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    Massive Help Needed

    Yes, I think this is going to be her main problem due to the current WA recession
  2. kpnuts

    Massive Help Needed

    Her current position is on the skills list as answered in another thread. Yes, I am aware of the length of time for Remaining Relative Visas but this is a last ditch. Even if I can get her in on a Bridging Visa, I m not sure how this would then allow her to work - problems ahead I feel!
  3. kpnuts

    Massive Help Needed

    She has a skill that is on the Skills List but her current employer is unable to offer a 457 at this time due to restructuring.
  4. kpnuts

    Massive Help Needed

    If you mean the Remaining Relative Visa, there are two streams dealing with either an offshore or onshore application.
  5. I currently have two daughters in Western Australia, one on a Permanent Resident Visa and my youngest daughter (28) on her 2nd year work/holiday visa that ends on 8th December 2016. She is currently in full time work in Procurement and Admin. Due to her visa limitations this ends in September. My wife and I are currently awaiting the grant of our 143 Parent Visa but these visas are now taking longer than before. Our visa probably won't be granted until early 2017 which will be too late for our youngest daughter to stay in AU. It was our intention to get to AU on our 143 and then apply for a Remaining Relative visa for the youngest who would be granted a Bridging visa for the time being. Initially, my daughter had timed her 2nd year to run out in March 2017 but due to an error by immigration, she has lost 4 months of that. We appealed but IMMI failed to respond to an injustice made by one of their employees. That's the background so my appeal is to anyone who could accommodate my daughter on a 457 to get us over this hurdle please. I have tried to do my best to keep the family together but as one door opened, another one closed. In anticipation - yours gratefully....
  6. kpnuts

    Transferring cash!

    Look at Currency Fair, best rates by far
  7. kpnuts

    Parent Visa Process...

    That answers it then. If your parents had applied for their Aged CV some time ago, the application process takes account of any time spent in the queue, hense the quick turn around.
  8. kpnuts

    Parent Visa Process...

    Mark Very interested in this visa being granted within 3 months? Is this an Aged Contrib Parent Visa? Were they already on a bridging visa? Have they spent many years travelling and staying with you in AU? This may have counted towards any waiting time.
  9. kpnuts

    Parent Visa Process...

    As of June 2014 First visa applicant $3,520.00 Second visa applicant $1,185.00 First applicant contribution $43,600.00 Second applicant contribution $43,600.00 Assurance of Support Bond - First applicant - $10,000, Second applicant - $4,000 Total $105,905.00 (£62,300.00 @ an exchange rate of £1 = $1.7AUD) For permanent Contributory Parent (including Contributory Aged Parent) visa applicants, This bond will be held for the 10-year AoS period. For permanent Parent (including Aged Parent), Aged Dependent Relative and Remaining Relative visa applicants, an AoS bond of AUD5000 is required for the main applicant. This bond will be held for two years. The AoS bond amount for any adult secondary applicant is AUD2000. Hope that helps - happy saving!!!
  10. kpnuts

    Parent Visa Process...

    I am interested in the period of time it took for your parents visa to be granted? I am about to submit an application for a 143 Contriburory Visa. The immigration site suggests that there is currently an 18 month waiting list before visa grant. If your parents did it within 3 months thats great and wonder what date you actually submitted the visa papers? I will be in AU for 3 months from Jan to April 2015 and will then be returning to the UK to start packing etc to await visa grant anticipating a removal date about May 2016. Sounds like we could be in for a shock and get a grant much earlier?