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  1. I was really looking forward to meeting everybody, but as I explained to Lou, I look after my friends kids and the baby wasn't too well today. I hope you all had a great time Please let me know when your getting together again
  2. Hi Edna Congratulations on getting your pr, its an amazing yet scarey feeling isn't it. We moved over 9 months ago
  3. Ohh great, book 2 for me plus highchair if possible.
  4. Ohh nice, I look after my friends baby, would it be a problem if I brought her with me or have you already booked a table? My 21 year old might tag along too if possible?
  5. Hi everybody I am still coming, just wondering how many are going?
  6. Lisa75

    Boom! Visa Granted PR SubClass 100

    Congratulations its a great feeling hey, I couldn't believe our luck when we where granted our pr
  7. Lisa75

    Ladies coffee meet up.

    Ohh congratulations
  8. Lisa75

    Ladies coffee meet up.

    Hi Deb, are you coming ? I didn't get to meet you last time
  9. Lisa75

    Ladies coffee meet up.

    Mines this Thurs 10th:biggrin:
  10. Lisa75

    Ladies coffee meet up.

    Good I didn't want to be the old lady turning up in my cardie and slippers
  11. Lisa75

    Ladies coffee meet up.

    Hi SJT Just thinking I will of turned 39 by the time of this meet lol Yes hopefully see you there
  12. Lisa75

    Ladies coffee meet up.

    Hi what's the age group on this one? I am 38 could I come along ?
  13. Hi Deb, I was thinking of popping down, 11 am? I will let you know for sure early tomorrow morning if that's ok.
  14. Lisa75

    How are the newbies finding Winter in Perth?

    Its a little chilly some nights and first thing in the morning, but other than that its great weather. I still wear my shorts most days but got a proper t shirt on, no vest. My brother and family have lived here for 8 years and when they use to ring me telling me they are freezing at 20 I just to think they being stupid lol, but ohh boy it soon gets chilly. I was walking down to the shops yesterday with the sun out, birds...I was going to say tweeting but remembered they don't tweet here do they lol.... And I thought ... Ohh yes this is the life