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    PR/ 189 time scale.

    Had an email this morning from them- request for yet more info... a new police check as in the time it has taken for them to process application it has now expired. This is driving me insane. The actual cheek of them! Now I need to wait for this to come back to me so I can submit it to immigration- again. It was all valid when the application was submitted. Such a costly process as it is without having to pay for things twice. I'm just so frustrated and totally over the whole process. Its draining.
  2. laurenalexa88

    Form 80

    We have applied for the 189 visa and were requested to submit a form 80. Still waiting on our visa.. been waiting since 17th sept! Good luck with yours
  3. laurenalexa88

    PR/ 189 time scale.

    Hi there, Just wondered if anyone else is waiting for PR / 198 Visa? We applied on 17th Sept 2015 and are still waiting. We have had a couple of requests for info- last one being 22nd December- which we supplied docs for. And heard nothing since! Just getting a bit fed up waiting. We want to buy a house and cant really do it until we get PR. Finding it so frustrating that my emails to them don't even get a reply. I know they are busy, but its such a lot of money that we pay up front for such poor service from them! I guess we are one in many and are but an application number.. My friend at work got granted his on xmas eve- and he applied at the same kind of time as us, which made me think that ours wouldnt be far behind but here we are another month later and nothing... Just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat or applied at a similar time to us? Thanks guys Lauren
  4. Our Story- We have been in Perth for 2 years, and I work as an ED nurse in a Perth Hospital and my partner is an Engineer. We live near East Perth and we like it here but miss the friendliness of people back home... and family of course. Its a nice place to live, very beautiful beaches etc but I cant say we are entirely settled. There are a lot of differences in nursing and makes the good old NHS not seem so bad looking back some times! There is a lot more drugs/alcohol/mental health presentations here it seems, which is sad, I guess its a nurses opinion of the grass isn't always greener... just my opinion. To 'weedolly' I have previously been on this site and have found it very helpful-but yes you are correct (you little detective!) I did join so I could post about our comp, I have no immediate wishes to become a 'senior member' like yourself. I just thought people may be friendly and be able to help us out seeing as its an online competition and people are already on their computers reading this, also I have found that Brits (most Brits) enjoy helping their 'own kind'!.... and lets be honest if anyone had a 1/5 chance of winning a $30,000 wedding I'm sure alot of people would try their hardest to win it....! So you cant blame me for trying! But not to worry- I do not wish to offend anyone by posting! Have a lovely day.
  5. Hi there! We are a young couple from Scotland living in Perth WA. We are currently in the running to WIN our wedding in an online competition We are up against 4 other couples, one America based and 3 UK based to win the entire wedding! It is an amazing opportunity for us and having been together for 10 years (childhood sweethearts!) we cant wait to get married! We now need to get as many votes as we can to win the wedding... thats where your help comes into this....! It is quick and easy to vote, all you have to do is go online to- It is only one vote per person and we have all of our friends and family back home voting for us but we dont have many friends here in Australia yet so we are really hoping that you lovely people might help us out. It would be very much appreciated! We have until Wednesday 7th to get as many votes as possible! Thank you so much! Lauren & Billy xxx