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    coles or woolworths

    By order of my 8 year old daughter we have now boycotted Woolworths as they are no longer giving away animal cards!! She is very upset as she only needed 6 more cards to complete her album!!
  2. jen140977

    Cold feet

    I felt exactly the same as you, we were in the taxi travelling to the airport and I had a complete melt down doubting what we were doing. 3 months in we are living the dream, i'm working, kids in a good school, finding friends and loving every day. Go for it, you've nothing to loose.
  3. jen140977

    Rockingham meet up

    hi emma, we live in warnbro and love it. the local primary school was defo not an option when I visited but I cant comment on the high school. I suggest you look at private options, it really isn't tha expensive comparing praivete school to UK prices. Everything sounds expensive initially but when you earn, everything is in comparison. What we've experienced so far is that they really encourage kids to excel in what they are good at or have a passion for. We've found it very different to UK in the sense that every kid is special and encouraged to follow theri natural talent. PM me if you come to rocky, you wont regret it!! j x
  4. jen140977

    The same old question - where to live!

    we are in Warnbro, our girls go to private school at Lutheran college, we could never have afforded that in the uk. There are 'bad' places everywhere but personally we love rockingham and have been made welcome by everyone.
  5. jen140977

    how to find out how many points you have ??

    Hi, be might need the IELTS regardless of your profession. I did, despite already having 65 points. Also be mindful if you need academic or general IELTS.
  6. jen140977

    Mobile phones and internet, when we arrive!

    Hi , we have been here for 7/8 weeks and loving it!! we bought a portable modem to use the internet in our 'holiday' rental( form telesta). now we have moved to a long term lease we have gone with telestra again. some people say it is more expensive but to honest we were so tired of sorting everything else (driving lesince, schools, long term rental) I didn't mind paying over the odds to be connected within a week. we have gone with the unlimited option and calls to UK for 150 a month, might seem expensie to some but worth it to us to stay in touch with family and let kids use computers with out worrying. Where are you heading to?? let us know if you are south of the river and we can help in any way, jen
  7. jen140977

    Rockingham meet up

    day from hell, started rubbish, ended even worse!! I have pm you!!
  8. jen140977

    Rockingham meet up

    ok so i hav askd every man above 6 foot why he ir at the beach, stil no luck!!! we r on the beach if any1 here!!!!
  9. jen140977

    Rockingham meet up

    hi were here where is everyone!!???
  10. jen140977

    January Just Round The Corner!! OMG

    just take your passport and visa evidence with you, everyone is really helpful. Also make sure you have copies of your CV if you haven't got a job and you can give them out when you are registering for things. If you have kids in tow, suggest a psp or other computer thing to keep the occupied as things can take a little time!! (most banks and gov buildings have free wifi, also malls and Mc Donalds) One thing I would definelty advice. If you are keeping UK bank accounts open make sure you can access them. We tried to pay a bill from our Halifax account in UK but couldn't as they wanted to give a verification code to a hone number (which was our old UK number). If you have any bank accounts in UK that need 'log in devices' ie nationwide, bring that with you and you can access uk money. hope than makes sense. We have also been able to utilise our UK accounts to arrange asda delivery of flowers to grandparents to cheer them up, handy idea for Christmas. Also bring toothaste, corsadol mouth wash and cadburys chogcolate, all vv expensive!!
  11. jen140977

    January Just Round The Corner!! OMG

    we have recently arrived. major things we arranged long term rental WA driving licence Medicare trn numbers library cars (for free internet access) mobile phone contract schools silly things like woolworths and coles cards so you can start collecting points (bit like Tesco I think), also look at the bottom of receipt usually discount off petrol. use this site, everyone really helps
  12. jen140977

    growing lemon trees??

    Hi all, in UK I enjoyed pottering in the garden and grew some dwarf fruit trees. Everywhere I look in Perth people are growing lemon trees. Anyone tried, any thoughts on grow your own. I can only use pots as we are in rented. If I can get a good crop I promise to share!!, ps there is a small space workshop at Baldavis Mary Davies library on Monday 27th. You need to book a place. I found details in local library.
  13. jen140977

    Kings Park Meet Up 19th October

    Just wanted to say massive thanks to everyone who chatted to us today, (jen, lee and 2 girls form Warnbro). It was lovely to meet everyone and sorry to sideshowdeb and family we never got to chat, the kids were starving and we promised them fish n chips!!. Catch up next time hopefully, Jen
  14. jen140977

    Rockingham - tell me all ;)

    we have moved to warnbro 3 weeks ago, we have now secured a 12 month rental here. we like the shopping centre and rockingham beach which isn't too far. Warnbro seems a little cheaper to rent which has been vital for us at the moment until we secure jobs. It looks like the local state schools aren't great but we are putting our girls into the local private school close to our new house. We had never been to Oz and don't know anyone, advice on this sits has been invaluable. We have travelled to perth central on the train 4 times, very quick and cheap for a family pass. Every one is really friendly, parks are great, kids are mixing with our girls. So far, everything is going well. PM me if you want any help, Jen
  15. jen140977

    coles or woolworths

    hi all, we are new to the warnbro area and so far have only shopped in coles. Suddenly realised woolworths is round the corner!! any idea which is cheaper for weekly shop?? Thanks, jen x