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    Yea we know all about Seek we used to live in Perth. Thanks anyway
  2. nathyboy


    Hi, ive been offered a position in Geraldton and I wanted to know about the best suburbs, we have 4 children under the age of 14. Also hospitals? My wife’s registered nurse and wanted to know about employment in the area. Thanks in advance. Nathan
  3. Hi, I have replied to your hubbies PM he sent me... My email address is nathan@smartsecurity.com.au if he wants to contact me direct? Kind Regards Nathan Ward
  4. Hi, i'm currently enployed here on a 457 visa by a security installation company and we are in constant need of experienced tech's to fill service roles. if anyone is (seriously) interested and had at LEAST 3 years experience please feel free to drop me a PM. cheers Nathan I have removed your email for your own protection as we do get spammers occasionally.
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    Hey up...

    Hey all, My names Nathan, new to this site and I'm looking into moving to Perth area with my family next year, just thought I'd drop a message for a few questions I have. We're looking to move to the Quinns Rock/Butler/Clarkson area due to the reviews we've heard... We've a 6 year old and a 3 year old pair of girls and a boy on the way. Basically I was wondering how the schools are in that area.. Also what's the commute into Perth CBD, I'm a CCTV, intruder and access installer and I'm guessing that's where most of my work will lie. Also what's the hospitals like, my OH is just about qualified as a Nurse?? Many thanks in advance Nathan.