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    Urgent help required please...

    Thanks for the help guys, I'm back in Perth phew!! This was the response from my case officer - This appears to be a multiple entry tourist visa you previously applied for that was granted on 11/12/2013, which is valid until 11/12/2014. If you apply for a new tourist visa it will override the one you already have. Your partner visa has not been granted yet but you can travel on the current or new tourist visa. Unfortunately still waiting on defacto
  2. Millership309

    Urgent help required please...

    I am currently in Thailand so going in on a one way. I think I will take a print off in with me to prove I tried to get a tourist visa. I can't get access to my VEVO account, my client ID and file number is not being accepted, oh this is going to be a long 24 hours worrying!! Don't know anything about the resident return visa, it's totally all new to me. Thanks for your help guys x
  3. Millership309

    Urgent help required please...

    I need to travel Ali unfortunately. Wee dolly sorry for my ignorance but what is VEVO?
  4. Millership309

    Urgent help required please...

    I am currently waiting on my defacto visa to be approved, I am travelling into Perth tomorrow night and tried to apply for a tourist visa but have this message - Messages: 1. Warning: You currently hold an Australian visa. If you continue with this application and are granted an eVisitor your current visa will no longer be valid. The only exception to this rule is if you hold a Maritime Crew Visa. I have had no confirmation from my immigration case officer to say that my visa is approved. I have emailed him but do not know if he will get back to me in time for my flight. Should I travel in without a tourist visa in the hope that my defacto visa has kicked in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Laura x
  5. Millership309

    Accountants in Perth

    Thanks for the advise guys, think I will just need to keep my fingers crossed when I get over! Hoping to get into temporary work initially so that employers get to know me and hopefully keep me on or recommend me. Thanks again.
  6. Millership309

    Accountants in Perth

    Hi guys Brand new on here and I was wondering if anyone could help me? I am moving to Perth in December and I was wondering what the job market is like for accountants? I qualified as a CA last year and have been on Seek to see what the market is like, I don't think I have enough experience to go in as a Senior Accountant. Do any accountants out there know if I would need to drop a level to get Australian experience under my belt? I have been working as a qualified Audit Senior/Accountant for a year now in the UK. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.