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  1. Hi, We have two cars and we need to sell one, so we thought we would see if anyone is intrested. A 2007 ford Focus CL LT 5 door hatch 115000kms on the clock $4000 A 2009 Ford Falcon XT 5 door Sedan 111000Kms on the clock $7000 negotiable. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Ford-Falcon-2009/SSE-AD-4327757/?Cr=2 Both vehicle have only had 2 owners before us and have been really reliable. If you are intrested PM me to arrange a viewing or test drive.
  2. JMG79

    Car hire...

    Hi shelz, For an airport transfere I would recomend go 2 transferes I have used them loads of times and they have always come up cheaper than everyone else. Also for care hire if you are in clarkson check out mindarie car hire (in clarkson) , we hired a car of them for a week whilst we were looking for a cheap run around, they were great. You should be able to pick up a cheap car to start with though its cheaper than hiring a car for a couple of weeks. check out auto trader car sales and head down to all the garages in Waneroo.
  3. Hi, Come back to the forum once agin because we really need some advice. We moved out last week and have just submited an application for a property, not what we wanted but it is within our budget. At the viewing we noticed that the property looked neglected, nothing like in the pictures on the internet. At the viewing we spoke to the management agent who said it ws a break lease as the current tenants wanted to move out. I stated would a property inspection be done before we moved in if we were successful, as I noticed quite a few things wrong with the property, i.e. cracked window, dirty walls, carpets etc. they said no they would just send us some paperwork, which they had to by law within 7 days of us moving in, and we had 14 days to highlight any issues. on things that we thought were not up to scratch. Is this correct, i thought an inspection should be done by the agent prior to us moving in? because its a break lease does this mean we could be liabl for any damage caused by the previous tenants, though i have specified the dates on the application we would be staying from and to? any advice info would be mutch appriciated as im sure there will be others in the same boat thanks
  4. JMG79

    Used Car Dealers North of the River

    Thanks Druid I checked the website out but he is a bit fare from me, spent the day looking at more cars, its driving me around the bend, gonna have to make a decision soon though.
  5. Hi, We have been looking at used cars for the past couple of days, and I'm put off by the private adds, after looking at a number of cars. I was just wandering if anyone can recomend any used car dealers, from experience? Ive been on all the car sales websites, and going to a couple of traders tomorrow, but would like to know if anyone can recomend any dealers or auctions? thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies, It is quite re-assuringt know that other people have had similar problems and come out of them the otherside. When we told everyone we were definatly going peoples reactions were very strange, Now we are having propblems selling the house peole are being really helpful, It seems people are intrested, I was speaking to a lady today whos sone is actualy intrested in our house, however he wants to save u for a larger deposit, and they are renting at the momment, didnt make alot of sense to me….. Anyway, my wife and I have been talking, and after we have packed our cube next week we are gong to explore renting the house out, for a while at least, i reckon once we have settled in oz we wont mind so much taking a hit on the price if we had too, and in that time hopefuly the prices may go up! So next week the sign outside our house should say For Sale/To Let Thanks again p.s excuse the spelling i have had two glasses of wine
  7. Haven’t made a post in a while, but I have been lurking in the background. We have hit a bit of a problem with a move and I though there may be a few people who have been in our situation who could pass on a few words of wisdom. We are planning to move to Perth this summer, everything has been going to plan (sort of) except we are struggling to sell our house, its been on the marked for a while, and we have had no viewings. We’ve lowered the price once and we are going to again (for the last time). We are now thinking of letting the house out as we cant afford to take any more of a loss than what we have put the house on the market for. So I was wandering if any one else has had to rent their home out? What the costs were of letting insurances, agent fees etc, How much to budget for maintenance etc? and any other hidden cost's The best way to make it a safe investment, My concerns are tenants trashing the house, or not paying rent, Or bits of work that may need doing when we are away, Thanks p.s. what is that little green circle on my status?
  8. Hi Debra, Read your thread and sent you a PM was after some information. thanks
  9. We used Oz house rentals they were quite good but pricy try and haggle a bit if you can!
  10. Hi, We have done the trip now a couple of time with two smal children the milk was no probs though as per everyone else we had to try it. We flew with Emirites, on the way there the flight crew were great on the way back not so good. We found it was best to book flights that fit in with the childrens sleep pattern and it was all good. hope this helps
  11. Hi stu4668, Just sent you a PM as I would be intersted in info. Thanks
  12. Morning, Just wandering if anyone flew with Etihad or Qatar, I have flown to Oz with Emirates before (starteed collecting the airmiles) and thought they were Ok, but the other two are coming out much cheaper. Just was wandering what people thought of them and their expeariances?? thanks
  13. Hi, I have my Ielts material for sale and some additional practice writing material, which helped me no end, I managed a level 8.5 overall. It includes two books, two CD’s. The additional material is two booklets with writing tasks in, which I found really helpful. The additional material is what I was given when I paid and arm and a leg fro some private tuition, and it really helped me as it is explained allot better than the material you are given on the Ielts website. I’m looking for £17.90 including postage 2nd class recorded, payment via PayPal, cash on collection if your in Yorkshire, or a cheque. (if you collect I will knock of £3.90 postage. If I find any more Ielts related information in my immi folder I will include that too. Hope this helps someone.
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    Hi, Fremantle is lovely we stayed there on our Reccie, There is tourist information at the back of the City council building, or the libary which have really useful maps. You can get round town for free on the cat bus is runs every 10-15 mins and is free. if i remeber rightly the markets are round the corner from the prison, it is open friday - sunday only. We used to park for free on marine terrace where it meets Douro road. it is a bit out of town, but there is free parking all up the road (on the sea side) heading towards town. the free cat bus also runs along that road so you can park and get a free ride into town. we got off at free mantle station then walked up market street to the main strip, it is realy well sing posted for the tourest information and atractions. You can get off the bs at the Esplanade there is two stops within 5 min walk of each other, then head up Collie street or Essex street which again will take you to the main street. as you can tell we did alot of walking, there is also alot to see, its a really nice little town Then there is south beach which is just up from the car park wich is quite a nice place to chill and watch the sun go down, our kids loved it there.