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    Whats new in Perth?

    Hi Everyone, We arrive in a week, been to Perth several times but not as a family for the last few years, is there anything new that we should be exploring as a family? Obviously a few trips to the ocean are a must, hopefully the weather will be kind! But what other touristy stuff is there that we may not have seen before? Last family visit was 3 years ago and kids are now ages 9 and 4, any advice would be very well received Thank you in advance
  2. Hi everyone We have booked flights and our usual place in Cottesloe isn't available due to a refurb Does anyone have a house nearby that we could rent? Or perhaps you are away on hols and need a house/dog sitter? (we are willing to pay!) Professional businessman, wife and 2 kids, been to Perth many times so also self-sufficient If anyone can help, or knows anyone else, please make contact (I'm also looking at Oz house rentals and AirBnB etc) Thank you all in advance
  3. rpakey

    Weather in Oct & favourite airline?

    All great responses so far, much appreciated and VERY helpful! Thank you again
  4. Hi, we are planning a trip for the last 2 weeks in Oct, never been that time of year, I guess it would be late spring and mostly warm weather? Does anyone have any photos for that time of year or at least educate me a little about what the weather is typically like please? Also, what is your favourite airline to fly with on such a trip and why? Thank you all in advance!
  5. rpakey

    Weather in WA in August

    HI everyone Whilst I have been to WA several times, I have never been during the month in Aug Whats it like? I recall many years ago arriving late September, and whilst I was in shorts, I had to go and buy a jumper from Gazman for the cooler days Would it be a good time of year to visit, have done the beach and most tourist type things, happy to just be in WA and chill out, obviously have days out and do plenty of fishing Would appreciate your thoughts, good and bad… Many thanks Richard
  6. rpakey

    Weather in WA in August

    Apologies, usually stay in Cottesloe, forgot to mention that!
  7. Hi English Dr You won't go far wrong in Cottesloe! Your wife can walk to the Boatshed to pick up a few groceries and have a nice coffee in the day Kids can walk to the beech at weekends, Freo and Perth are a short drive or train journey, plenty to go at when you are out and about Neighbourhood is extremely safe and friendly Others have commented on schools, which I know little about There are also opportunities with local surgeries that I can put you into contact with if thats what you want to do later on in life Richard
  8. Lovely story, needed to read it…recently tried to help someone in a similar situation but it didn't work out, has given me nightmares for months Glad to read that he's doing well and was so well looked after, amazing medical professionals that undoubtedly saved his life, well done all
  9. Just asked for a copy of our file from our agent, who has quoted me £475+vat per hour, so £570 PER HOUR in order to obtain our own copy Is that reasonable? (seems very steep to me!)
  10. Keen to know, during peak times, what sort of deals people have managed to get from UK to Perth? Best I ever got what a return journey, around 20 hours in total each flight for £600 PP, and another time business class for around £1500PP I may be doing regular trips shortly, so would like an idea so that I can budget in my business plan!
  11. rpakey

    Homesick for Perth but living in the UK

    Believe me, I share your pain, but think of it like this- you cannot live or change the past, however, what you do have control of is what you do in the future...
  12. rpakey

    Homesick for Perth but living in the UK

    I'd do it, dont let your fear hold them back (if that makes sense) I happen to know a fair bit about child psychology and I am always amazed at how kids adapt to their new surroundings at this sort of age My kids are a similar age, and we live near Cambs But, you only have one life, PLEASE dont look back in 10 years and wish that this was something you wish you had done, life's TOO SHORT!!!
  13. rpakey

    Problems with site

    No probs here, I am no teckie, but the other day another website I am registered on wouldnt play ball until I had changed the cookie setting (which is annoying because you have to close all programs and turn the computer off) Anyway, I wonder if its something to do with that?
  14. rpakey

    Im really trying....

    I'm at the same stage as you but only submitted xmas eve or so, the days seem long and I must have checked my emails a million times, even though I cannot expect to hear anything for weeks, possibly months...
  15. Yes, GM have a good reputation on here We are using Yvonne at Overseas Emigration, no complaints!
  16. Talk to a registered migration agent and within half hour or so they will tell you if you are likely to obtain a way into Oz- usually the initial consult if free I'm sure plenty on here can make some suggestions if you want some ideas of who to approach
  17. rpakey

    Whats been the best flight deal?

    Dont be, it actually isnt worth it! Whilst its good to be able to stretch your legs, I wouldnt pay full price for it now, would rather save the money for the sake of a 24 hour flight and spend it on more long-term things when on holiday
  18. rpakey

    Best Fish & Chips?

    As I am still in the UK, I went and had some F&C from Linfords in Market Deeping, Lincs which were amazing! It got me thinking about Oz versions, I used to be a massive fan of Cicerello's in Freo Where do you think are the best ones?
  19. rpakey

    Going to Bali for the fist time!

    IMHO, it has definitely turned more negetive recently, I have been on here some considerably time so can make an informed judgement Having said that, easily turned around, maybe people can PM the negetive stuff and otherwise all the other comments go onto the usual reply to thead postings Idea?
  20. rpakey

    perth VS sunshine coast

    Easy...Perth- it has it all (if you want it!)
  21. rpakey

    I just want to scream

    Sit tight and don't panic, it's all cyclical, there is minor panic on the state of Australia and its economy, to be fair though, its been rumbling like that for years and will just pass by as it has always done before, with a bit of luck the freeze will be gone as soon as it came!
  22. rpakey

    Which electrical system can you bring to use from UK?

    Useful to know post... Does Uk freeview built into TV's work in Oz too?
  23. rpakey

    Family meet up?

    Hi DebsI will PM you Richard
  24. rpakey

    Safety in perth

    I have always been surprised about topics like this, I have been to Perth many times over many years and have always found it to be extremely safe, I did a stint in the Police and can spot trouble a mile away, but I have never experienced such issues, my wife used to be concerned about 'hooning' (I think thats what it was called locally) but I can genuinely say that we always felt extremely safe! I guess as earlier posts suggest, if you want trouble, you can usually go and find it!
  25. rpakey

    Mindarie Primary

    Cannot tell you about the school, but I've spent loads of time in Mindarie over the years and have watched its development with a keen interest I imagine it's going to be a pretty good choice