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    Cheap new mattresses

    Hi where can I buy cheap new mattresses in northern suburbs or around with fast delivery? cheers or your help! k
  2. Hi All feeling v lucky to have had PR granted. i believe I need to register with Centrelink.....can I register all the fMily or do they have to come too? what info ID etc do I need to take? also does Medicare cover change? What action do I need to take?again do we all need to go? drivers licence....? anything else? cheers k
  3. Hi used to get these at spud shed then they stopped where can I get them ? also cheap coconut water... cheers
  4. .... Oh yeah and what's Aus equivalent? Or best type saving account for only $200/400 dollars saved per annum? cheers
  5. Hi all, here on a 457 visa and applied for permanent residency but not yet granted. Can I open a new ISA savings account in UK?
  6. kirstywales

    there's something living in my loft!!

    yeuk! palms overhang but were cut back but.... ok guys i'm onto this...
  7. My little girl and I found some tiny, I mean seriously tiny shells recently that she would love to take back to UK with us when we visit in 10 days time (hooray) but... I remember how struck customs were on importing anything natural INTO Australia. Now I'm thinking is there the same issue for taking them back in a wee sock to UK in our baggage. Will the x Ray machine start screaming and will our bags be hauled off and U.S. Thrown to the floor...... ( sorry bit carried away there) .... Would we be in the wrong legally? Ideally all shells stay on beaches but we ain't talking anything rare or super special here.... please share what you know on this one...cheers
  8. kirstywales

    Where to meet half way?

    A friend of mine recently celebrated her 40th with mates from the UK in Thailand. Not halfway but both one flight - dunno what the costs were, just thought I'd share : )
  9. kirstywales

    there's something living in my loft!!

    ThAnks everyone.......so...gonna follow up on these leads rather than pay mucho dish to pest control in first instance. frankly with the recent rain I'd be crawling into the roof of a house if I was furry thing out there! have great end of weekend folks and thanks again for taking time/effort to reply - much appreciated : )
  10. oh yes indeed there is! scratching and moving ?gnawing on grill this morning just before 7am we are renting and pest control is our responsibility so.... yes I may need to call someone out (recommendations please) but is there anything we can do to sort it ourselves bar just putting poison down up there id prefer to be humane if possible..........any ideas??
  11. nds I LOVE IT!! I don't hava android but that app sounds great too. fuel a quarter of the price of that in the Uk WA gotta love it thanks guys have a great week k:biggrin:
  12. Hi all I was told when I moved to perth that Tuesday is the day to get petrol then, about a week ago, I read that prices are being skewed in perth by one company raising their price on tues so it isn't tue any more.... anyone know where and when to go for cheapest petrol now?? cheers kirsty
  13. fab stuff people, im hoping the connection gulps up the time weedolly but that play area is fab news as that's exactly what we needed last time! ( I too am a playschool style flyer scott -its the physical stuff we wanna burn off when free of the cabin!!) thanks guys much appreciated
  14. hi I live in perth now. need new specs but returning to uk in few weeks. any ideas where is cheaper for prescription lens glasses? and also where is cheaper for prescription sunnies? I haven't got any helpful healthcare cover for aus anyone know??? cheers kirsty