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  1. Paul Campbell

    Mental Health - Application

    Hi, Im Paul and new to the board. We are looking at starting the process to move to Australia, but curious as to whether or not my wife's mental health will mean our application is rejected. She suffers from Bipolar. Has anybody had any previous experience? Paul
  2. Paul Campbell

    Which Skill Do i Apply for????

    Thank you benj1980, i have messaged Ian Harrop Associates, fingers crossed they can point me in the right direction.
  3. Paul Campbell

    Which Skill Do i Apply for????

    Thank you everybody. I have 13 years Multi Skilled maintenance experience, 9 of the last years spent doing it. I have done 12 months within a supervisory role, and by time we move hoping to have 4 of the last 5 years experience, i also have 4 years previous management experience from my QS days on highways maintenance, but this was from 2003 - 2007. My qualifications are in Electrical/electronic, Mechanical & Civil Engineering. Varying from NVQ 2, NVQ 3, ONC & HNC. Could you recommend a migration agent, heard good and bad reviews of costs and people being done over by them and not actually getting anything at the end.
  4. Paul Campbell

    Which Skill Do i Apply for????

    Hi, I keep looking at the skills list and i am unsure as to which skill i would put down when i apply. My current experiences are: Engineering Management Engineering Supervisor Engineering Lead Hand Mechanical maintenance (Bearings, motors, gearboxes, milling, turning) Electrical Maintenance (Motors, testing & installation) PLC fault finding (Allen Bradley & Siemens S5 & S7) Welding Fabrication Pneumatics Hydraulics Civil Engineering Quantity Surveying (Highways Maintenance) As you can see i have a broad range of engineering skills and knowledge. Could somebody point me in the right direction as to which skill to put down? Does Supervisor class as management experience in Oz? Ideally i would like to continue in a mangement role in oz. Thanks Paul
  5. Paul Campbell

    Finally Going to Give It a Go

    Hi all, I joined this group a couple of years ago when myself and my wife originally discussed about moving to Oz. But since that time we havent done anything about it. Last year i got offered a job in New Zealand which i regrettably turned down, but the money was too low for my small family to survive. Ever since then it has been playing on the back of my mind. Recently we had some family circumstances that have made us realise life is too short, and seeing as i have dreamt above moving to Australia ever since the age of 9 when myself and my parents were on the way to the airport to go and my dad backed out at the airport terminal. We have set ourselves a target of 4.5 - 5 years, this will allow us to finish work on our house and get the best return on it, also for myself to gain a few extra years in Engineering Management. I just have a few starter questions, and no doubt over the next couple of years i will rely heavily on your support. 1 - Best areas to bring a family of 2 adults and 3 young boys up (oldest boy will be 9 when we plan to move) 2 - Is there work in the Perth area for a multi skilled maintenance engineer or Engineering Manager which is my current role and pay rates if possible. 3 - Would we be able to afford a property for £160 - 190K???? 4 - What should be my 1st steps on our journey? Thank you all for your support. Paul & Family
  6. Paul Campbell

    Maintenance Engineer Work

    Hi all, This is my 1st post. Myself and my wife are looking at moving to Oz with our 2 young boys. Always been an ambition of mine. I am looking for multi-skilled maintence work, preferably in FMCG environment. Can anybody point me in the right direction. We are just looking into the different options available for us to emigrate at the moment, nothing set in stone with visas etc.