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  1. Garden furniture - talk to me

    There's also one on Leach Highway, Myaree.
  2. Fremantle :New years eve meet up :-D

    What age are you? We're off to Bathers Beach for a meal with some friends and then to find somewhere for a few drinks. It will be our first NYE in Freo so can't really help with where might be good.
  3. It's a disaster!

    Get a life!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know no one will care but ......

    Just bought tickets for West Coast Blues n Roots Festival in March.
  5. You've promised this before and left us broken hearted. Remember this is not a time to shatter people's dreams.
  6. There will be thousands, there's a big parade starting at 7.30 so we can pretend there's lots more of us.
  7. I've been in my first Oz job for nearly ten months and from time to time get an email from the agency who found me the job showing their latest vacancies. I usually delete without reading but decided to open this one so I could unsubscribe. I noticed the heading of the attachment looked familiar so opened it to find my job being advertised. I am currently on a few days leave so called my boss in Sydney and asked if he was replacing me. He asked for the details of where I saw the ad and said he was only checking the local jobs market and he would call me back. When he finally did today he said he has now decided to close my branch as sales in WA were poor. Business in all four company branches has been tough and sales have been in decline from before I started and my boss has always said that I would need time to steady things and start to build business, I even brought this up at the interview and was assured he knew it would not be a quick fix. so now, just as things slow down for Xmas, I find myself looking for a new job. At least I can now look for something decent.
  8. How professional.............

    Are you still asking?........well we can now join the ladies who lunch set.
  9. Just trying to be enthusiastic .......
  10. How professional.............

    I am now, officially, a feckless waster..........time to take doing nothing seriously.
  11. It's all go!

  12. Oh go on then...........looking forward to it.
  13. How professional.............

    Well, met with the owner and I finish work tomorrow. He's going to pay me up with a little extra so not complaining as I can now look at new opportunities. Have seen a few things on seek so time to write some cover letters.
  14. I know no one will care but ......

    Emotions are hard to control. She was a lovely bubbly girl. Thinking of you at this sad time, we'll raise a toast on Saturday.
  15. How professional.............

    I haven't worked there long enough for this to matter. Received a text from the boss at lunch time saying he will be in Perth tomorrow afternoon and wants a meeting.........
  16. what are you doing at this moment

    Congratulations, we celebrated our 1 year yesterday with a great night with new friends.
  17. How professional.............

    Thanks, at least I'll lots of time of over Xmas and can watch the cricket. Mrs Bristle has already started a list of jobs for me to do at home so I'd better find something quickly!!!!!!
  18. How professional.............

    He did this with the guy before me as well. It means he never sacks anybody as we are are made redundant then he re-opens a short while later. I was thinking of looking for something new in 2015 as the job wasn't as advertised and he talked the job up a lot.
  19. I know no one will care but ......

    IKNWCB.........Dom's back!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I know no one will care but ......

    Stick with it Deb.
  21. Did/Would you give up your UK passport?

    Looks like the morning after a night out with the Golden Girls, he's just a little washed out. A night like that can change a man!!!!!
  22. Did/Would you give up your UK passport?

    Isn't that DomDom75? (Only kidding Dom)
  23. Etihad Airways

  24. Etihad Airways