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  1. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Hi Keith Just emailed him once i got in from work on my last day i might add lol no more Scottish / British Gas madness as of 2day i am unemployed for the 1st time since i left school !!!!!! i sent him all the UK qualifications i have as well so he can have a look. I really want to get something booked up so i know whats going on for me getting there. I honestly cant wait got 18 days left now it will fly by got a few boiler changes to do next week so that will keep me occupied then my friend has his own plumbing company so i will do bits and bobs for him to keep me busy till i go and it gives me some more ££££££ to pay for all these courses lol I will let you know how i get on guys once he gets back to me
  2. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Thanks Mark defo hard work ahead but it will be worth it like you say no doubt once I arrive I will be asking all these questions over again head is pickled lol ! !!! Are you in a job now then ???
  3. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Yeah I started in the training centre in March must have just been diff weeks then if you had him aswell ? He was a muppet lol Thats good old you thought it was easier over there and not having to sell stuff everyday will be a bonus but I will miss the Qdos ££ sure we will all find our feet over there with a bit of hard work anything is possible and if not there is always bar work lol well keep in touch guys speak soon Good luck with the visas and the a IELTS test (Keith I feel your pain it's a nightmare)
  4. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Lol small world eh Ged was in my class we had Brian Jones as our teacher in 2003 as well who was yours? We had fun in the training centre but it was out to the big bad world after that lol now it's selling hives and spiros everyday nightmare won't miss that at all !! Think once I get there it will be an eye opener by the sounds of it but if that's the way it is we will just need to forget everything we know and learn there way of doing stuff even if it is a bit mad !
  5. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Keith that would be a great help sounds good if we can wipe 22 units off of the 36 right away I will add you both and DM my email address to both of you as well once I am there I can keep in touch and keep yous posted with my pursuit of a gas fitters job lol
  6. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Hey Steven We can't fit water pipes at all !! wow that's madness totally different to here we really get everything to do here Electrics,Gas and Water but I am quite looking forward to a total change. I really don't mind starting again and going back to college so that doesn't bother me just want to get in some where and get my head down and stuck in show them what I can do. How did you manage to get out with a gas fitter over there ? That would be good experience while your doing your training and getting to see it hands on out on the patch and not just in a training centre. So where did you do your training then for Scottish Gas was it Queenslie in Glasgow ? That's where I done mine had a few boys from out your way in at the same time as me do you know a guy called Ged Graham ? He was in my class he was mad but a good laugh I still speak to him from time to time nice guy. Just emailed one of those training centres there so see if they get back to me
  7. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Thanks Steven i really need need to get my finger out lol will have a wee look on the now and send a wee email to them I think we would defo need both parts tho installation and service / repair ???? ! To have a chance of getting a job we could always start our own business together over there ha ha ha !!! So do you work with the gas board as well then ? I think Natasha told me that. I am a S&R engineer in Glasgow Got 1 day of work left on Thursday b4 I hang up my U gauge lol can't wait
  8. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Hi Keith / Steven it's Neill Natasha's husband how did you find out about the training courses at polytechnic ? Do you have a contact email address for them ? As I would like to know what is going to happen with the courses before I go over possibly even book it if I can. I am not to fussed about having to do a bit of training again it can't be any worse then the ACS over here surely lol just sat my ACS again last year and my LPG and went though that no probs so fingers crossed I am not really too fussed just yet about doing plumbing just Gas for now so how much is that roughly if you know and what does that allow you to do ? Service and repair ? Sorry for all the questions but my head is pickled with All this lol
  9. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    No way you are going to that area too?? haha we fortunate our friends have a nice big house there so we will be staying with them until we get a deposit to buy, not sure if we will rent first?? will figure all that stuff out once we arrive. The mines are defo not the best option, were going their to have a better work/life balance but if work is only available for the next 4 yrs its defo worth it. Will defo keep in touch and see how your progress is and let you know how bad the employment situation is Natasha
  10. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Its not doom and gloom its reality! and were under no illusion how hard it will be once we arrive. To be honest my husband will do anything for work. He applied for jobs via Seek and 2 companies have told him to contact them once he arrives, so that could be something. His friend also works FIFO and has spoke to his bosses, hopefully something comes of that as money is fab!! sometimes its word of mouth or who you know rather than what you know. Not stressing about it, will cross that bridge once we come to it, we have a good chunk of savings to tide us over if we cannot secure employment straight away. Natasha
  11. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Yeah done our homework. He contacted WA dept of Commerce Energy Safety and they sent info regarding permits. There are a few he can do but think he's going to apply for the a Permit to work under supervision so he can get his foot in the door, failing that it looks like he will be in college for 3-6 months to get his Class G Installation Natural Gas and LP Gas Fitting Permit. All his permits are a Gas a Fitting no Plumbing. Natasha
  12. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Hi Steven, My hubby has a SVQ Level 3 in Domestic Gas Maintenance. Our agent had looked at the plumbing route but the qualifications don't match so we went down the Gas Fitter route. He also sat his apprenticeship 11 yrs ago so I would imagine you have the same qualifications as him. Are you making the move in Sept? It will fly by, can't believe we leave in 19 days Natasha
  13. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    We are totally buzzing!! the mad dreams and insomnia has started already, can only imagine what it will be like the week before!! I had replied to your IELTS thread, my husband had problems passing it, in the end we waited til he had more points from being in his job for 11 yrs. Mandurah sounds and looks gorgeous!! its so helpful having family/friends to help you start your journey.
  14. IELTS help!

    Hi Keith, My husband sat it 3 times and with the last attempt he was 0.5 mark out so we appealed the decision, it didn't go in our favour unfortunately so we had to wait until March this yr as he had been in his occupation for 11 yrs so that gave him extra points. Are you using an agent? Have you tried state sponsorship for extra points? I was advised that the state of Victoria sponsors Gas Fitters, not sure if that option is viable, its better than applying to NZ, the conditions are you need to stay for 2 yrs then can move anywhere in Oz. Hope this helps! Natasha
  15. Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Hi Keith, Your not far from your visa visa getting approved, all the best with it!! To be honest we are not worried by the lack of job situation, we have heard too that its more word of mouth getting work rather than applications. My husband did apply for 2 jobs via Seek and the companies have said to contact them once we arrive in Oz. His friend also works FIFO and has asked about to try get him a position, will cross that bridge once we get to it. Where in Perth is your family? We have friends NOR in Aveley and will be staying with them until we find our own home. So excited!! Its been a 2yr process but so worth it and its finally here!! Well almost!! All the best Natasha