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  1. Sold! Woohoo!!!!!

    Just doing up our bathroom before getting it valued then on the market it goes! Feels pretty real now!!
  2. permenant visa offered by employer

    Oh wonder if it's a 186 then!!? I'll wait till my refs are in and if I'm offered it I guess! Feel bit awkward asking details when I may not get it!! Thank u everyone x
  3. permenant visa offered by employer

    I'm not sure!! They said permenant, they pay for it and it's quick. I said I didnt want 457 due to the school fees. I've had a google and if it is employer nomination scheme you have six months from visa approval to starting work. I was surprised with the 8wk thing but she seemed sure!
  4. Hi, been for an interview and they said if I got the job, they would offer me a permenant visa that would be applied for in March 2015 and it takes roughly 8wks to complete. The job would then start in November when the hospital opens. Do u think we would be able to go as soon as the visa is granted or would we have to wait till November seeing as this is employer nominated? Thank u!
  5. midwifery in private hospitals

    That does sound lovely particularly after a 12hr shift on delivery with no break!
  6. midwifery in private hospitals

    It went well and she called for refs yesterday but she mentioned they had two private hospitals looking for midwifes. She said the big new hospitals are public and private so I'd be fine. She also told me Fiona Stanley do not have a maternity unit planned?!!
  7. midwifery in private hospitals

    That's good to hear! She made me doubt I'd get a job!!
  8. Hi. Any one got an experience or views? Been to an interview today and they put me right off working in private hospitals!! Thanks Sue
  9. Fiona Stanley

    I feel similar!! I fret we will go out and he will be unemployed!!! Aarrggh
  10. Fiona Stanley

    We want to do it more than not for sure!! Where are u thinking of living?? We are going to drink wine tomorrow night and pay for Anmac!!
  11. Fiona Stanley

    Does look a little low but massive shift allowances and it encourages a healthy work life balance. I'll see what Tuesday brings! We will sell our house a little later as we are buying a little rental place in case it all goes pear shaped in Aussie!! I don't think we are very organised yet! Still got massive heebie jeebies!! There's a very big part of me wanting it another saying don't be crazy!!
  12. Fiona Stanley

    http://www.sjog.org.au/lifechanging is where I went! I'm just waiting for my employer ref then I'm putting ANMAC in too!! Oh god...every time I think about it all I feel a little ill!!
  13. me

  14. Fiona Stanley

    Thats good. They did that for me then I was put in the pool!! Have you looked at sjog? Their employment package is v attractive! A lot of anti social benefits!!