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  1. Wulber78

    Over35 football

    Thank you
  2. Wulber78

    Over35 football

    Morning guys, does anyone know of any over 35 men's football (not AFL) teams playing in rockingham that need new players?
  3. Wulber78

    Lets talk senior schools

    Anyone have any views on Living waters in Warnbro, good or bad?
  4. Wulber78

    New job secured!!

    Great news, congratulations and good luck on your new adventures.
  5. Wulber78

    How easy is it really.....

    Hi keith could I ask what line of work you are in, and what line of work you got a Skype interview through? We're heading over soon and starting to panick about work a bit. Wulber78
  6. Wulber78

    Skills assessment

    Good morning we are gathering all the docs needed for submitting to anmac and my wife who works in AAU thinks that we should be applying under the ANZCO code 254499 NEC. I am just wondering has anyone had any problems applying under this ANZCO code or had any big delays due to this?