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  1. The way that my skills assessment worked was that I was told which qualifications and what commercial experience was recognised after the assessment. Therefore until I knew this, I didn't submit my EOI. I work in IT so it was the ACS that assessed me.
  2. peterc1983

    189 visa - do you get a checklist

    Once you lodge the EOI, and are invited to apply for the visa -- you are then given a list of documents you need to upload. Some will be 'Required', some 'Recommended'. The required ones are, as you'd imagine, quite necessary. In the main its; passport, birth certificate, IELTS, skills assessment, educations transcripts, police certificate and meds. More or less.
  3. peterc1983

    Medicals & GP docs

    I had called my GP to ask about this and they told me that the only thing they would give me was a summary of my medical status to take with me. Given I don't have any particular ailments I suppose mines will be rather dull and/or pointless but if you have something of consequence I guess it can't do any harm.
  4. I submitted visa on 26th June, front-loaded all docs, no agent and I also am just waiting now
  5. heh, I'm the same.. Though for my ACS skills assessment I had to get a current employer reference so I had to tell the directors. No one else knows and now, since my meds and police checks are finalising, I'm about ready to burst not telling anyone else in work as it seems like a decision is not so far away now. Only reason I've not said too much to so many people is in case it all falls though somehow!
  6. peterc1983

    Eeekkkkkk first attempt at ielts at the weekend

    What everyone says about using synonyms and paraphrasing -- this happens a fair bit. Same for the reading AFAIK, it's there to force you to interpret the text rather than just understand the words. So long as you are fast enough to give yourself ample time to check it should be all good. I lost marks in my reading on my 1st attempt, but made up for it on my 2nd to score 20 pts. It was definitely a case of reading and re-checking (I seem to recall checking everything at least 3 times -- reading probably double that!)
  7. peterc1983

    Unlocked smart phone working?

    I should also mention that Three Mobile have introduced a policy whereby in 16 countries around the world you pay zero roaming fees, and you in fact use your data/text/call allowance when in those countries. One of the countries on the list is Australia.. It's called "Feel At Home": http://support.three.co.uk/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBISAPI.DLL?Command=New,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Article,varset_cat=roaming,varset_subcat=4157,Case=obj(8216) This means that you could just keep your Three mobile contract running in the UK (I think).. I'm not sure if this is cheaper, or not.. but it's a possibility.
  8. C#, ASP.NET, VB6-VB.NET, PLSQL, SQL, Oracle Forms, javaScript, HTML, CSS. The Fin. Services side of it I can take or leave I guess, it's just a familiar sector to me. I guess I wouldn't mind consultancy, though I've never done that kind of work -- I'd maybe feel a bit wary of not having guaranteed work all the time.
  9. Hi I will be moving to Perth and am also a software developer with a background in Financial Services. From your experience, will there be opportunities to break into a job without too much hassle over there?
  10. Hi there, I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of the market conditions for a software developer in Perth? I have 6 years of commercial experience in Financial Services creating bespoke systems, primarily in C#/ASP.NET, with an ACS assessed degree and diploma in Computing. I've been general IT manager and software lead for my current employer for 4yrs. I appreciate that to apply for jobs is generally not effective until you're on the ground in Australia, so I wondered if anyone had any view on the local software developer/IT market in Perth?
  11. peterc1983

    cost of migration?

    The IMMI site has it's own cost calculator for the Visa portion: http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/Pricing-Estimator.aspx .. you didn't specify your exact visa subclass so I can't say; if you go to the website it will give you the overall cost. Then on top of that put your medical, police, certification (if any cost) and any removal costs.