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  1. Shaw86

    Vetassess Qualifications

    Hi Dan, I used Vetassess to assess my Electrician qualification in the U.K. However this was for visa purposes, and you have already got that covered. They are a large outfit and from my experience everything went smoothly for my qualification assessment. What it would be worth checking is are you required to have a licence in the field you work in? Even though Vetassess approved my qualification for visa purposes i am still required to obtain my A class electrical licence before i can work as an electrician. Not much info but hope this helps, and good luck.
  2. Shaw86

    Flights booked, here we come!!

    We exchanged contracts on our house today and complete Friday 6th Jan. Furniture being collected and shipped tomorrow and we fly Friday 23rd. Must be mad!!!
  3. Good Morning Hoskins, I know it may be a little late to respond to your post but i was wondering if Hoskins Contracting were still on the lookout for Foreman and Supervisors? I am an Electrician by trade but i have several years experience working in the Fit out industry here in the UK, working with some of the biggest fit out contractors in England. I would appreciate it if you could come back to me and let me know if Hoskins are still recruiting, or just a quick message to let me know hat the work situation is like at the Minute in Perth. Me and my Family are hoping to be over before Christmas all being well!!! Kind Regards, Ian Shaw
  4. Shaw86


    When I did mine I bought a book off amazon which came with a CD and had lots of practice exams. It was similar to this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/IELTS-Exams-Books/b?ie=UTF8&node=13425241 Hope this helps and good luck. ian
  5. Shaw86

    referendum result

    I voted to remain in the EU even though we are almost ready to leave for Australia. I am hopeful the pound strengthens in the coming weeks, however i hope the leave vote does not have too much of an effect on the housing market as we currently have a property for sale. I agree with JaseandAnne if it wasn't for the feeble attempt from David Cameron to negotiate a better deal for the Uk within the EU, i believe the majority of the UK would of voted Remain. I am astounded at the poor attempt from both sides in terms of Campaigns for the Leave and Remain and it resulted in the whole thing becoming a mud slinging match. The amount of people who would of voted either way, without knowing the actual effects of the outcome would have been very high. The scare mongering by the politicians and the media would of made it very difficult for the average vote to determine which way would be for the good. The one thing i believe in and will always take into account when any vote is required. All politicians are Liars and will bend the truth for their own personal gain and benefit. As we have seen the Leave campaign have already back Tracked on key point used in their campaign. But also the Doomsday effect that was predicted if we leave the EU has also not materialized. I am hopeful in the next few weeks the market stabilizes and the UK manages to start negotiating deals with its partners and it wont have too much effect on the working class when it comes to buying out of the UK.
  6. Shaw86

    Electrical Skills Assessment

    Hi JC6723, I Have not had any dealings with the Down Under Center but i can answer any questions you need on the Vetassess process as i have done the Electrical Assessment with them. Vetassess dont offer any advice on the process they are a skills assessment provider who assess all kinds of trades for skilled migration purposes. The process for Vetassess is in 2 stages. First stage is you apply and pay the initial fee for written assessment. This is where you provide them with evidence of your skills and tasks which you carried out. This consists of a written statutory deceleration written by you stating your career history and tasks you carried out. Also you will need written extensive references from your former and current employers stating your roles and responsibilities while working at the company. Second stage as long as you are invited to apply for by passing stage one is the practical assessment. This itself is made up of several parts which are, a practical assessment similar to the AM2 Electrical Apprentices carry out, a multiple choice exam, electrical electives you must fill out with experience in the field chosen, some wiring and diagrams on motor control circuits and also the safe isolation procedure. There are more detailed posts on here about the Vetassess practical assessment which i posted on shortly after completing mine. If you need any further assistance give me a shout. Regards, Ian
  7. Shaw86

    Shipping Companies

    As Ktee has put in the post above I have looked at letton Percival for insurance. There is also one called insure my move which has been pointed out to me but I haven't looked at their site yet. The companies I have my quotes from are quoting approx 3.5% of value for insurance which then is subject to 9.5% for tax. PSS say their insurance is not subject to the tax but I'm sure they make up the cost somewhere. Are your quotes also for a shared container?
  8. Shaw86

    Shipping Companies

    Hi Ktee, Thank you so much for your advice. I'll certainly check out letton Percival for my insurance. Cheers, Ian
  9. Shaw86

    Shipping Companies

    We have recently put our house on the market, so i thought it would be time to get some quotations for shipping our belongings from Manchester to Perth WA. I have had 3 companies in to do surveys and give us quote for their services. Britannia Bradshaw - £2,016.00 Robinsons Relocation - £2,125.00 PSS - £1,780.00 All have quoted for approx 500 Sq Ft Shared container and all are quoting the same times approx 12 weeks to arrive. I can sort insurance out myself and get quotes separately. Question is, has anyone got any experiences using any of these companies? I cant find many recent reviews on the site of these companies, so if anyone has used these in the last 12 months your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ian
  10. Shaw86

    Can't believe it

    Yer it gets scary at times. Good luck with the Visa Application. Great feeling when you get that Visa Grant. Then its all go!!!!!
  11. Shaw86

    Moving to perth

    Good to hear you are settling in Scotty81. We are just waiting for our house to sell and then we are booking our flights. I do know the prison services have started a recruitment drive now the job freeze has ended. You could try looking on the websites for the jobs which are now available and apply. Good luck with the job hunting.
  12. Shaw86

    Recommendations for agents

    We have been using Mick Breen of Destination Oz. He is very good and his rates are competitive. You pay less with destination oz as you do some of the leg work yourself under the guidance of Mick but for me it was worth it as I am an electrician so I had to do the Vetassess paperwork myself anyway and Mick was very helpful with the paperwork.
  13. Hi Loulou, just reading over your post and I was wondering if I can get a copy of the vetassess drawings you have and any useful information or pointers your O/H has it would be much appreciated. I have my assessment this Friday. cherrs ian