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  1. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    My interview was via the government job vacancies, but I was interviewed by clinical nurse specialists from the Fiona Stanley, Rockingham, and Perth General, hope this helpsx
  2. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    Well had my interview, went well I think until they shocked me with "which hospital would you prefer to work at, Rockingham, Perth General or Fiona Stanley?" Didn't realise I'd have to choose, I worked my way through it though I hope, they said they would be in touch so fingers crossed.
  3. Emmiejay

    Fiona Stanley

    I was interviewed this morning for a recruitment pool, they asked me my preference for Rockingham, Perth General or Fiona Stanley and stated that no job is available yet but when a job does become available they would contact me If I match the criteria, hope this makes sense?
  4. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    The interview was rescheduled until the 7th may, thanks for asking though Stef I'll let ya know how it goesx
  5. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    Congratulations so pleased for you, and slightly jealous lol?
  6. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    No apology needed Stefan it's great to get info on someone else's journey, keep us updated on what happens next I'm excited for all of usx
  7. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    Fingers crossed for you Stefanx
  8. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    Thanks everyone will definitely let you all know how I get on, if I don't collapse with the nerves lol x
  9. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    Thanks for the advice fiasco, keep the tips coming guys?
  10. Emmiejay

    Telephone interview

    Thanks guys, I'm excited but nervous at the same time, been interviewed by 2 clinical specialists from 2 different hospitals for a job I love, hope I do well eeeeek
  11. Hi all, just wandering if anyone has had an over the phone job interview? I'm an A&E nurse and I have somehow managed to secure an interview which takes place on the 14th of April, if any of you Perth poms have had an over the phone job interview your insight into this would be very much appreciated? The interview is in 2 parts, 30 mins phone and then 10 mins internet???? Hopefully someone can help because I am a tad nervous ? and don't know what to expect HELP!!!
  12. Emmiejay

    Info for 17 year old

    Thanks for the reply portlauney, he's keen on mechanical engineering we had a look at TAFE this seems like the best root for him he's so excited to just get to Oz bless him
  13. Emmiejay

    Info for 17 year old

    Hi all, just sat discussing my sons future with him, he will be just 17 when we arrive and will have completed 1 year of his diploma in engineering level 2. We were just wandering if the colleges there offer a similar course, if he were to stay in UK he would be starting an apprenticeship next term will he be able to undertake an apprenticeship in WA. He has excelled in this course and hopes that he can continue when we arrive.
  14. Emmiejay


    My lowest score was for speaking, blamed the Yorkshire accent but think it was more nerves lol, just try and relax it's not that bad you'll do fine, good luck
  15. Emmiejay

    Skills assessment help with an anmac??

    It's a nightmare isn't it I've been so worried, good luck with your application