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    Do I need to pay taxes or not?

    Thank you verystormy. This was my thought also, but I wasn't sure. Thank you. Jorje
  2. Hello, I am in a little drama about the taxes. Currently I am not in Australia. I was there just to activate my visa last September 2014 for about 3 weeks. After that I came back to my overseas project which should be done in the next 2-3 months. Actually, this is the time which I am planning to return to AU. And here is the dilemma - do I need to pay any taxes? I have a small amount in the bank in Australia, which interest is no more then 100-200 AUD for the whole year. No other incomes. According to the information from MyGov and ATO - I am not obliged to pay any taxes since I am under 24 000 AUD per year ( or close to this amount). Does anybody have some recommendations? I really do not want to make any mistakes so any helps will be deeply appreciated. Thank you. Jorje
  3. Jorje

    Private Health Insurance

    Thank you verystormy, I do not have any income in Australia ( since I am still abroad), except a small amount in the bank. This is also one of the reasons to ask my self do I really need this private insurance. I want to make everything according to the rules in Australia, that is why I am confused about the letter from the Government for this additional mandatory private insurance. I sent an email to Medicare to ask about this issue, but obviously they are too busy and I still do not have an answer. One think is clear - I will follow your advice about the extras cover, especially for the dental issues. Thank you for your help verystormy. Cheers. Jorje
  4. Jorje

    Private Health Insurance

    Hello, I am a bit confused about the following situation. We are PRs h visa 190 since last year. We were in Perth in September 2014 to activate our visas and so. Medicare cards were also issued. So, obviously - after a year we are forced :-) to make also and Private insurance. Otherwise, we have to pay additional 2% over for every year above 30. Due to some circumstances we are still overseas. My project will be finished in the next couple of weeks and then we will move permanently in Australia. Unfortunately, this will be after the one year border. My questions are as follow: 1. Do I really need an additional Private Health Insurance, in case that we are still outside from AU? 2. In case that I have to make a Private .... shall I make only for me and my wife? I believe so, due to the fact that our children are still far away from 18. 3. In my research I discover this one: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/dynamic/download.ashx?id=HCF/I20/WILW20 This is from HCF insurance company and the monthly price for two adults is 21.20 AUD. Sounds reasonable for me, in case that this will be just waste of money ... until we are out, but have to follow the rules. Any information about this topic will be deeply appreciated. Thank you. Jorje
  5. Hi Tom, I guess the stress will be higher and higher with every next day to the flight. As a family of four to find a job is one of the most important activity. I know that this is valid for everybody and I have to shoot and take the risk. Meanwhile, I guess I will reduce my time for sending my Resume to job offers in Seek. I think that you are absolutely right about the recruiters - they just need more numbers of applicants. May be not all of them, but ... the feeling is still valid. Just as a sample: Thank you for contacting me. I would be very please to assist you with your job search! Your resume is excellent - I can honestly say it's one of the best resumes I have seen during my 10 years as a job coach!! I can definitely assist you with finding job opportunities in the construction market in Western Australia. The best way to start would be for me to coach you in the most effective strategies to use to find jobs in Australia. (I will also let you know the most ineffective ways to find a job in Australia!). This was one email from a recruiter in AU. For me it sounds like - "You are the best of the best and Australia cannot develop without you" :-) I thought that in AU are not so obsessed from money :-) I will follow your advice and I will call the recruiters, once I am in Perth. At least it will be clear whether they know what they offer. We are with 190 PR for WA. I guess we are one of the latest after the freezing of Civil Engineer position in WA occupation list. Well - hopefully Perth will accept us warm and with chance to find a job proposal in short period of time. Thank you for your help and support. Let us see what the future will bring us :-) Jorje
  6. Hello Sunflower, Thank you for your reply. Well - I did the same thing. I put in my Resume that my arrival date is 24/08/2014. I put also a local address in Perth. It is interesting that so far I got 1 (one) phone call :-) to the local telephone. But nothing was promised - just phone call from a potential Employer. In all cases we will travel to Perth and I hope that I will have a chance there to meet some people. I guess you are right that it is good to have a job, at least to cover your general needs. But sometimes is really frustrated - I have 13 years experience in construction and one of the reason not to be able to find a similar job is missing WA experience :-) Funny. I will continue to search for possibilities until our flight and then on place. I cross my fingers Best of luck to you and your husband, when he is with you. I will share my experience here. Jorje
  7. Hello Everybody again, In such a beautiful summer day I am still under pressure. There are less then 20 days to our depart to Perth and I still do not have even a confirmation for an interview. The strange thing is that the number of job offers ( in seek for example) is increasing, but still silence from Down under. I know that the best will be when I am there, but is it really true that the civil engineer market is so down? It is hard to believe it. Any advices will be highly appreciated. We will be in Perth on 24/08/2014 for about 3 weeks. Thank you in advance and have a great day. Jorje
  8. Hello to all. We are going to Perth after less then 2 months ( 23/24.08.2014). We will be the whole family ( 2 parents and 2 children -3 and 7 yo). Well, I am wondering what I can do during our stay there? We will fly back on 09/10.09.2014. Since the condition of the construction market is not very good - I am considering the idea to make the big move next year. At least to see in which direction will go the market. Having in mind all this I am wondering whether is worth to make a TFN? I read somewhere that if I will be next year in Perth, then it is better to wait until then with the Medicare. Is it the same for the TFN? The driving licence will be changed - this is clear. Any other idea? Of course, I will try to meet some potential Employers, but ... depends on the local conditions. Thank you. Jorje
  9. Hi Lou8670, I know that it will be tough. If I have a chance to start working there - then I can arrange to stay permanently. Actually, this is our idea and the only reason now to come back is that none of us still have a secured job. Something, which is very important for four members family. Still hoping :-) Jorje
  10. Hi Deb, Well - plenty of savings is a good idea ... if you have where to take them from :-) In all case the worst scenario will be to waste money and waiting too long for a job proposal. But that is the place for the luck. Before we take the plane for Perth I will send you a PM for possible contacts. Thank you for your support. Jorje
  11. Hello ROBYNT84, Thank you for the advices. Yes, I have already contacted Main Roads, but still no answer. Of course, I will proceed to present myself to the potential Employers, and hopefully someone will answer. Meanwhile we have decided to fly to Perth at the end of August and to activate our visas. I really hope that until this time I will have some appointments for interview. Any other advices are highly appreciated. Thank you. Jorje
  12. Thank you for the provided information Tom. I believe that it is very useful for all of us here in the forum. I think you are absolutely right about the recruiters since most of the huge contractors put in their advertises a sentences that they will not accept proposals from recruiters. I will check for the contractors in Getaway project. It looks that it is a really huge project. Thank you. Jorje
  13. Hello Tom, I appreciate your advices. I think that they will help all of us here, who are reading this forum with information from first hand. To be honest - I have sent my documents only for long term contracts or permanent positions, so far. Reading your explanation - I think that I have to change this. Obviously, this will be the way to get WA experience - short term contract. But as you said - most of the time companies need immediate start, which in my case will be not possible. I will need about 2-3 weeks to land in Perth. About white card - it is done. I have it already. They were absolutely correct from Australia. I passed my tests online, then phone interview ( some questions) and then after a week I have my white card. At least I used the good Internet connection here and one problem less for there. Another question - let us assume that after 3-4 months ( this is the period of time, which I give to myself for sending CV from overseas) I do not have any answer from construction company. Then I will fly to Perth - to activate my visa and to try to find a work on place. What do you think it will be the right way - to proceed to send application from Perth, but with a local telephone number and address or to visit offices of the companies there? Shall I prepare a bunch of copies of my CV and some other supporting documents and to visit HR departments of the companies, or this is not a good idea? I am just wondering how this action will be accepted by the locals. I mean - here may be is OK and normal, but there may be not. Any advices will be welcome. Thank you all for the provided information. Have a lovely day. Jorje
  14. Thank you for the answers. @verystormy -I know that in most cases the Employers will not consider my application before they see me. But in case that I have visa and my trip is planned - this should convince the potencial Employers that I am serious in my intentions. @Deb - I am in the same opinion. Due to the fact that we are four in our family - I will be the first who will travel to there. Hopefully, I will find a job in 3-4 months. @sunflower - I am prepared to start even lower position but not to be out of my profession. If I go out - later will be more difficult to convince any Employer in Australia. Of course, I might be wrong - but I love my profession and I will try to proceed Down Under with it. I still try to understand - why they insist so much for "Local Experience"? What should be so different between construction site in Australia and any other country, for example? But you are right - it is very important the strategy. That is why I am asking here for advices. Good luck to you also. I cross my fingers that you sunflower get your visa very soon. So, it is time to send again some Resumes to potential Employers in Autsralia so they have it before breakfast there :-) Jorje
  15. Hello Everybody, Well, after so many years of trying to get a visa for Australia - we have it. Now it is a time to move to the next step - how to find a job? In my case - work for Civil Engineer (Road and Pavement) in Perth or WA. What I have read in the forum and in other places - this process seems to be very difficult. I am trying now to make something like a plan - how to proceed? And of course - this is the best place where to ask for such advices. I have started already with sending my Resume to some big Employers in Perth. I have only couple of rejections so far. Most of the Employers even do not answer. I do not know - may be this is normal for them. I have presented myself to all construction companies in WA which I can see in SEEK and other job sites. I have scheduled to travel to Perth somewhere at the end of August - beginning of September. My idea is at least to have some interviews while I am there. It will be really frustrating if I waste couple of months and if I do not have even an interview. What you will recomend? Thank you in advance. Regards, Jorje