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  1. How did it go guys, good night?
  2. Sorry guys I've only just in from work and hubby is going to be a couple of hours so we might not make it tonight. Can somebody who's going pm me their mobile no if we do come we can check you still at blvd. Pls keep us in mind for any other get togethers though def up for meeting new peeps Candice
  3. Ok won't feel too ancient if it's ok to crash? Cx
  4. Hi guys What age group are you guys...we are 40, wouldn't say an old 40, wouldn't mind joining you guys for a few drinks Candice
  5. Colbournes

    Free Event in Wanneroo for March

    I found it by accident, looks good though. Love it there is loads going on for free, not always that easy to find out though!!!! Candice
  6. If you haven't seen it or completely new http://www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/Lifestyle/Events/Global_Beats_Eats_Festival_2012
  7. Would love to but a bit far for me
  8. Colbournes

    Social Event in Joondalup Sat 21st Jan

    I'll see if they can fit more in how many people ? Let me know if any kids under 14
  9. For definite did you want to come bowling on 21st in joondalup? There a big group of us going Candice
  10. Colbournes

    Social Event in Joondalup Sat 21st Jan

    6.30pm it's early for those with kids but some may want to wander to the pub for a few drinkies after. See you then Candice
  11. Colbournes

    Social Event in Joondalup Sat 21st Jan

    Hiya it's on winton road which is the industrial area opposite lakeside shopping centre along joondalup drive. If you put bowling joondalup into google their website should pop up Will put you down Candice
  12. Colbournes

    Looking for new friends

    If you fancy bowling on 21st there a fair group going good place to make some friends http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5457. Message me before by tomorrow if poss Candice
  13. Hi all Ten pin bowling eve has been booked if you still interested there are approx 24 adults ranging from 18 years old to a fair bit older!!! and so far 6 kids adults $25 each gives you 2 games burger or alternative and a drink kids is $24 each hot dog drink and I think tokens for game machines. I need confirmed numbers by FRIDAY 13th so message me your email address if you want to come should be fun Candice
  14. Colbournes

    Looking for new friends

    Check my link I posted before your message for the bowling night on 21st jan if you are interested. Candice
  15. Colbournes

    Bowling Evening to meet new friends

    Not to my last message, if you have already given me your email don't worry about sending me a mail I'll add your email addresses from here C