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    Lets start with salary, I would suggest, 60-70k is still the average wage for an A grade Sparky. The problem you have, is there are lots of sparkies coming from the mine sites etc, coming back to Perth, Also some companies are thinning out their staff in Perth. The upside of this, is a lot of the miners, wont work for 60-70k, and they are out of touch with everything, except mining. Also, the guys that have been thinned out from Perth companies, are quite often the least productive. What you have to do, is stand out from the rest, quite often, just replying to jobs in adverts wont get you anywhere, someone with local experience, will get the job over you. Get in your car, take your CV, and go round some of the larger companies, even the companies advertising. Turning up in person, and presenting yourself well, often gets you a foot in the door. My knowledge of companies down south, is limited, the only one I know, is Downer's (large company) In Perth there are lots, below is just a few worth trying. TES Electrical (Triventi Electrical Services) Downer's Williams Electrical Adco AB Tilbury's Westwide Hammond Electrical Electek You might have to offer working a week for free, to prove yourself, whatever it takes to get a foot in the door, then once you have a bit more local experience on your CV, you will stand a better chance anywhere. Shutdown work is another thing to look out for, on Seek and in the paper, you might have to take casual work for a while, as some of the smaller companies don't want to recruit full time positions at the moment. Hope this helps Regards 40WATTS1975
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    Electrician/Facilities Manager Regional

    Give me an idea of where you want to work, what type of electrical work, type of salary expectations, and your experience? Regards 40Watts1975
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    I agree with verystormy with regards your chances of a Visa, unless you have some other circumstances which alter this, like your Wife / Defacto qualifies. As for the work, there is still quite a lot about, however you need to be supervised for the first 6-12 months, this is not as bad as it sounds, but supervised work is a little harder to get. Once you get your A grade, your experience should help, however again, bear in mind the rules are different here, and it took me a couple of years to be confident enough, to run my own business, hope this helps. QUOTE=verystormy;87508]I have good and bad news. The bad first. I am afraid you are too old to apply for skilled migration. The age limit is 50. Now some good. If both of your daughters move to Oz and you have no other children, then once they are settled, you could apply for a contributary parent visa. This is an expensive option. But it is the ony viable way of actually moving to Oz. You would need to be aware that if you planned on working as an electrician, you would need to gain a WA license which can take about a year.
  4. If you look on Seek, you get a good idea of the job situation, A grade work will be harder to get, because you need to get your supervised licence and get enough supervised hours logged, to get you full A grade. Even if you go into security, I would advise getting your A grade, because once you have it, as long as you keep renewing it, they cannot take it away, you never know what is round the corner, and A grades are always in demand.
  5. At the moment I do not require anyone, over the next couple of months, I may have some casual work coming up, my workload varies from month to month, so I cannot take anyone on permanent full time.
  6. I have not spoken to him for a few weeks, but I believe it was through CET.
  7. Hi Guys, I can clear up a bit of the confusion regarding licensing etc. First of all you need to understand you need a licence for everything in WA, get used to it, it is how it is. Secondly, it is more difficult to get your licence now, compared to when I did 6 years ago. CET is your best bet for pricing, course content etc, so keep in touch with them, the Guy I employed for a while from the UK had to go through all this and got very frustrated, but if you want it bad enough, you will do it, no matter what. With regards the licensing, you apply for you provisional licence, then you can get a job as a restricted electrician, once you have completed the minimum requirements of the supervised training, you go for your final exam (capstone) then you can get your A Grade Licence, and work as a Electrician. Now here is where it gets a bit harder, it is not easy to get work as a restricted electrician, so that's your first problem, then once you have done all the courses and exams, and completed your minimum supervised work, you will have to wait for the next available capstone exam, before you can get your A Grade Electrical Licence. The guy who was working for me, got enough hours a couple of weeks ago, and the next exam he can get on at the moment is in June, so he has to carry on as a supervised electrician, at the lower wage till then. If both of you work, it will be much easier, if you are planning on surviving on your supervised sparkies wage, bring some money to subsidise your living costs, because it probably wont cover it. All that said, if you really want it, go for it, because in a couple of years time, you will have forgotten all about the hassles, and you will hopefully be earning good money as a sparky. Hope this helps.