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  1. Peata Whyted

    Looking to make friends

    Hi Sarah & Dan. We are currently renting in southern river. Mid 30's with 2 boys aged 8 & 3. Always looking to make new friends so drop us a line if you fancy meeting up Pete & Jo
  2. Peata Whyted

    Cant wait

    Cool, enjoy the trip and we look forward to meeting you when you get over
  3. Peata Whyted

    Cant wait

    Hi Sarah, we are in Bletchley Park, not far from Bletchley Park Primary, our 8 year old goes there and he loves it. The school has a good reputation, and we don't have any complaints. Out of interest, where are you flying from, as my mum flys on the same day from Manchester via Dubai. Drop us a line when you get here and we will arrange a meet up. Pete, Jo, Lewis & Reece.
  4. Peata Whyted

    Cant wait

    Hi Sarahb48, we arrived 7 months ago in the same situation. We have made some great friends and also live in Southern River. We have 2 boys 8 & 3, and we are always looking to meet new people. Drop us a line when you get here. It does seem scary at first, but we love it here. Pete.
  5. Peata Whyted

    Flights booked.

    Welcome Debs, hope you had a good flight!
  6. Peata Whyted

    How are the newbies finding Winter in Perth?

    This is a great topic! I was sat in the sunshine on Sunday, the first day of winter in Perth and thinking ' this is equivalent to December in the uk ' yesterday my dash in the car read 28 degrees mid afternoon! Yep, it's cool in the morning and evenings (8 degrees or so) but it does feel like spring time in the uk, which I love! So my summary would be, winter in WA is not too far removed to spring / autumn in the uk, we have had a fair bit of rain over the last 5 weeks, but so has the uk.
  7. Peata Whyted

    New arrivals to Perth

    Hi Marksman, very, very small world. I work for Honeywell, and although I was based in Manchester, I spent a long time working out of Bracknell and looked to settle in Wokingham before the Aus role surfaced. Drop me a PM if you want my details to send a CV as we may need fire engineers in the near future.
  8. Peata Whyted

    Finally booked

    I think I can see my street ;-)
  9. Peata Whyted

    G'day all! Newbie heading to Perth in Dec.

    Ha ha, cheers Travelchic, I like your description of Widnes and Runcorn Bridge (apparently closed today due to a major collision! The bridge, not Widnes ;-) ). My first job was in Widnes, I think I can still smell the place from here! (Those who have been to Widnes will understand what I mean!) Look forward to meeting you all at some point, as we are missing the local wit a wee bit now! Pete.
  10. Peata Whyted

    Finally booked

    Hi Dan, We are in Bletchley Park, Southern River. It's a nice place, with good schools nearby. We have been in Aus for 8 weeks and in Southern River for 4 weeks. Just got our container, so took 8 weeks door to door. Good luck on the move and drop me a line of you need anything else. Pete.
  11. Peata Whyted

    G'day all! Newbie heading to Perth in Dec.

    Hi Liverpool Lass, we have been here from Liverpool for 8 weeks on a 457 visa. We have settled South for the time being in Southern River. Ask your hubby to drop us a line when he gets here and we will help out as best we can. Good luck with the move! Peter & Jo.
  12. Peata Whyted

    Severe weather warning

    Woah, 20 mins of torrential downpour in Southern River as I type and set to continue through the night!
  13. Peata Whyted

    Health Care Cover

    Hi Greg, I went with HBF last week, 2 adults and 2 kids on a 457 visa. Hospital and ambulance cover $200 a month. If you add the whole shooting match on there (out patient cover, pharmacy, dental, optical) it's going to cost you top dollar.
  14. Peata Whyted

    Canning Vale or surrounding areas any info appreciated.

    Lol, yep, you certainly did, but that was more around Mandurah to Burswood! Heading in via Nicholson & Albany in the morning seems like a breeze (35 mins), but heading back it seems like dodgems and can take 45-60 mins. I need to get creative and check out some back roads I recon!
  15. Peata Whyted

    Canning Vale or surrounding areas any info appreciated.

    This is a toughie, we arrived 6 weeks ago, searching all of the well known areas NOR up to Mindaree and SOR down to Mandurah. Finally found what we were looking for in Bletchley Park, Southern River, East of Canning Vale. The place ticked a lot of boxes for us, good school in walking distance. Shopping centre in walking distance. Brand new house at the right price etc. but as mentioned by other posters, it's quite far inland, has poor transport links, no 'attractions' nearby. But as long as it ticks most of your boxes then I suppose that is what matters. I am finding the return commute from Burswood a challenge tho, I just can't seem to find a way back without hitting every major intersection!