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    Shipping stuff back to uk.

    Thank you all for your feedback... Chris, hope the unpacking goes well. Do let us know how this goes. Did you go for the 20ft container? Your quotes seem a bit expensive for 20ft?? Apart from Crown and Pickfords, who else would you choose to quote? louisef, we've been here in Perth for just over 7 years. What's your situation?
  2. We're considering shipping a small amount of stuff back to the UK and wondering which way to go...does anyone have any advice? We would consider up-scaling the amount of stuff we ship back if this were a cheaper and better option. Be great to hear your thoughts / learn about your experience...:smile2:
  3. June

    Shipping stuff back to uk.

    How did you go Chris? Which company did you use and at what sort of cost? Thanks. June
  4. Hi, how did you go? Did you use Move Cube? How much did you ship back and how much did it cost you? We're looking at shipping a few things back but we may just decide to upscale the amount we ship back if there's not much difference in cost between shipping a few personal items by Move Cube / excess baggage or sharing container space. Any advice, much appreciated. Thank you :-)