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    I did the foreign bank draft too Dave so not sure about the timings. But at least they have it, like Nicos mine was processed quickly once I'd got it to them 'correctly notified'!!! I've now embarked on trying to Australianise by CV, that's fun! Sara
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    I left out the GTC and QTS too, but put in my IELTS test certificate just in case. Sara
  3. The Duroses


    Yeah, it was really quick. The only delay was the post, took 3 weeks to get there (track and trace). They are really efficient to be honest, I went back and forth with questions about a few things but the replies were always quick and helpful.
  4. The Duroses


    Haha, well I tried but they're not open yet .
  5. The Duroses


    Oooh and just had a look on the TRBWA site and I'm registered!! I was a bit worried as my degree isn't in Maths and had also heard that would prevent me being recognised as a Maths teacher, even though my PGCE was Maths. Anyway, it has gone through only two days after they received the 'correctly notified' docs, so was quite quick. Another thing off the list!! all the best with yours.
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    Hey DD, I'm in the TRBWA process now, I got all my docs certified by a solicitor and sent them off but got an email saying they were not certified by an appropriate person, after some communication, they confirmed it had to be a notary public from overseas. I've had them redone and sent, had confirmation they were received and are now being processed. I'd seen people on here say a solicitor was enough before, but it may depend on who opens your mail at the other end!! -£200 I teach Secondary Maths, and hope to be out in Perth end of November.