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  1. AIMS professional exam (Medical Lab Scientists)

    @sherylnoelle leave your mail I'd, would like to share the info
  2. AIMS professional exam (Medical Lab Scientists)

    Hello Kirsty , you could mail me powerpoint presentations, was looking for it. Thanks J
  3. AIMS professional exam (Medical Lab Scientists)

    how many weeks time it took to get your assessment decision after you applied for AIMS? Thx
  4. AIMS professional exam (Medical Lab Scientists)

    One thing that I know diff white blood cells but surprised to see what would be diff red cells on your post.
  5. AIMS professional exam (Medical Lab Scientists)

    Thank you Kirsty, felt happy to see the immediate reply as I posted the similar question on Britishexpats.com but haven't got any replies there. I wish some good fortunate with your results, let's hope for the best, your inputs are very valuable and appreciated. I bought a few books which the AIMS website mentions the recommended reading list. Planning to go through the mentioned major areas of knowledge (syllabus) expected on website. Please keep posting the questions as you remember them here and your friend's thoughts. I can not afford resitting the exam as i determined to make it at any cost. Just wondered, have you gone through the syllabus which they asked in particular of each subject?, I understand the depth you were prepared for the exam, often people specialized in one major area and may find difficult to answer the other sections. I used to work for NHS, Swindon when i was in UK, now back to home India two years now, working in a medium sized private laboratory where both Biochem and Heam are dealt regularly, have to sit for exam here in New Delhi. Regards J
  6. AIMS professional exam (Medical Lab Scientists)

    Hi I have to sit the AIMS Medical Scientist examination in March and there is only one sample paper available on AIMS website. I do mailed AIMS regarding this but they replied me that is what it provided, just upset, any guidance welcome please. Has anyone sat the exam and any suggestions you would like to give me and any questions you remember on the day of your examination please. Many thanks