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  1. owl

    North or South?

    What's wrong with Connolly? It's a lovely leafy established suburb. The others are newer suburbs which may appeal if people want a new build.
  2. owl

    Hairdressers in Perth

    I have been to zig zag in Joondalup a few times and they are good and not too pricey:laugh:
  3. owl

    Do i bring my Mini ?

    You can import it yourself very easily. We did all the paperwork for my husband's scooters. Just read the online guidance, once you have grasped it you can't believe how much iron lady charges for something so simple. With the car, you will have to pay various taxes which can be quite pricey, get the air con degassed and I think get the speedo changed to kilometres. Minis are not that common or as sought after here so if you were ever thinking about selling it in Perth, you may not get as much for it. Also, a lot of people don't like imports and I also think you may struggle or pay more to get insurance. We had a mini and sold it and were glad we did - it seems to be a completely different car market here to the uk. I think the rule of thumb for bringing your car is if it is significantly more expensive here or if it is a classic and of sentimental value.
  4. owl

    Medical Cover on 457 Visa

    I meant bupa!
  5. owl

    Medical Cover on 457 Visa

    You don't need to buy private medical insurance. Your travel insurance will cover you until you are able to register with medicare. This meets the conditions of the 457 & is what we did. Save your money as private health is very expensive on a 457. Hula won't tell you this though!!
  6. Hi Helen Welcome to Perth! I am just down the road in Butler & have a nearly 3 year old & 4 year old who would be very happy to meet for play dates. Will pm you to arrange xx
  7. Is anyone else having difficulty uploading documents?? I keep trying to upload police checks but it's not doing anything! Anyone experienced the same? Many thanks:nah:
  8. owl

    Forgotten TRN

    I had the same issue. Do you have a yahoo email account? Apparently there is an issue with yahoo email accounts being able to receive emails from DIAC. I went round the houses calling DIAC but no one could help me so I finally called the complaints/feeback number on the website and they were really helpful and sorted it out for me the next day. The guy I spoke to was called Marcel so if you speak to him he should be aware of the issues. Hope you get it sorted
  9. I am in the process of collating docs to upload on the visa application. The only problem I have is that I can't find my husband's birth certificate!! Does anyone know if this doc is definitely needed or does a copy of his passport suffice? Also, my birth certificate is the short variety - will this suffice or do I need to get a full one? Please help!!
  10. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where it states you can upload colour scans of evidence which don't require certification?? I have read about it on here but can't find any info on the DIAC website. Many thanks
  11. Many thanks for all your replies. This has been sorted now. There is an issue with yahoo being able to receive emails re the TRN which they are investigating. I have now been supplied with my TRN and can complete my application. Phew!!!
  12. Hi, I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this or if anyone has experience of this. I have been invited through skills select to apply for the 190 visa. I was completing the visa last night and saved the information I had inputted as I wasn't yet ready to complete it. I then tried to go back into it to further update it and it asked me for a TRN number. I didn't know what this was so clicked on "forgot TRN". It asked me for my email address, which I inputted and then said that I had been sent an email with my TRN number. I never received such email. I have tried it numerous more time but to no avail. I contact the dept of immigration and was told by one lady that you only get a TRN number if you have paid and completed it. She said that I would have to start my application again. I explained that the system would not let me do this as it was asking for a TRN number and I could not get into any other screens. She then put me on hold and lost my call!!! I then rang them again (took ages to get any answer, wonder if this because of the Melbourne cup) and spoke to a man who said I would have to lodge my EOI again!!! I explained that this was not possible as my occupation had now come off the list and it had taken a month after lodging my EOI to be invited. I told him I was not satisfied with this and asked to speak with someone else. And guess what?? He lost my call!!!! I then rang the dept of immigration in Perth and they said it was not them as they were not immigration!!!??!! In desperation I spoke to the Feedback/complaints guy who was very sympathetic and he asked me if I had a yahoo email address as apparently there is an issue with yahoo being able to receive emails from them. I have completed a form and hopefully they will look into it but this could take a while. I am at the end of my tether - I commenced this process in May and was very keen to lodge and get on with it. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Many thanks