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  1. Advice for first steps..

    Hi all.....wow what a forum. Glad, Ive found you all. I need lots of help, no how etc to assist myself & family in migrating to Perth. Im new to this so searching through to get pointers, help etc. Is there any advice anyone can help with ? Where to start. Secure a work placement first, how do we start. We have boys too so any advice much appreciated. :-)
  2. Advice for first steps..

    Thanks guys, I hear & understand you all. My next step is to have a chat with an agent regarding skills to see where we stand. I am aware that the list is updated every July however, to wait until then although it's a possibility it seems a long way off to wait for just the first hurdle as without matching the skill set we cant progress with our visa. Ill see what an agent advises. Pea where about's are you from in the UK? Close I guess if you've visited Gullivers etc. We're just round the corner J x
  3. Advice for first steps..

    Thanks for your response Debbie, wow 16 year's ! Beats ours. We've discussed it off and on for the last few years so decided to look into it "we only live once" eh Where do I find the Separate list ? Ive seen threads on here for agencies over there in this particular field so it still confuses me why its not stated on the SOL list. Ive sent an email so think the next step is to start emailing companies over there. There is a seminar in Manchester in March so I think we'll definitely attend that to check it out. Ill also get onto one of the MAR agency's to see if they can offer any advice. Thanks again, all this help is very much appreciated. I wish you lots of luck with your visa application etc. Hopefully your one step closer to your long dream ♡ J
  4. Hgv licence in western oz

    Stumbled across this post so I hope you dont mind me hijacking it. My hubby has been driving class 1 lgv for 10 years he also has his full cpc here in UK as this is now law in 2014. My issue is I cant find his occupation on the SOL list at all. Mine either (Administration) what on earth do we do ? Im beginning to loose hope of moving to Perth. Ive sent an email to Driver hire no response just yet. But, wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. J
  5. Truck Driving in Perth

    Just stumbled across this thread. Were just looking into moving to Perth so very first steps. My first attempt was to look at the skills list and LGV / HGV ( hubby has his class 1 for 10 years) & there's no skill point for this line of work. How are you going about it ?
  6. Advice for first steps..

    Thanks for your response Lou, I'll look into that next then. Ill try to google a Mara registered agent and go from there. Hubbys handy with allsorts even car mechanics but his occupation is an LGV driver so obviously as the other's are self taught this is the skill I was looking for. I will keep you all posted. Gutted as my dreams may be shattered. J
  7. Advice for first steps..

    Thanks for that ill have a look. Im a bit shocked that I can't find his occupation on the skills list. If your also looking at Admin/PA work is your OH the main applicant ? As I can't see this on the list either. J
  8. Advice for first steps..

    Hi jojo1310, Thanks for the reply. I too will be looking at pa/admin work as this is what I've done. Im panicking a little as my hubby drives the big class 1 trucks and I can't see this on the list ? What do you do if you can't see his occupation ? J
  9. Advice for first steps..

    I was just looking at that google is a wonderful thing Thank you !
  10. Advice for first steps..

    Thanks Redsquare where will I find the skills list ?
  11. Advice for first steps..

    Hi Jac2011, No just initially looking into everything required. Unfortunately no job although I have been looking on websites. Ive also sent an email to a local agency in Perth from another thread I found for drivers. My husband is a lgv 1 driver so hopefully I may hear back. I recently left my job at an Ombudsman service working in Administration to care for my little boys so I'll be seeking part time work whilst the children are at school (hopefully). I take it the first step is to see if we meet the requirements to move to Oz ? If so do I do this via the Australian embassy in the UK ? Regards,
  12. Advice for first steps..

    Hi Peanuts ! Thank you so much for the response. Yes ikea, Gullivers world etc all still going strong the weather is still miserable as ever that never changes ha. Yes we are in early stages im literally trawling through the Internet seeking advice of what to do firstly as I have no idea at all. We dream of relocating with our boys to beautiful Perth. If anyone of you lovely people can offer advice to assist us that would be great. Rather than pay a company im trying to save the pennies and look into it ourselves. Regards, Jane.