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  1. Hi mate I found the theory quite tough but Its never been my strong point, you do get a sheet with formulas on it but I seem to remember there been a lot of formulas on it and you have to pick the right one to use. As for the practical I had snips, grips, screw drivers and definitely tape measure you need to do quite a bit of measuring on the installation, to be honest if it's same as my exam the test centre had some crappy tools to borrow if you forget anything, I did have a couple of lads who were doing the practical at the same time as me that turned up with impact drills and drill sets and all new tools which made me think I hadn't prepared enough for this and when it came to it they didn't have a clue, it took one of the lads a hour to mount his DB at the right height and level haha
  2. Hi The testing is really basic stuff takes about 10 mins, the testing part on the safe isolation is ok you just have to remember to prove your tester on the proving unit every time you do a test it's a bit stupid but mine was keen on it, I found the theory really hard and should have revised and gone through all the formulas for a few weeks before the exam, it depends if you are clued up on it all or not I had forgotten some of the formulas as I have never used them since college 15 years ago and proberbly won't use them again lol, good luck though mate you will be fine
  3. HI I did my OTSR at the end of last year, the practical is very easy and is all basic stuff really, i would recommend brushing up on the motor part if you are a bit rusty as i was, the ozi examiners were quite helpfull and i got the impression they didnt want anyone to fail and helped as much as they could up to a point. they are pretty keen on the safe isolation part but just follow the guide and you will be fine. As for the theory i really struggled as i had not done much since college but again the examiners gave the whole group of us a lot of help. hope it all goes well for you guys, its all stress but worth it when u get the pass result. i fly to perth a week today so the next step is finding a job.
  4. House14

    190 visa - general electrician

    Hi guys Ive been told by the WA Gov site that when we arrive in WA we will need to apply for an EPL (electricians provisional licence) and gain experience that way whilst completing theory and practical exams along the way before we can get our full licence. Trying to find employment at the minute is a nightmare I'm sending tons of emails and getting very little back so far it's really frustrating me haha, has either of you had any good news or advice regarding a job in the last few days? I'm feeling a bit stuck so it's looking like I'm just going to go there on the 21st of August and hopefully find it a bit easier once there. Have you got a suburb in mind yet where you would like to move or is it job depending? Speak soon Mark
  5. House14

    190 visa - general electrician

    HI I have been granted my 190 visa on the 1st of July and am applying everywhere for a electrical trade assistant job so far with no luck, has anyone got any advice or know of any companies or recruitment agency's that are currently employing for this role, any advice at all would be great.
  6. House14

    190 visa - general electrician

    Hi Ryan We were looking at june/july ourselves and have been looking at the same areas really, i emailed the energy licensing company yesterday to find out the options that are available so if they get back to me with anything useful i will pass it on, i find it funny you ended up been a plumber haha, i would quite happily do any job to start with just to get me on my feet, have you taken the vetasses practical ?
  7. House14

    190 visa - general electrician

    Hi Ryan I Have just lodged our 190 visa application on thursday for myself, partner and two children and cost $7116. My agent said it is currently taking around 8 weeks for a case officer. I am in the same boat as you really and am struggling to get definate answers on eligibility to work and what i need to start work as you mentioned above, i have also emailed 15 plus Electrical contractors around perth back in december explaining my position and to see if they are looking for any trade assistants and only 1 company replied saying they didn't require any trade assistants, he did say that a better option would be to apply for a provisional WA electrical workers licence but again not sure about how to go about it. When are you hoping to make the move over to WA? and what area are you fancying?. I was hoping to get a job before i went to WA but i think now the best way is just to make the move and hopefully secure one when we get there,
  8. House14

    190 visa - general electrician

    Thanks for the information, i have been told about the period of training that i will need to carry out but was a bit unsure how to find one of these positions, are you in the electrical trade ?
  9. Hi, my EOI has just been submitted so I am eager to start job hunting, but not too sure where to start! :err:could anyone help out and recommend some useful sites/contacts? or just any advice? thanks!!