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  1. Hi, me and my wife and our daughter are moving over to Australia from the UK in October on a full permanent 189 visa. I am a fully qualified carpenter, with a HNC in construction management and I am also a qualified NEBOSH health and safety officer. If anyone knows of anyone looking for a carpenter please let me know. Or if anyone would like any work carried out on their property when I arrive then I will of course be happy to meet you to discuss your requirements and to provide you with a free quote. I Look forward to hearing back from you. Rob
  2. Hi folks I am looking for some help to fill in my EOI on skillselect as in a bit of a panic over it. Please could someone guide me on how to fill in the EOI form, as I am unsure about sections like education and work experience. My Background I am from the uk so I have a British passport I am 31 years old I have had a positive result back from Vetassess for my carpentry skills. I have done my apprenticeship, which was 5 years from 2004 - 2009 I then did carpentry from 2009 to 2012 I am now a h&s officer and estimator for a construction company from 2012 to present My wife has got a brother who is permanent resident in Australia so could use him as sponsorship for 5 extra points if needed but would idealy like a 189 visa. I have got my IELTS booked for 6th of December just in case I need to get extra points Questions On the education and work experience sections do I put that I have now got a Australian III certificate or not? On the work experience section do I include my apprenticeship years as I see from some older posts people are unsure whether to include these years. Also should I include my h&s/estimator role as it is related to construction Thanks in advanced for anyone's help
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    Carpenter VETASSESS assesment positive result

    No worries hopefully it is of help to you and others
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    Carpenter VETASSESS assesment positive result

    I have been employed working for a company not self employed so I can't help you there. All I would say is send everything you possibly can, I sent everything I had and extra such as photos of work I have done even though I wasn't in the photos. Also make sure you read who can certify documents, we had a police officer do ours as there aren't many other options that are applicable in the UK. The technical interview covered basic things such as identify parts of a hipped roof, stud walls, high velocity and low velocity nail guns, how to set out a site, how to use a site level. you are asked 10 questions first such as describe what your current role is, have you done anything to improve your productivity within the last few years, what makes you a good team member. I'm sure your husband/partner will do fine as long as he has not recently qualified as a carpenter he will be fine.
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    Carpenter VETASSESS assesment positive result

    If I had £1 for every time I heard a Take That reference to my name I wouldn't have to work anymore
  6. On Monday I had my technical interview in Manchester for carpentry, logged on this morning to the Vetassess website and it said "positive" under the results The interview went well and the assessor was easy to get on with, it lasted approx hour and a half and there were about 40 questions. It was done over the internet via webcam conference with the assessor based in OZ. He skipped quite a few questions especially the h&s questions as he said there is no point questioning me on them as I work within that role at the moment and the carpentry questions were basic and anyone that has worked within carpentry for a few years would easily pass. The questions are based on what they teach Australian apprentices and is similar to what uk students are taught. Now I have to wait for the results to come through the post for the much needed reference number unless anyone knows what number I need to use from the vetassess login page? Then I can submit my EOI and then hopefully not too long to wait until I get invited to apply for my 189 visa. All very exciting, fingers crossed carpentry isn't removed from the occupation list before I apply for my visa.