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    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    My parents come every year a little longer each time. This year they are coming for 4 months in Perth and then over to Sydney to my brother for 2 months. It works for us as they have got their own place to stay and hire their own car. They have been here so many times they don't expect us to do anything special and the boys get the proper experience of staying at nana and grandads.
  2. TheRocks

    Out of school care/clubs

    Most work places have a 2 week close down over christmas and the Vacation care doesn't start till that is over. Depends on your visa and your earnings how much Childcare costs. If you are on a 457 you pay the full wack, if you are PR or a citizen you get at least 1/2 back if you are low income you pay less.
  3. TheRocks

    IT Job Market in Perth

    My husband is in IT and the market is bad.
  4. TheRocks

    Is this normal in Primary Schools?

    Only the preprimary and the kindy are fenced at our school. My year 3 boy who is still only 7 walks over every day to preprimary from his classroom to meet me. Our school contribution was $160 for the 2 kids.
  5. TheRocks

    Can you help me decide!

    We are in Hillarys and love it. My kids are 4 and 7 so don't know much about Duncraig but it has a good rep and if we are still in Zone when the boys are older they will be going there. The boys are at the local state primary school and we have no complaints.
  6. I always travel with a letter ffrom my husband saying he gives permission and copies off their birth certs and my marriage cert as I have kept my maiden name and the kids have my husbands. Have only been stopped once and asked were he was and ironically he had just gone through ahead. a
  7. TheRocks

    Stuck in hospital again!

    Exciting hopefully we will be able to get more organized then and catch up. Hope you feel better soon.
  8. TheRocks

    Stuck in hospital again!

    That's crap Caz. When do you and the kids come out?
  9. TheRocks

    School shoes

    The younger kids wear sandles in the hotter months. I get my mum to get me the Clarks Doodles sandles for my kindy kid.
  10. TheRocks

    School shoes

    They wear trainers in my sons school. The only rules are no crocs no thongs. The private schools seem to be stricter about what they wear
  11. TheRocks

    Hillarys Community Kindy - a great choice

    Hillarys Community Kindy is brilliant my eldest went there and he loved it.
  12. TheRocks

    Class sizes in state primary schools

    yes Hillarys PS. I really wanted to send the little fella to the community kindy my older son went there but it is hard enought getting one drop off. Everyone I know that have used it love it.
  13. TheRocks

    Class sizes in state primary schools

    my son has never had more the 23 in his class. our school tries to keep the classes below 28.
  14. TheRocks

    Hillarys Primary

    The community kindy is independent its just under the umbrella of the local school. They are an alternative to school kindys. The community kindys have no catchment so not all kids will go on to the local school. The school kindy dont have to wear the uniform but most people do. Its black shorts and red polo. School office is open the week before school starts. I don't know about a few years ago but now the school is great. There is a good school community and the kids are always doing something new. There are alot of people who have left there kids in there when they moved out off are.
  15. TheRocks

    Hillarys Primary

    Yes preprimary on if you are in catchment they have to take you. My son loved preprimary.