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    6 Months in (well, in a week)

    We settled in Canning Vale which is exactly where we wanted so we were happy. Rental prices are still dropping too. Drag Racing is at Perth Motorplex which is about 30 mins drive south from Canning Vale near Kiwana.
  2. Hi all, and to all the new people who have joined PP since I was last on, several months ago! Well, its now been 6 months and a lot has happened, although at a much slower pace than the first two weeks. As far as I go, I changed jobs as I just could not get on with the owner of the Auto Masters and his mentality of ripping people off. Ironically, the garage I was put in touch with through a mutual friend actually called me up and offered me a job as they had to sack a member of staff for stealing etc. Hindsight, on their part! I am settled and happy, although cold at the moment and just come down with a cold. One of our neighbours is a Drag Racer, so I help with their drag car, which gets me out every Wednesday evening and about 10 weekends a year between Oct - Apr. Great fun doing 6.5 second 1/4 runs My wife has also settled in and still is happy we have moved. But she does miss her Nan and Granddad. Shes made friends and now helps out at the school at lunch times. Shes now looking for a job so we can get a mortgage and to get her out of the house now Oliver is in Kindie 2/3 days a week. Jack (eldest) is gald we moved, although he misses his friends back in the UK. Hes quiet and not entirely sure if hes actually made friends here. Hes the one we struggle with. Has had the off temper tantrum and decided he was going back to the UK. Right up until I booked the flights and got to the submit payment screen.... Jack has now also started a paper round and gets apx $40-$50 a week! Sophie (middle) has made loads of friends, does dance etc and is enjoying life as much as she can. Oliver (4 next week) Still remembers the UK and our leaving party and occasionally askes to go back so he can see his kindie teacher. But other than that, hes really happy and loves all the space here. Its got cold here now (7c at night and as low as 20c in the day) which sounds warm, but when its been 40c+ during the day and you have no heating. So we went out and bought a gas heater which works well. Oh and our shipping, which had some damage, paid out £2,000 or so in damages which paid for a huge new bed for us. We bought the wife a nice new car and I bought her the rego DEBBIE5 which was a steal at $510. Hopefully soon it will warm up again and we can spend more time outside.
  3. <Dan>

    Internet, should I be concerned?

    Vivid started off great, but ive found it slow of late on some websites. But when left with no ports, its better thank nothing.
  4. <Dan>

    Middle name on applications

    Yes include it.
  5. <Dan>

    A good day!

    I went online the other day and registered for Mix 94.5 Crazy Fast Cash. I forgot all about it but listened every day on the way home from work. Fridays they Jackpot. Got a call at 11am saying I was short listed, 5pm they called my name out, I won! $1,500! result. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY Weekend!
  6. <Dan>

    Tax returns

    What do they charge?
  7. <Dan>

    Australia Day!

    We want to go to the CBD but no idea where to park, especially with the kids.
  8. <Dan>

    Buying a new car

    Nope, Eddie from John Huges
  9. <Dan>

    Buying a new car

    The guy I spoke to said that my wages are over x amount so I wont need a deposit, but I think I will put one down to get the costs down. $45000 over 7 years was $200 a week, which is more than I want to borrow. So waiting to hear what they have thats cheaper and slightly used.
  10. I found, as many others have that its hard to get a job when not in Aus, but when you are here there is plenty of jobs out. Just get your CV / resume out to as many people as you can when you get here.
  11. <Dan>

    Buying a new car

    Had a chat with a guy from Ford who says as we are on PR visa, we can get one right away. No need to work for 6 months first, just need a contract, Visa and a passport.
  12. <Dan>


    We used Doree Bonner / Grace. Cheapest and helpful, although did start to rush and pack badly so currently having an insurance claim with them for damaged items. Crown Relocations are right behind my work here in Perth now and were a close second when we looked.
  13. Hire cars are open at that time as ive done it twice. Although as said above, get taxi to where you are staying, then the next day get taxi to Bayswater. Rental will be at least 40% cheaper but you dont get stung for insurance fees they hard sell you when you pick up the car. We hired a new Rav 4 for 10 days, two drivers and no excess for $560 or something.
  14. <Dan>

    Containers and Customs

    Or container docked on Saturday, delivered to our house on the Tuesday after.
  15. <Dan>

    Buying a new car

    We are looking at buying a new car. But having only been here for two months and only been working for a few weeks. Does anyone know the requirements for dealers for credit? None of the like to open on Saturday afternoons or Sundays....