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  1. Hi my money corp account no longer works, would it be possible to set up a new one?
  2. Hi, does anyone no of any 5 a side clubs or Badminton clubs near Joondalup, any one looking for players or anything? I'm not a pro footballer but just need to get off the sofa. Would love to take part if any games going Thanks
  3. mellar6

    Holiday lets

    Oh dear.....
  4. mellar6

    Holiday lets

    Any IT jobs going at the uni?
  5. mellar6

    Holiday lets

    Thanks Rendleroo, 2 adults, 2 girls aged 1 and 7 , somewhere close to good school and not too far from Fiona Stanley Hospital
  6. mellar6

    Car Shiping breakdown of costs?

  7. mellar6

    Car Shiping breakdown of costs?

    Thanks for all the advice guys, after all the research I'm not shipping the car. I've decided from now to have a mid life crisis when I get there and hunt for a mk1 golf gti, until then I will saddle up the unicorn.
  8. mellar6

    Holiday lets

    I'm finding ozhouserental a little confusing to use, is it just those properties listed available or can you search in areas?
  9. Wow just got an email this morning to say visa is approved, house is going through a sale, which should complete in the next 4 weeks, all systems go. How do I organise a short term/holiday rental from here? What things will prospective landlords need? I own a home here so no references etc Any particular sites or agents recommended for holiday/short term lets? Thank you for all your help as always
  10. Thanks Ali, anyone have any experience of these? Schools, shopping locations, good for families etc?
  11. Hopefully coming to Perth sometime between Oct - Dec 2014, my wife is a nurse and will be looking to work at Fiona Stanley Hospital, any advice on area's around there? We have a 7 year old and a 1 year old so would need schools and nursery advice. Just looking for furnished rentals but not sure which area's to look in, thanks people.
  12. Hi Druid or SaffanZimbo, could you possibly please pm the procedure to me too?
  13. mellar6

    Best and worst of your suburb??

    Thanks Rossmoyne, is south generally better than north? Sounds a bit like the UK divide lol