bars and various useful stiff stuff for camping! (If youve seen some of my ither posts we were considering bringing our BMW M5....it wouldn't have been great with all the sand/dust/salt so i think we were best to leave it and get a 4x4) you hardly ever see BMWs up here, its mainly 4x4s The parks are amazing, so clean and there are loads. Usually they have some gas BBQs that are free to use and its so lovely that people regulaly congregate there with their families to eat. The beaches are so quiet and clean, the wind on the coast is very welcome and usually people do stuff in the morning before the wind gets stronger in the afternoon. Sone groceries are more expensive, depending on where you go, limes, yoghurt, garlic, milk are a few we have noticed but we've only been to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi (a lot less choice in the one went went to than in the UK), IGA Our shipping container arrived in Fremantle bang on time, which is amazing seeing as it was over Christmas. Doree Bonner were great and so we'd really recommend them, we're hoping to get our things within 2 weeks as they now have to go through quarentine. Our youngest daughter is really missing having her things and despite having xmas gifts, it will be lovely when she has all her own stuff! All in all its been a real experience and we can see why we've moved, the pace of life seems slower and the work life balance seems more in tune to what we want. Its not all been plain sailing, our youngest daughter is very homesick and she is having fun in the pool and likes the beach etc but she is a creature of habit and likes having her own belongings around her, I am hoping she will feel better now our things have arrived [emoji120] We had sent a 'really useful' box via a courier which was expected on 20th....it still hasnt arrived. This wasnt expensive stuff, but some xmas cards, good luck cards, some paperwork and odd and ends that we wanted for xmas but couldnt fit in our 30 kg limit. We're now having to wait whilst they investigate where on earth our package has ended up. So, we were lucky in a way that we didnt rely on that totally but im annoyed i packed some things in there that were sentimental and if they're lost it will be really upsetting. So, we feel like we've done a lot in a month but still to do....Australian driving license (another great form of ID) must get it within 3 months, health insurance! Oh and my hubby needs to find a job.....at least I have one starting new week! Be careful with the speed limits, I've come a cropper on double demerits weekend too.. [emoji849] We have found a nice long term rental and our things arrived without fuss, the shoppers were absolutely faultless from start to finish. We used Doree Bonner in the UK and they transferred to Grace Removals in Perth. Its been a long process but were so glad we made the move and are excited about our new life here in sunny WA.... Well a bit rainy today but that was a bit novel! It seems so amazing that we're finally here and living the life we've wanted to, yes things take effort and time and money but so far it's been well worth it and we're all hoping it will get even better on the next few months as we settle. Into daily life in Perth. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Hi, Sorry to hear about your FIL, thoughts go out to you and your family. I am a big believer in fate and believe that you went home for a reason and this was it, to be there for your extended family. Regarding your son, if he has just started year 10 then he would continue in year 10 here for all of the next academic year and sit his exams at the end of year 12, so he will be at no detriment if you left next year. If you are thinking of moving again before your visas run out then if I were you I would do it sooner rather than later so he can finish his education here rather than waiting for him to do his GCSEs / A levels. My eldest daughter was 14 when we moved and in year 9. Luckily she settled in straight away and has made a great group of friends but it has taken her nearly 2 years to find a hobby. She has just been in her first musical and is now planning on being in another 2. next year if she passes the auditions. Before that she would just be on her computer or I pad and admitted that she was bored but didn’t know what she wanted to do with her time. The younger daughter was 10 and in year 6 when we moved and didn’t really settle at all for the first year. She has tried a number of things, Taekwondo, modelling academy, basketball, but nothing stuck. She has finally found a youth group run by the local church that she goes to on a Friday evening and she really enjoys it. Again, that was fairly recently and has helped her to feel that she belongs. She also has a group of friends now that she’s in yr 7 but that has taken a little while to form too. I guess what I’m trying to say is that children don’t always settle and jump straight in to the new life as quickly as we would hope and it can take time to make friends and find hobbies etc. I totally get the not wanting to stuff up his education but if you moved back over next yr he would in effect have another year to prepare for the exams. You know your son though and obviously worry about how he would cope. I suppose you’ve got to consider how unhappy you all would be as a family if you left it much longer knowing how much you enjoyed the ocean and sunshine etc. I think most high schools have psychologists, if you do move back and you are worried, you could always talk to the psych to ask advice or for help on settling him in etc Hope you manage to come to a decision without to much stress. Jen x
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    My application updated to “approved” today, now the wait for our ceremony invite.
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    Pegg, don't bother, the whole process, once you get to Perth, is bullshit designed to cost you money. Plus, once you've got it through the bullshit its classed as an import, which it is, so you pay more insurance and its worth less if you wanted to sell it.
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    I guess the question to ask is what make you leave Australia to go back to the UK and will those reasons crop up again when you're there? If you feel that you want to delay due to the potential health difficulties of aged parents - then you may find that when the time comes to make the move again - you/your husband will be of an age where it's difficult to find work. The children older and don't want to move as a family etc.,
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    Hi, Thanks for your reply. We just really miss the life style of Australia and very much want to move back. My mum would visit but not my dad, he wouldnt be able to stand such a long journey. My husbands parents have never flown and never will, so he will visit UK once a year, like he did before.
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    The first thing to think about are visas and to ensure you are eligible. I am guessing you would be using your skills? In which case, go through the skills assessment for social worker to ensure you can pass that. With points, if you are including points for English language, you will need to take an exam to claim them such as ilets. For jobs, you can look at seek.com.au to get an idea of jobs available. While I don't think your husbands condition is likely to be a problem, when ever there is a medical condition I always recommend running it past a specialist migration agent just to make sure such as George Lombard
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    Ditch her mate, get yourself over here and meet an aussie bird! I'm not sure ive been much help!
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    You can't just swap her on your visa. You will need to sponsor her for a partner visa. You can only do this once you are living in Australia and the process takes 12 to 24 months.
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    Hi Scotty, As your PR has already been granted, it would (I imagine), now be a case of your new girlfriend applying for a partner visa. If you split with your ex prior the visa grant, you should have informed immigration of the change of circumstances.
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    Thanks Rossmoyne, I’ve just been on my immi account and it shows the RRV and the holiday visas as both current and active. I’m thinking ,if left ,the holiday one will just run out leaving the RRV. Its a shame you can’t actually get hold of the people at the department. I think I will give your lady a PM, better to know. Jase
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    There are quite a few good public secondary schools.
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    IT potentially does if you are willing to go down the road of a 489 visa. This isn't family sponsored visa which does add more points. However, the big thing to note with it is that it is a provisional visa. So, it would mean complying with the visa conditions for two years before obtaining a permanent visa. My advice would be to speak to a good migration agent to get some grounding on which visa is best for you.
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    Anything with water more than a foot (300mm) deep needs to be fenced. So a spa without a doubt as well, unless you just want to use it for your feet
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    There are a LOT of clubs. If he likes a challenge, then the one that I used to live on is very popular, but known for difficult, The Links, Dawesville. It is a Rolex 1000 club and very pretty as it is boarded by the ocean.
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    A friend of ours is a swimming teacher in the Northern suburbs. If I recall correctly, they are/were regularly looking for new reachers. Not sure if it's the same in other areas.
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    Sorry to hear of your sad news. Thinking of you all at this awful time. x
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    You need a deposit of 20% or the bank will require mortgage protection insurance, which is expensive.
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    Why do pommies miss the fish n chips while being in oz? Plenty of shops. Aren't they good in their opinion? I never had F&C until moving here, so csn't compare
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    We are awaiting mortgage approval for the house we want to buy. But already getting nervous for the settlement day! This is the first time we sell a property we own before moving. In the past we've always rented. That means we usually rented the place for 2 weeks longer after we got the key of the new property already. How on earth did you manage it logistically to do everything in 1 day? We even have a family member visiting us during that time ugh... and we have a baby and 2 not-so-friendly dogs which have to stay separates from each other. Seems like a huge challenge.
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    All Backpacker Hostels have message boards which often contain ads for jobs too. Have you looked at our sister site www.pomsinoz.com.au? There is a good forum on there just dedicated to Working Holiday Visa holders and there are often job ads listed on there too.
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    over 4 years now for us and no regrets?
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    Totally agree with this advice.
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    Hi very stormy- thanks for your comment i will keep this in mind I think having the weekends together would be nice as i currently work away from home half the year but i appreciate your comment - always good to gather as much info as possible Hi rossmoyne - yeah I've heard that from a few people.. Hopefully by the time we move things will have improved - failing that we will look elsewhere In Australia but i totally agree now would not be the best time Hi Ali - that sounds really positive and exactly what we are after, i do not mind putting in longer hours aslong as we have weekends etc together for family time One thing we don't want is to look back in regret at the chances we didnt take and Australia certainly seems to offer a better future for children etc Thanks to you all for your kind replies Tony
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